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  1. I purchased the trunk here javascript:void(0);/*1234914590576*/ And made stencils with the Battlelore, english, and french logos for inside the lid. We use this to keep score of battles won. As you can see, my son is kicking my a--. The individual boxes I made with 1/4" plywood and basswood strips to separate the minatures. I simply measured how much room I had in the chest, then divided things up to fit the minis. I found wood pieces at home depot exactly the height I needed for the flags to not interfere with closing. The "lattice" for the interior of the boxes is easy to make on a table saw. Simply put all the strips together and cut the width you need to allow the pieces to fit together and then glue/paint. The same stencils were used to label the boxes. All and all, a fun project. I would say the whole thing took me about 1/2 a season of 24 on DVD to finish;)
  2. Thanks for the comments, and yes I also saw the amazing you tube video of a battlelore chest and used that as my inspiration (or stole the idea). The other stuff is confrontation storage and a battlefield I just finished using hirst arts molds. If I did the battlelore again, I would definitely use the approach I used for the confrontation minatures. I used cheap wood boxes from Michaels and placed magnetic tape inside with washers cemented to the figure bases. It was quick and easily and looks great. I also got a little better at making stencils to label the boxes.
  3. Sorry the URL is bad, hopefully this will work. javascript:void(0);/*1234706918885*/
  4. Here are some pics of the battlelore storage I have constructed. Sorry, some confrontation AofR is mixed in as well. javascript:void(0);/*1234706802500*/
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