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  1. It's a lazy cop out on the part of FFG.
  2. Dual faction Dreadnought Lancer frigate for the Empire Dornean for the Rebels Assault Frigate Mk 1 for Rebels Neutron Star Class Bulk Cruiser for Empire
  3. OK, let's go with the obvious first question, when you say "canon" what do you mean? If you are referring to, for good or for ill (ill in my opinion, for what it's worth), the Disney canon then you have MUCH less of a leg to stand on if you are trying to justify dual faction ships with said canon. Though, I will admit, I have not finished all of the new novels yet. @Touston Maybe try and put forth a little effort before immediately resorting to namecalling anyone who doesn't share your opinion. Or keep in in your first point and cheapen what you're trying to say by immediately resorting to demeaning others.
  4. I would be very happy with a dornean combat flotilla, an IGV-55 support flotilla, and a dual faction dreadnought. 3 ships to produce for FFG but each faction gets 2 ship options. Super!
  5. If this is true, I weep for Star Wars.
  6. First off, please understand that I am not that guy who internet rages over a knee-jerk reaction to a half-read rules system. Having taken some time to digest the ship building rules from Fully Operational, I am, to say the least, disappointed. I had hoped for a not perfect, but passingly useful ship crafting system, or at the very least rules for converting and gaining hard points on existing ships. Now we have the capability to build a destroyer with a whopping 17 hardpoints (before engines, hyperdrive, and hull) and an equally ridiculous starfighter with 11 armor potentially. Is it really that hard to come up with a system/splat book that isn't even great, but that makes quasi-sense? Does no one proofread these things before they go to print?
  7. None for either side. However, I feel like flotillas will soon start appearing on ebay in droves.
  8. Agreed. Either new cards or stickers to place over the existing cards should be made available. As well as an updated rulebook, all of which would be either printable, or available for purchase. Privateer Press has done a great job of managing their dynamic updates in that regard.
  9. Yes that is from the scene of the clones looking for Obi-Wan after Order 66 had been carried out on Utapau. Obi-Wan is hiding in some kind of pool of water and they go tromping by I think. Yup. Episode 3 (1 hr. 25 min. 35 sec.) It's between the scenes that cut from Obi- Wan and moves to Yoda.
  10. That is good to hear indeed.
  11. OK, so if i'm not planning on getting snowtroopers, but want the cards, I'll have to get core box plus expansion stormtroopers. Thank you for the info.
  12. Not what I asked. Thank you though.
  13. I apologize if this question has already been asked, but it has always been my frustrating experience with other FFG that an expansion pact that mirrors what is in the core boxed set (stormtroopers in the core box vs stormtroopers expansion) typically have different upgrade cards. This forces you to buy extras of things you might not normally buy just to get the cards. Does anyone know if this is the case with Legion?
  14. Finally, the Arquitens!!!!! I've been waiting so long.
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