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  1. Came here like everyone else to watch @TauntaunScout lose his mind.
  2. Heheh, more accurate. ...Nice minis!
  3. I’ve had no expectations with FFG release dates for years now!
  4. RJM


    Heh, no. If anything it’s a safety valve on things that DO break the game. It’s a solid card that will probably see a good amount of play.
  5. Apparently he submitted it the week of Thanksgiving. Sigh.
  6. Who doesn’t love Hondo?! (I mean, besides whichever faction it is he last double crossed)
  7. RJM


    Thread was necro’d for a tangential question. Original post was from Nov 2018. @MDP091 No, it doesn’t use your action when Stifle triggers.
  8. Getting it right away in the first round of the game is incredibly relevant. So it’s a little difference, but a big deal.
  9. Yeah, it’s so much better than 99% of the other choices except in very specific decks/circumstances that it’s practically a default. Spot neutral to get the power action at all isn’t a bad idea.
  10. Suppressive Fire, Prized Possession, Carbon Freezing Chamber. All of those are ways to keep his dice out of the pool without being Power Action’d back in.
  11. Yeah, a new box set focusing on that era would be a cool addition to what we’ve had as far as intro products so far. Of course, I’d also prefer they not release anything like the first 2P box again if there’s even a chance it contains so many poorly tested and undercosted cards. 9/13 Phasma2, Kylo2 existing as a card design at all... The set may still be doing more harm than good for the metagame at large after all this time.
  12. Entangle, Crash Landing, Heirloom Lightsaber, and Hidden Blaster are all competitive cards that are exclusive to the starters.
  13. Snoke is nuts. He’s a Yoda level support character for villain. Pryce is likewise with some differences and in red. Dagger, Ezra’s stick, Luke’s rod, Rex’s pistol, Darksaber are all close to auto includes in their colors. I think Fifth Bros Saber is actually the most situational of the lot, and depends a lot on how much the namesake character sees play. There are about a dozen new events with blowout potential and a few more that will join the standard array of mitigation packages.
  14. They still have a very real opportunity cost when deck building. The card pool is deep enough now, that you're making some very real cuts to fit in the big resource makers. Agree 100% with you on the LCG. But we must be looking at completely different spoilers for Way of the Force! The power level is pretty off the charts, and the creep in character health/points cost is almost ridiculous. Same with every single Unique upgrade.
  15. In fairness, people might just not even realize what the "official street date" is, since this might be the literal first time ever an FFG product showed up early or even on time, and not late.
  16. Some pretty cool stuff there.
  17. No, it has to be a legal dice resolution of a single base side value.
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