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  1. I really dont get this. So there is an action chain right? top of the chain is MROS then Lobber sacrifice. So as far as I know we just start from the top. MROS kills the lobber crew. now I go to resolve his sacrifce, and his not there... so it fizzles? How do I change this so it makes sense, is there some reason to believe I've already sacrificed him so that when he dies, his paying for his sacrifice or something? Cheers, piam
  2. So this is crazy but couldn't you do it in the other order? Play the high elf disdain, then the innovation. so when you resolve, it goes innovation, then disdain, then the first thing? Or can you not play a card unless you can pay for it that instant? Cheers, SB
  3. Got it, those spider riders are a cheap card, wow. I need get my hands on that expansion packs. What beats an orc deck focus'd on that sort of a start? Can't you start putting down 4-8 damge by the second turn consistantly?
  4. Ahh 2 cost, corrupt unit +3 dmg. why is that better than a standard choppa? it costs 1 less, doesn't corrupt, and you can attack that turn (so it's like it does a bonus 5 dmg).
  5. got it, when building an orc rush deck, do you plan on having more than 4 resource draw btw?
  6. but you can't choose the unit right? So you have to be crafty about when you pop it, or is it really that op? the card says "sacrifice this unit to force an opponent to sacrifice an unit he controls if able" That doesn't mean I get to choose right? Also does anyone else have trouble copy/pasting into this forum? Cheers, carlos
  7. but you can't choose the unit right? So you have to be crafty about when you pop it, or is it really that op? the card says "sacrifice this unit to force an opponent to sacrifice an unit he controls if able" That doesn't mean I get to choose right? Also does anyone else have trouble copy/pasting into this forum? Cheers, carlos
  8. Thanks installing it now. How do we PM each other in these forums btw? It would be cool to see if anyone wants to play without hijaking a thread
  9. Remy you should get paid for this Thanks again, -SB
  10. I have an issue with timing, in regards to lieutenant battles. My gaming group wants me to spend my treachery before I see the map, which seems a bit odd, is there any sort of ruling on this? Cheers, sb
  11. Thanks a lot for clarifying, I really don't like the way the rules are laid out, it's confusing and a lot is left to implication Wouldn't know what to do if this forum didn't exist Also I think part of my confusion is that the universal Head simplified rules sheet doesn't show the 50g for a master monster kill, it also includes shar the brightwing on it, even though thats not in the game. I understand someone from this forum or bgg knows him? if so and if he still does updates someone should mention it to him as well. Cheers, SB
  12. This is silly, but unless otherwise stated in road to legend, do I go with the standard rules for dungeons? Meaning if they kill a red (master monster) do they get 50 gold? Do they get any conquest? And what happens when I transition from one level to another, do I keep my threat/cards or do I reset and start over? So far I've just been giving them 50 gold per monster kill and keeping track of kills in case I owe them conquest tokens, though I cant find anywhere that says I do. Also I start over ever new lvl of a dungeon, throwing away any powers I cast from the previous dungeon, reshufling my deck, etc... am I screwing that up? Thanks, sb
  13. Yah the runmaster in my game has quick cast, he can battle, teleport and now triple shot me with one fatigue potion. And yet, somehow my players find a way to lose... It bogles the mind Thanks for the clarification btw, --SB
  14. We just went through a dungeon level with 3 bosses, (the one where they all have knockback and there is a pool of water in the middle and some crypts) Anyways, it was the last level of the dungeon, so the dungeon boss should have been worth 4xp and 250 gold. But which was the boss? all of them, the last one, or maybe one we choose? In the end I just gave them 2xp + 100g for the first two killed and 4xp and 250g for the last one. Does that seem right, or did I owe them 4 more xp and 200 more gold because each boss was considered to be a leader? Cheers, SB
  15. So is the grand strategy of this method to put the game into "gold mode" except do that in silver? Basically I mean that the heroes can enter your dungeon (which they could normally only do in gold) soon as you kill the last city and spend 20 threat. At this point, its only advantagous, if the heroes don't have gold weapons otherwise you've done them a favour... Cheers, SB
  16. Wooo, I need to re-read my manual, how did I miss that!? Thanks! -SB
  17. OK so we had another round of RTL and here are my questions (thanks in advance btw, your a good lot and an incredible resource, I'd love to play a game with any of you if your ever in vancouver!): 1) When using Runemaster Thorn, whose ability is "Once per turn, Runemaster Thorn may spend 5 movement points to move to any empty space in his line of sight.", can u really Battle, then spend 2 of his fatigue, then use 1 of his fatigue to drink a stamina potion, then spend another 3 fatigue, for a total of 5 fatigue to warp anywhere and blast my sorry ass twice? 2) I don't understand train/vist/restock as well as I should. For instance, does doing one stop you from doing another? how many visits can I make? can I visit if I'm training? 3) When onefist makes his one free melee attack does he get his off hand sword bonus? he gets all his mellee dice too right? 4) When using something like the guantlets of power, can you use the surges on an attacks that miss? 5) Why don't players think that trapmaster (+2 damge on traps) applies to Dark Charm attacks? (I just needed to vent) 6) When I use dark charm on a player, do I get to take threat for surges rolled, if I do does that mean I can't spend them on blasts? Do I get the benefit of equiped item that provide surges? 7) Kirga's ability does not allow the overlord to spawn mosters within 5 spaces, regardless of los or other effects. My players take this to mean it goes through walls, and down stairs. I'm willing to give them down stairs, but through walls seems stupid, is there a ruling somewhere that backs me up? 8) When Tahlia discards a guard order to make an interrupt attak, she may move a number of spaces up to her speed before or after attacking. Does this also mean she can use her fatigue to go further, or her movement to drink potions? Can I throw pits or stones at her while she makes her move? I think i should leave it at that so I don't wear out my welcome here! Cheers, SB
  18. 2 posts ago Feanor said something very puzzling to me: "Keep in mind that razorwings don't have soar in the dungeon, so they can be targeted by melee attacks when adjacent." As far as I can tell my razorwings never soar, they fly, but isn't that different? Is there a rule on soar that came in an expansion I dont have? So far we are playing rtl with the first 2 exp, WoD + AoD. Did I miss something very obvious? Cheers, SB
  19. So the instructions say that if a gem stone dragon is hit by a magic attack you roll a white die, and heroes within range of that die take the rolled damage. They mean the damage rolled on the white die right? Not the damage rolled on the attack... I hope. Cheers, SB
  20. What does the back up Lt. do? He can't re-inforce the fight right? Is that so he jumps the heroes after they are hurt? cheers, sb
  21. Oh I thought of another questions, That card that lest me teleport my Lt. anywhere, can I rebuy that after I use it, or is it one shot? If it is one shot, should it only be used to get too a quest item, or should I use it to raze cities? --SB
  22. Just played the first 8 weeks of a RTL campaign, and I have to say it's going to be hard to ever go back to regular style descent! What an improvement! However, I bet I played a lot of things wrong, and I was wondering if you could help me out. So I'll just start from the top and ask away: 1) Can I use threat in dungeons the same as I use them in encounters (ie: move one space, upgrade power die)? 2) Does the spider queen, with the into my palour power, really get to put a dark charm (maybe 2 with enough treachery) onto that card to use in a dungeon (do I discard the cards after, or shuffle them back)? 3) When using Bash (say in an encounter incase question 1 is a no), am I allow to add a black/silver/gold die using threat (either before or after the role)? Can I use an Aim on that attack? 4) Should I be winning in bronze mode? And what does winning mean (does winning = higher threat count || complete quest objectives)? 5) Can players buy those special cards (boats, guide, staf of movement), from any market? 6) Do players reall get to buy out the market if they so choose? In which case isn't it optimal to spend 2 weeks at the grand bazaar and choose from 10 items? At bronze with 1500 gold they can easy to get 6/10 items if they so choose. 7) refering to question 6, once players have 6 bronze items, how do you stand a chance against them? Should I be upgrading a monster to silver early? Or going for an early raze? 8) If I dark charm someone with a guard and use them to darkcharm someone else with a guard and hit, do they both loose the guard? What about effects that last until there turn, does that count as there turn? Ok I know I have more questions, both about rules and about strat, but thats all I can think of for now. If anyone has any interesting tips on how to play the nightfall story with the spiderqueen, I'd love to hear from you as well! Cheers, SB
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