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  1. i need all of the cards on my list also i am in need of a bambi lv3 the stuff on my list is worth alot more than a broom and i consider a bambi 3 also worth more than a broom
  2. I have a NH Flag Sora. Are all the cards on your list Foils?
  3. Ya i figured but i need everything on my wants list, Which is probably the only stuff I am going to trade for.
  4. TheChampIsHere said: Is the Sora lvl 2 foil or non-foil? Also, what would you want for it. Its a Non-Foil, I am in great need of everything on my wants list.
  5. Finally decided to make one of these and im just gonna throw whatever up here im gonna try and make it all fancy later. I'll keep this updated as i get more stuff Tough to get from me SRU's: None at the moment SR's: x1 Moogle Lv 1 x1 Owl Lv 0 x1 Donald Duck Lv1 x1 Tinker Bell Lv3 R's: x2 Owl Lv0 x1 Alice Lv0 x1 Jasmine Lv0 x1 Kairi Lv0 x2 Moogle Lv1 x1 Leon Lv4 x1 Fairy Godmother Lv2 x2 Simba Lv3 x1 Tinkerbell Lv0 x1 Tinker Bell Lv2 x1 Tinker Bell Lv3 x1 Destiny Islands Lv1 x1 Disney Castle Lv1 x2 Wonderland Lv2 x1 Agrabah Lv1 x2 Trickmaster Lv7 x1 Cresendo Lv5 x1 Pot Spider Lv3 x1 Behemoth Lv5 x1 Maleficent Lv8 x1 Dark Riku Lv3 x1 Firaga Lv4 Promos: x1 Sora Lv2 (Flaggy) Wants: x3 Goofy Lv4 x2 Donald lv4 x1 The King x1 Cloud x1 Chip & Dale x2 Destiny Islands x2 King Triton x1 Simba Lv3 x1 Bambi Lv3 x1 Jack Skellington Lv3 I also have Yu-Gi-Oh Cards if there are any Yugioh players out there. Yu-Gi-Oh Haves(All Foil): x2 Test Tiger(One Ultimate) x3 Divine Wrath x3 Gladiator Beast Gyzarus x3 Gladiator Beast Heraklinos x1 Gladiator Beast War Chariot And other cards just ask, I may have what your looking for!
  6. i think it means that the friend cannot have its magic value raised
  7. Big Hands


    Lol i dont beat monstro lvl 1 and it is not made to win i play it because its fun thats the reason I play the game. Its a good game and taking a game too seriously ruins a game for me
  8. i cant figure out what DD is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing i can think of that searches jasmine is destiny islands but that would be DI
  9. the cards im really looking at are jafar genie and soul eater
  10. Cool. Im gonna have trouble getting a cloud lol
  11. How many cards can you play in your deck at the highlander tournament?
  12. Freinds Lv 0 The Mayor x2 Lv1 Donald Duck x2 Peter Pan x1 Goofy x1 Beast x1 Aladdin x1 Jack x1 lv 2 Donald Duck x1 Peter Pan x1 Fairy Godmother x1 Jack x1 Herc x1 lv 3 Herc x1 Beast x1 Jack x1 lv 4 Cloud x1 Magic Freinds Bambi lv 3 x2 Magic Fire x3 Fira x3 Firaga x2 Dark Trickmaster x3 Oogie boogie x2 Parasite Cage x2 Behemoth x2 Attack Oblivion x1 Worlds Olympus Coliseum lv 1 x3 Wonderland lv 2 x3 Atlantica lv 2 x2 Hollow Bastion lv 3 x1 This Deck has a HUGE problem with control decks that play phil(any control deck) Im playing random beatsticks to get through the dark cards just in caseI play against a control deck. If anyone has any fixes please post Im open to suggestions
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