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  1. my brother, I, and two friends are starting an organized play league at GHQ in August. we are just getting started and will have some playmats and alt art cards to give away. 2nd wed in August i believe. Call GHQ after the first to confirm. chrismata@gmail.com
  2. I haven't seen any of the novels. Are they released mass market (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc..) or just at FFG? sorry to pester, I tend to lean towards completeness.
  3. My FLGS has recently purchased an entire collection of AH including all the minis and supposedly all the promos also. I am heading down there today to take a look and make sure its all there. I have never played but have always wanted to grab it and for 350 dollars its a friggin steal. What I need help with is making sure its all there. I have gleaned from FFG's site that there are 118 miniatures both monsters and investigators. 4 promos given out a Gencon I believe. 8 Expansions (some big box, some little) Is that mainly what I need to be looking for? also besides the first expansion are there any other revised expansions? thanks guys!
  4. We have a play group of about 5 to 8 that meets mondays pretty regular and other days as well. We use the old ccg cards and the newer LCG cards both. we mainly play for fun and none of us are very good and are still learning. drop me a line if you are interested in playing. chrismataATgmail.com I have around 11 or 12 decks made up to play so even if you dont have cards there are still plenty for you to use.
  5. as far as timing goes can you kneel a character in response to them declaring challengers? so it makes the character ineligible to commit to the challenge?
  6. thanks for the advice we played last night and the decks were IMMENSELY different. The speed was there and it was way more efficient. We are gonna play some more and start using some neutral characters and some agendas next. This is got to be the best multiplayer game out there.
  7. thanks alot. I dont think my decks had more than 20 guys at most. I was thinking creatures for magic as a comparison and sometimes no one would draw enough dudes. welll.... back to the drawing board.
  8. We have a small playgroup of 8 folks who play and we are starting to tire of the 6 decks I have constructed. At first I made a deck for each house consisting of only cards from that house. and not having more than 2 of any card and usually only one of each card. We we were playing for fun more than for brokenness. I want to start branching out and using the dual house agendas, defenders of the north, wildling horde, etc type decks. But before I do, I need advice on deck composition so I dont make some unplayable decks. I know as in magic, which i am very familiar with, you need a strong base of locations for making more gold or lowering the cost of bringin cards into play. the question is: what is rule of thumb for number of events, locations, characters, items, etc per deck? i I know it will vary by house and strategy but is there a beginners rule I should start from?
  9. thanks. I think I will let them have 2 melta bombs they can preset as obstacles and maybe some other implements. lets hope someone took some noncombat skills!!!!!!!
  10. Although I see the usefulness of the add or take away as needed approach to enemy numbers, I want to have a hard line on how many troops can attack at max. That way I can give them numbers if they are able to scout ahead and see whats coming. I have gamed with these guys for about 20 years now and they really like knowing there is a set scenario of sorts and they will do all they can to win in the most efficient and story driven way possible. sometimes they have clean sweeps sometimes they get beat down. its more a matter of taste for me. Should i run the Firewarriors as a horde each time or as individuals since there arent that many? What I thought about doing was run them as a horde till they got closer than 36 meters. why the tau would ever get that close unless driven is a mystery. I agree though about not letting em gear up to 100 req then ditching 75 of it. I will just limit the req and they can use some stuff already on site. thanks!!
  11. Tonight I am running a 'prequel' to our normal campaign as some folks will be out for Valentines day. There will be 5 to 6 DW, about 5 IG, and 1 Commissar. They will have 12ish hours to prepare for a Tau counterattack and they must hold a bridge for a specific amount of time till a rapid insertion force can reinforce and extract them. What my main question is I plan on using 3 to 5 stealth suits to scout out the ruins and try and flush out the Marines. Then if they can lure out the group the Tau Fire Warriors and Tau Armor will open up. Now as a whole this is the Tau force: Three 15 strong Tau Firewarrior Units. 3 to 5 Stealth Suits 1 Hammerhead Tank 1 Devilfish 1 Commander in Crisis Suit. Is this appropriate, too much, or too little? The group each has spent 19000 xp so they are Rank 2 I believe. they will have a very light weapon load out. 50 to 75 req. As they think this will be a quick grab and ****** but their Thunderhawk will be shot down and most of their extra gear lost. They will have what I give them to work with as they did in the movie to defend the bridge. any thoughts? suggestions? Both are appreciated.
  12. oh yeah. the chaplain is a bad ass. He is a advanced specialty must be rank 4 I believe and some other requirements. the adv. specialties are chaplain, dreadnought, epistolary, first company vet, watch commander, kill marine, black shield, forge master, and one more i think. they all look cool. this book is a must buy, seriously. Once the creatures book is published later this year the setting will be complete!!! Nimon said: Is there more to chaplain then the teaser they have? I was really hoping for a fully developed specialty, maybe litanies simular to the Faith Talents of Adepta Sororitas.
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