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  1. I am playing something similar at moment but using turbolaser re routes instead of gunnery teams, a couple of tractor beams for fending and catching. My 9 x wings have become 8 a wings so I could afford ecm on all three and the tractor beams
  2. Sullust will be my first tournament and I have just not had chance to play this fleet anywhere near as much as I wanted to (first outing this weekend). Therefore I would be interested in any commentary. I have no delusions of winning but any glaringly silly things would be worth knowing. AFMkIIA + Dodonna + Gunnery team + ECM + Enhance armament AFMkIIB + Gallant Haven + Flight controllers + Expanded hangars + ECM Luke Dutch Wedge Tycho Total 294 Fleet sets up heading along the length of the board with the A in front and one ship length between them. Generally stay at distance. Fighters stay with the B and strike dependant on opposition. Went with 4 aces to maximise use of squadron order.
  3. Dead stars spoiler I have just run blasted city and found it to be quite clear as a prod towards letting haarlock walk free. As presented I am not sure that shadow play illustrates good reasoning for stopping him. The shadow protagonists are presented as enemies of haarlock in my opinion. How did you emphasise that this alternate future presents a reason to stop haarlock returning?
  4. The psyker in my game pretty much anhilated the slaugh destructor single handed in my game last night. I decided that as hammerhand is an internal effect it would not be stopped by untouchable. What do you think? The psyker was hitting the slaugh for 26 ish damage three times in the same round! God I hate high level play in role playing games, it gets so unbalanced.
  5. I used these rules http://www.koldborg.eu/genestealer.pdf I must admit though they were pretty ineffectual. The villagers armed with autoguns did more damge with full auto
  6. I do kind of regret it but it is noted in the adventure and does kind of make sense. The campaign started soon after publication of DH (there have been a few breaks and probably 33% are original characters) and this adventure will mark the groups advancement to ascension (presuming they survive). As the inquisition has invested so much in these acolytes and know they are sending them to a world with such a psychic threat it seems a wise precaution.
  7. I have run one encounter with a stealer. In summary it was single stealer that had been brought to a primitive world by Logicians for experimentation. Obviously the stealer escaped, killed the logicians and started infecting a local village. By the time the PC's arrived (twelve months later following a lead on the logicians) the entire village had been infected, many pregnant women, five first gens and a couple of second gens. When it came to a fight the PCs (5th rankish) tore through the hybrids. Their journey into the catacombs beneath the village to hunt down the purestrain was going to be tougher. In the end several players went down but the assassin made good use of assassins strike to limit the attacks to a level that dodging kept him alive until the death blow could be delivered.
  8. I am just starting Dead Stars and have just opened up the armoury to the players. This is going to give them a chance against the Slaugh which should prove a tough, fun fight. I also thought the psychneuein would prove a fearsome adversary but after re reading them I am a little concerned. They are very tough (TB=16) but their close combat attack will not be much use. Normally it would be quite fearsome as it is a warp weapon but as the PC’s are kitted out with hexagrammic wards it will prove quite ineffectual. This leaves their only viable attack being blood boil (which I would play out as a sting) and this could prove devastating. A bad roll from the characters on the opposed test could leave them with enough fatigue for a knock out in one round. When you account for there being several of these creatures and their inherent toughness it could be a devastating encounter. Therefore I am torn between the psychnuien being completely ineffectual unless they use blood boil in which case they would be devastating. My first thought is to let their close combat attack overcome hexagrammic wards. Comments?
  9. Some daemons (particularly khornates) are able to enter frenzy at will. However they often have lightning attack and if they frenzy they have to make all out attacks ie a single attack which my high level characters can often dodge. To make it challenging I therefore have to ignore frenzy in favour of making multiple attacks. Am I playing this out correctly?
  10. Sorry I was not very clear in my original post. The team in a sense failed the second haarlock scenario. The mirror daemon escaped with the aid of one of the characters who became a daemon host. After being left in hiatus for a year the group were sent to a planet in rebellion which it is believed that the ex pc daemon host is behind. They have taken on the mission knowing that they will be outmatched by the daemon host and I am sure are wondering what they are going to do when they finally track it down. They will eventually end up in a pseudo throne room, a horde of daemons between the pc's and the daemon host. At this point the tech priest should hopefully activate a device he has been given that will act a homing beacon for a squad of grey knights. At this point the acolytes will effectively take cover and the players wil take a grey knight character each to play out the battle. I have upscaled the daemon host and she has acquired a refractor field when she took control of the hive so will hopefully survive a little while with the aid of the daemon horde. The rank 4 grey knights should tear through the horde but if I utilise bolt of change it will kill a grey knight a round. I will prob just not use it every round but use it for dramatic effect. I just thought it was incredibly powerful in the hands of a level 8 psyker.
  11. I am setting up the conclusion of an adventure. After they lost a party member to a daemonhost, the group will track down the daemon through the battlefield the daemon has created. Their wondering of how they can face such a powerful foe will be answered when a squad of grey knights teleports in. I have gone to the trouble of generating the grey knight and am looking forward to the players enjoying a monumental fight against the daemonhost and its army of daemons. I have added the bolt of tzeentch to the daemonhost (daemonhunter page 101) but fear it is overpowered. With a psy rating of 8 its going to be doing 8D10 damage with pen 12 potentially doubled. Even grey knight cannot stand up to this. too powerful?
  12. Thanks for some great ideas. I totally agree with a urban setting. I am starting to go down the line of a single sprawling hive in rebellion with the loyal army starting some 10 miles from hive edge. The acolytes will have to move in on foot, maybe because of a surprise air attack, maybe just strong air defence. I am thinking that maybe the encounters start mundane but begin to exhibit chaotic influence as they move further into the hive. Tank formation The group encounter a strong leman fuss formation which guard character realises is flanking the last loyalists the group encountered. Options range from trying to warn the loyalists to actively intervening Sniper Acolytes come across a squad being pinned down by a sniper. Maybe the old cliche that sniper is using a wounded soldier to suck in the rest of the squad. cannibals The group encounter a makeshift prison. The prisoners are being slaughtered to feed the rebel army. Do the players act? Reinforcements After being ambushed by lesser daemons the acolytes come across a small makeshift fortification. Cultists are holding open a permanent warp portal in order to bring in reinforcements. A secret weapon I would love to involve a Titan somehow. Perhaps their is a long forgotten relic of a old war buried in the heart of the hive that the rebels are restoring. Maybe the acolytes come across it partially uncovered.
  13. As my group did not learn of the blind tesseract during damned cities but did lose their psyker to a daemon host event, I am going to run another scenario prior to dead stars. After being left in limbo for at least a year due to their failures (mirror daemon escaped and the creation of a daemon host) they will be sent to a world where another team were investigating the possible location of the daemon host which is now suspected to be in partial rebellion. The team will travel on a troopship which is part of an expeditionary fleet. On arrival they will discover a planet in the middle of full scale war. The basis of the adventure will be to locate the heart of the enemy where they will locate their erstwhile companion. At this point the team will find the answer to their fear that now they need to overcome a daemon host when a grey knight team teleports in, using the team as the target point. I am going to run this fairly loose depending on how the team plan on reaching the heart of the enemy. What I could do with is a list of encounters to drop in as appropriate, the more cliched the better. Any suggestions?
  14. Our previous session had ended with the group sneaking in to the tower whilst surviving Arbites made a frontal assault on the folly. It is worth noting that the group’s pskyer had finally (campaign over two years old) fell foul of a daemonhost phenomenon requiring the burning of his last fate point. Whilst crossing the second floor towards the stairs to Skarmen's office, the corpses at the desk suddenly clambered to their feet indicating another Risen attack. Under the cover of this attack the Mirror Daemon made a possession attempt on the group’s arbites. A heroic effort by the arbites (three successes against the daemons zero) indicated that this possession was going to be a battle. A few rounds later the group’s psyker, second session in a row, triggered a daemonhost despite having favoured by the warp. This left me in quite a predicament. The first thing the new daemonhost did was to kill the risen having the temerity to attack it. By this time the valiant arbites had been overcome and now I had two possessed characters. Realising that these two would have a lot to talk about, that is exactly what I did, the room echoing with the dark tongue of the daemon. After a moment’s indecision, the group decided to press on and ran up to Skarmen’s office and then the secret room. Between the Mirror daemon and an unbound daemonhost, I thought they had enough to worry about so left Skarmen with no other defences. Not surprisingly he did not last long. Now what would they do? In my mind the Mirror daemon knew he was in trouble. The daemonhost knew this and was demanding servitude in return for freedom from the mirror. When the PC’s started removing pieces from the mirror, the Mirror daemon took the better of two evils and agreed to a deal (before being sucked back into the mirror). The daemonhost then headed for the secret room. The daemonhost demanded the PC’s leave promising that his new servant would leave this pathetic world to its own devices. Half the group decided to flee whilst the slightly nobler resisted. A few dominations soon sorted that out thank you vey much. When the surviving acolytes returned to the secret room it was to see two whole mirrors with the two characters that resisted knelt before them having carved a symbol into their own chests (the symbol of the daemonhost) and a new opening punched into the roof, a damenonhosts door. I think the next scenario will be to track down the daemonhost to learn what it has gleaned from its servant. After plunging through a civil war torn world they will track down the daemonhost at the heart of the rebellion and learn of the blind tesseract. It’s surprising how a random event on the psychic phenomenon chart can totally change the direction of an adventure.
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