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  1. Lots of good points and discussion brought up in here. I'm seeing a pattern between here, reddit, and facebook too. Keep it coming! I'll eventually put together a laundry list of things the community has brought up.
  2. Hello all! I posted this in the Facebook LCG group and on reddit so I figured I'd post here as well. Simply put, there seems to be a lot of issues plaguing our game, and a lot of answers people have to fix it. Out of all these issues, what do you think is the single BIGGEST issue, and what one SINGLE change would you make to ensure L5R is a game that sticks around for years? Some answers from the FB post: -Attracting New Players -Up Front Cost -Balance -Rotation Schedule -Role Locking
  3. I enjoyed this quite a bit. It looked almost as if they were going to set up a faction split (especially with what just happened in "Last Stone Played") but I'm glad they didn't do that. Also, I enjoyed how much world building this book did. So much more detail on what is outside of Rokugan. I like that!
  4. I really enjoy that Honor victories are going to be more readily available.
  5. I'm very excited for this pack! Need more spoilers! Curious how my honor deck is going to evolve with the new cards. Utaku Steed is auto include...
  6. Pretty much figured this was the case for most of those. Spirit of the rules/setting and all.
  7. I'd say go for the Kaiu, they don't see enough storytime!
  8. On paper or in practice? I honestly feel like the majority of your discussion topics and posts are theoretical and dont have a practical real world experience backing it up. When I played Warhammer we would often refer to this as "Rules-Hammering" and it certainly seemed like the sky was falling the majority of the time when doing that...but when we actually sat down at the table and played, it ended up being not at all like we theorized on paper/discussion.
  9. Coiling serpent isn't really a problem. One, few people (If any) are going to be using snaring weapons (Gao being rare and non traditional, Jite being used by Magistrates so I could see these more often, and Trident which is used by fishermen and such, not generally as a weapon), and two, it has to check against readied weapons. The weapons table is to offer some options, but generally speaking, your samurai are going to be using samurai weapons. The katana, wakizashi, naginata, tetsubo. Your ashigaru will use spears mostly. Monks probably a bo. So many of the other weapons are just flavor ad shouldn't see many scenes. If a player takes it and wants to use that, then awesome! I'm all for it. I get to figure out ways for my NPCs to get around that. The first being they carry two weapons. The second being they use unarmed. The third being they don't ready a weapon until they strike with it...etc etc etc
  10. I have seen you two (JBento and Avatar111) complain and say so many things are broken in the system when in actual gameplay it isn't at all. And, a lot of the things you are complaining about as well are things that seem (and I don't mean this offensively, but I don't know a better term for it) incredibly munchkin-esque. Of course if you purposely try to break things and go against rules intentions you can. Sure, there are a few things that were missed here and there, but overall the 5th ed system is very solid and has few if any truly game-breaking things in it.
  11. At the end of the day you can modify your game to whatever house rules you like, but from what I have seen, it seems like you are looking to chance a significant portion of how the game and its systems work. I'd recommend against that. There was a lot of testing done on these systems...
  12. I'm all for the Asako,expose the corruption of the Kuni! Create more war! Ahem, I mean...yes, Asako seem best for investigative type work.
  13. That argument is extremely flimsy. The action you get to use from wait you only get to use because you waited, therefore, the action is a component of the Wait action and not a 100% unique action on its own. Thus, it follows all restrictions I mentioned above. If this is truly what players think they can do, I would highly suggest shooting a message to the devs for clarification and thus an errata will come down.
  14. Rules as intended (and some could argue as written, but lets just say intended for now) you cannot use your wait action in water stance if: It is a movement action (that restriction is in the wait action rules), if it shares the same type as your first action (detailed in water stance), or if it requires a roll (also detailed in water stance) So... I'm not sure exactly where you are getting ninja from? Finally, I still believe that this edition is pretty darn solid, very few errors, and even fewer (if any) truly game breaking things.
  15. If you make that rule change, you are forcing characters to be compromised a lot longer than the game system intends. Being compromised is rough, you can't keep any dice with strife on them and your vigilance is set to 1. You are designed to be able to teeter right on the edge, hence why we have so many little options to remove points here and there. (Calming Breath, certain techniques, opportunity expenditures, etc) I'd advise against your current idea quite heavily. About Wait: It can only be used in a skirmish, so that already limits it. Even if I am at the top of my turn and decide to wait and then the action never happens and I get two actions in a row, I fail to see how that is game breaking. First, you have to stay in the same stance you were in at the start of your turn when you waited, so opponents can play around it by shifting their stance at the start of their turn, and they can also wait themselves to interrupt you so you can't get two actions (Or 4 in water stance) in a row in a row .
  16. Well, first, Wait can only be performed in a Skirmish conflict, not an Intrigue. (And Wait isn't broken at all, it's like any other form of held actions from other RPGs) Second, yes, I am absolutely ok with that. Think of it like a real life debate between heated people. You have ebbs and flows where one person is clearly struggling to keep themselves in check and then regain their composure only to lose it again at a carefully crafted remark from their opponent. They still haven't outright done anything crazy or shameful (which would equate to an outburst) but they are clearly having trouble. Furthurmore, if say a party was all just going earth ring, I'd probably introduce NPCS that have a demeanor that increases TNs vs earth.
  17. Having to maintain that balance between compromised or not is pretty core to the gameplay. I don't recommend modifying it.
  18. You are the only person I have heard say the game is broken easily. Can you give some examples of what is broken and or overpowered?
  19. Unicorn players don't really whine all that much from what I have seen.
  20. No worries. Good catch with all the ranks 4's being worded the same! What rules are you finding are unclear/uncertain/broken?
  21. You know, there is very little if any ways to seriously break this game. I'm guessing Crashing Waves was an oversight and needed the "If successful" verbiage. Not sure why you have such a strong reaction. The rules are pretty darn solid. Only other thing that has been an oversight is the Ide Trader making selling things harder.
  22. I'd vote for the Asahina, nemurani seem fun!
  23. The Scorpion still have some of the scrolls. I'd like to see the Agasha take this vote.
  24. Another one that is pretty simple to teach! Good stuff. Also, love your printable stuff! Any more things like that you'd like to share I'm super eager to see!
  25. You can soak any amount of damage into your fatigue as long as when you start soaking you do not exceed your limit. So, even if you are at 10/10, you can still absorb that 7 damage hit and be at 17/10, but then you would be incapacitated.
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