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  1. Tas

    Solo play

    Nice! I bet there a bunch of WoW scenarios just waiting to be adapted…
  2. Tas

    New ship request

    B-Wings and Tie Bombers please!!!
  3. Tas

    Solo play

    Oh yes, and give the AI forces about 20% more in points value to offset the 'dumb' factor
  4. Tas

    Solo play

    I've made tables for games which would work well here. In essence, you would select the manoeuvres for your controlled ships as normal, then for each enemy fighter roll on the following table: 1: Break Off - select best course to break away from the action. Reroll next turn and re-engage if 4+ 2-3: Evade: best defensive manoeuvre and actions only 4-5: Engage - select a manoeuvre to best engage an enemy unit 6: Aggressive attack - select manoeuvre which will close the closest enemy unit as fast as possible, including red manoeuvres. Offensively based Actions -1 if an enemy unit is behind the ship. This way you wont know where the enemy is going and you have to guess before you find out! Simple, quick & effective
  5. Tas


    I could see some linked scenarios working well though An expansion to include Traitor Marines like the old days of SH would be awesome!!!!
  6. I can only heartily concur with everything above and sincerely offer my services if this project gets off the ground.
  7. I must admit, I had considered that was the liekly mechanism, plus it also adds some great randomising factors into forces and setup. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this comes along an how Heroes will tie into it. Thanks for the info!
  8. Ah yes, sorry Elberon, I didnt make the mental connection. I quite liked your system and youve done some great work setting up your own races and so forth - very ncie. I also like the deployment cards as a ncie touch. Its not quite what I'm after right now but its obviously sa lavbor of love you should be proud of. If you havent seen the Memoir 44 campaign system regarding the use of strategic reinforcement points etc, its well worth looking into. I think it could add some great aspects to your system too. cheers!
  9. Which one is the Elberon Campaign OD? I've always thought the Wicth King peice was underdone, sounds like a great setting - nice framewoerk with a lot more freedom to play around with. Have a blast with it!
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. It will be interesting to see where Richard goes now he has the experience of the Memoir 44 campaign system and in adapting that neat and simple system to BL. Chrix- I liked your system, though its a bit much for what I was after to mplay with my young son. In time however... One must grow one's future opponents after all!
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if there is anything in the rumour mill regarding a campaign system for Battlelore? I note that Memoir now has a campaign book, so its obviously do-able for the Command ad Colours system. In the interim I was thinking of adapting something like the Mighty Empires system, then use Battelore to resolve the combats. Experience can then be applied by levelling up the War Council, adding monsters etc (and Heroes of course, once that supplement is released in due course) Anyone else thinking along these lines? cheers!
  12. Tas

    BattleLore and More

    Well I'm looking forward to whatever comes oiut - it all sounds great! In fact, I'm dusting off the old BL now in preparation. One things for sure- no matter how impatient I am, I'd rather wait the extra time and get a great product rather than a half baked one. Looks like that FFG's sensible intent too. Bravo!
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