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  1. vortexgods

    Favorite non Lovecraftian author

    I always like Joseph Payne Brennan and Clark Ashton Smith.
  2. Well, so far I've only read "The Repairer of Reputations" but I liked it quite a lot.
  3. vortexgods

    Favorite Horror Genre TV Shows

    I do that too with "Someone's at the Door," I think it was the way Merlyn said it that always stuck with me. My sister had a mug, "Conscience is just the fear of being caught. -- Lucas Buck." I think I was the one who gave it to her. I wonder if she still has it? I'll check next time I visit... but mugs are notoriously fragile.
  4. vortexgods

    Favorite Horror Genre TV Shows

    I always liked American Gothic. Oh, and look it's available for free on Hulu, can't beat that...
  5. vortexgods

    Favorite HP story?

    My favorite is The Statement of Randolph Carter. I also love the fantasies, The Cats of Ulthar and The Doom that Came to Sarnath.
  6. vortexgods

    Eternal Darkness videogame

    I like this game too, the insanity effects were very clever and the spell system was fun. I liked controlling shambling monstrositiesmyself and traveling to the alternate dimension.
  7. vortexgods

    Lovecraft genre authors

    I'll give another vote to Clark Ashton Smith. I have A Rendevous in Averoigne. One thing I definitely need to read more of is the revisions Lovecraft did with other authors while he was alive.
  8. Oh, and there is a Japanese version of The Shadow Over Insmouth that I'd really like to see. Innsmouth wo oou kage I have no idea if it is good or not, but the picture makes me interested.
  9. Hmm... I want to point out that Charles Dexter Ward has been made into a movie already, twice. The first was the AIP classic with Vincent Price, The Haunted Palace. The second was called The Resurrected. Being easy to please, I quite liked The Resurrected. I confess that I don't very well remember The Haunted Palace. Hmm, as to a new movie, how about The Shadow Out of Time?