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  1. I'm in the UK and my wife ended up buying me HYW from the US due to low availability. Good luck with the hunting. I'm assuming you only speak English, if you speak French or German, try Ebay
  2. No. Per 1st paragraph of pg 26.: Terrain has no effect on retreat moves, therefore a retreating unit may move through a wooded terrain or fordable stream, for example, without stopping. However, impassable terrain may not be moved onto or throughduring a retreat move.
  3. Are there any (official) scenarios that actually use the EE? I saw in one scenario it states the player can use any creature and marks a hex on the baseline for it, but also states it gets no lair. In this case could you get the EE without having to summon it, or would you place the circle on the baseline?
  4. From my interpretation of the rules yes you have to gain ground into their hex and can then move once from the new hex, so you are correct in that you would not be able to move to the any of the 3 hexes south of your starting hex.
  5. The earth elemental still shows up a fair bit, the hill giant less so. I got lucky and found an online store in the UK with both, after I emailled them. As they had no set price I asked how much and was told I could get them free if I purchased enough, so I ended up getting them free of charge alongside the one of the Dwarven packs, Troll and Country and Epic (the only 3 expansions they had in stock).
  6. I must admit I love some of the work you guys are doing. My own painting skills are absolutely attrocious though, but maybe one days I'll scrape together the funds to outsource the work. In the meantime keep the pics coming please as they all help with ideas for schemes.
  7. Same issue here...sent an email shortly after seeing the thread and got the flags the following week...great service guys
  8. Back when I first got the game DOW replaced my dice FOC.....then again they kind of had to as 2 of them were totally blank on 1 side. We've kept the new set of 12 dice they sent in their packet and using the original 10. Unfortunately it is noticable that they are fading after only 20-30 games so I am going to look at varnishing the new set.
  9. TylerT said: We have extra adventures for the troll Can someone point me to these please?
  10. In my opinion Red units on a hill should get some sort of bonus as well as they are penalised just standing there. Personally a heavily armed and armoured unit at the top of a hill should count bold even without support.
  11. Guys, Apologies for posting this as I guess it has been answered in the past and I actually recall seeing something about it when I first found Battlelore but I can't recall the details. Anyway on to the query: My wife/opponent/chain lightning killer recently purchased CtA as a present for me, and I noticed that the backs on the specialist cards are the same as the deployment cards. However in the manual it clearly shows them being different. Now do I have a duff set, or was the manual a misprint? If the cards are meant to have a different back did DoW ever have a solution and if so does anyone know if I can still take advantage of it? Whilst on the topic does anyone know of any problems in any other runs of the expansions as I have them arriving shortly (I hope) and would like to know they are all ok even though they may not get played for a few months whilst we work our way through them all.
  12. Now to me "Spiked shot" sounds more like a crowd control ability....think Spiders Web...Any unit that takes a hit from a slinger is spiked and cannot move unless 1 lore is spent.
  13. As a relatively new player to BL I decided to have a look through the FAQ post above and noticed a number of mentions to Reluctant Allies (RA). I have purchased (although not yet opened) a couple of the expansion packs (Call to Arms, Hundred Years War (impossible to find in the UK)) but have never seen any mention of the RA pack? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  14. shadowdreamer


    Can someone please clarify something for me regarding multiple bold? In the rules it mentions that Dwarf units are naturally bold, and if supported can become Bold2. There is then a diagram showing a Dwarf unit, with support on ramparts so Bold3. There is no mention though of if other ie human units can be Bold2. In Assaulting the Tourelles the 2 archers on the right flank are supported, on ramparts and next to a stronghold..are they bold or bold3?
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