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  1. D0CT0R

    Moldy Crow

    I did thank you, very close game that went to time. I did not win but my scum did themselves proud.
  2. D0CT0R

    Moldy Crow

    Thanks guys. I needed it for a league match but ended up just proxying it, the app (normally useless) gave the card details and I used a 1st edition title card. Won't be buying a rebel kit for a single card. Will wait for the ship release and get it that way.
  3. D0CT0R

    Moldy Crow

    Ok. So this wasn't in the Scum conversion kit. So anyone know how to get of the title card?
  4. So FFGs response is to completely ignore what the players have pointed out as the biggest issues. Well, all that does is confirm that they put together an app in order to save money on printing costs. They clearly don't care so now I don't: boycott the app, complain to Apple and Android and demand that a non-functional app be removed. New players don't download it, go get a third party app instead. Boycott organised play that insists on FFG app usage. You are a company working for your customers...provide the service, admit the product is sub-standard and fix it!
  5. FFG please listen to the real players. This app needs off-line functionality. I get little or no service at my FLGS so the app is useless. Was this really an integrated game tool or merely a means to not have to print costs on cards? Once a 3rd party Android app arrives I won't be using yours!
  6. The ongoing debate seems to be how to 'nerf' something that is proving to be difficult to 'nerf'. Thus, to placate the hardcore tournament players, it would be simpler to say no more allowed in tournaments and subsequently prevent ongoing complaining. This would have no effect on casual players (or 9 year olds) who don't care about 'power creep' but like flying Star Wars ships piloted by their favourite characters.
  7. If tournament players don't like it then ban it from tournaments. That way all the competitive types have less to complain about and those of us that play for fun can carry on with Dengar and all the other ships that are cool ( and that make 9 year olds smile!)
  8. My 9 year old son, whose favourite film is TESB, recognised the Jumpmaster when it was released; he also knew it was Dengar's ship. So I guess that makes it iconic enough to be in the game! It's a Star Wars game, have fun and enjoy all the 'pew pew' moments; the meta and championships are not what's important.
  9. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or tiered (!). My game is my own. I am not a tier, I am a free player. (Thank you Number 6).
  10. I love my Raider. I love it for its looks, I love it because it is now canon, I love it because it was my 50th birthday present from my nearest and dearest. So stop the Raider hate; love the pointy, solar-panelled beauty that makes me smile every time I it put on the board. I am Doc and I am a Raider lover.
  11. Not, I think, anything like the plot for the new film then!
  12. I got a Raider for my 50th birthday. I love it. C-ROC is due in time for my 51st. Definitely getting one. Don't care about Palp or Jabba, just two huge and beautiful ships from the ones I love.
  13. D0CT0R

    Podcast Morale

    I love 186th as it is my local cast; Back to Dials is really great. Gave up with SoT as a new host is really annoying...the off-shoot Destiny cast is great though. S&V is an occasional listen too.
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