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  1. So we land on desert lose a life immediately then draw a card if none are on the space then encounter anything there then take objects followers and coins. or if another player is on that space we may encounter him and not lose a life from that space. Correct?
  2. Revised Pretty much the rules are alot more comprehensive than the original version. I have a question on the new rule that Relic cards stay with the Agent if the total is not high enough to bribe the Personality. What happens to a Relic card that is attached to a Agent and that Agent is discarded or moved? We play the attached Relic(s) are moved or discarded with the Agent they are attached to. Is this correct?
  3. I dont have a problem with sleeved cards and the box they all fit fine.
  4. Pretty much the rules are alot more comprehensive than the original version. I have a question on the new rule that Relic cards stay with the Personality if the total is not high enough to bribe the personality. What happens to a relic card that is attached to a Personality and that Personality is discarded or moved? We play the attached relic(s) are moved or discarded with the Personality they are attached to. Is this correct?
  5. Jamos

    Raft movement

    talismanisland said: Irrespective of an answer being "correct", nothing on these forums should be considered official unless it comes directly from FFG. True if there ever is a official answer Generally with any game, your gamer group just needs to adopt a ruling in lew of a offical rule then stick with it. As for this rule it has always been any opposite space including overlaps since version 1 so unless FFG overrides it you most likely should follow it.
  6. Jamos

    Raft movement

    talismanisland said: Actually, the only clarifications that should be considered official here are those directly from FFG (read John Goodenough). Well unless John is changing the rules from Robert Harris the original designer of the game then the above answer is correct ;p And since the rules about rafts are word for word the same as Roberts I would go with the above. And as much as I love John Goodenough for some of his ideas for games, his rules are very shaky in content imho (i.e. Runebound) with little clarifications given. Heck they are still thowing out expansions for Runebound and there are so many open questions that are never answered for that game (FAQ hasent been updated for what 2 years?).
  7. If you just have the Reaper expansion then you choose. If you have both the Reaper and Frostmarch (or just Frostmarch) you draw from a shuffuled combined face down deck.
  8. Jamos

    Raft movement

    talismanamsilat said: Yes you can move to the Oasis from the Woods with an Axe. As long as the space would be intersected by one of the space border lines! Ell. BTW any answers from Ell are official in case you all dont know this
  9. Jamos

    Raft movement

    No Quirks, Since Ver. 1 you can choose any space directly opposite (and some overlap) to travel to. i.e. middle region Desert AND Oasis are opposite of Woods in outer region (in between the two plains). You could raft to either space. There is no 90/10 rule etc. just follow the lines of each space across the river if the current space intersects more than one space they all are opposite. But, if you want to house rule it your way that is fine as long as everyone agrees to it before hand.
  10. True but you cannot use invisibility to evade monsters in the inner board.
  11. The_Warlock said: Sorry that I have confused things saying that One Fist's and Red Scorpion Special Abilities are different. Wording is identical and I think that Jamos gave the best interpretation so far. Stacking allowed, but only one use per turn. This makes Red Scorpion ability very useful in the late game, where it can absorb great damages that won't be possible with any Armor Item. The game plays more balanced this way it logically makes sense to do it the way above. We never fret about official rulings as sometimes you get contridrictory statements from even them (look at the FAQ on buying and selling items for example: one rule states you can only buy or sell the same item once per turn, then later in the FAQ it says you can buy and sell the same item once per turn. (Now logic makes sense to use the latter ruling and ignore the first)). So stacking is allowed once per turn if the rules state that the ability is once per turn, and stacking can be done once per round if the ability is once per round. The biggest thing is get all your rules straight before you start a game (state any house rules, or rulings on questionable rules) and the game will run smooth. i usually rewrite the rules in a clarified pdf so all players can see rulings and changes on my games.
  12. I do believe even with the once per turn limitation you can always stack it and have seen it done at many of Gencons and Origins conventions. I dont think Jons rulings still apply as hes been away from the game awhile. I've see official clarifications on this and you can Stack Red Scropions ability once per turn as long as you have enough fatigue. I though have gotten different answers from different support persons on this game for rules, so just make a ruling before you start playing how you want to play it. Once per turn means no stacking, or means you can only stack once per turn. This game needs many house rules to work properly, just make sure you all agree on them before playing.
  13. The_Warlock said: When you decide to use the Riding Horse you roll 2 dice. After that you can't decide to use the Flying Carpet instead or to regenerate if you're the Troll. You cannot use the Clockwork Owl as well, because you're already riding! Same applies to Speed Spell. Thanks, This would be good to add to FAQ
  14. also can you change items using your concealed pouch the same way?
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