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  1. Bump - because I always manage to get in and get stuff. But miss out out on items that really wanted.
  2. Yeah, I'd be curious to know what you thought was a bug also. @Avatar111Could you take a moment to elaborate what you meant?
  3. And I wanted to say thank you to the FFG Demo team who were patient, encouraging and just great to be around. I had some interest in the game, but after actually getting to play it and seeing the potential depth of this game - I'm sold. Mainly, thank you. I only got to demo this and Doom at your booth, but y'all were super professional and that was appreciated. You energy, enthusiasm for the product and eagerness to help new players/customers learn and love your games are commendable. Can't wait to pick this up! PS Thanks for the promo cards, did not expect to get those! So thank you again!
  4. So I only got to play a quick bit of Doom at this years Board Game Geek Con this weekend. But the bit I did was amazing and fun. The dice mechanic, the speed and bonus mechanics. So much fun. I wish I could remember the person who ran as the Demon Controller(?). You were fantastic and sold the game for me. I can't wait to pick this one up and convince my wife to play!
  5. So I got my family to play this last night, and included another neighborhood teen(5 total) for a few games of Drakon. My daughter and I had already played it during the holidays and had a blast. But, we had something come up that caused a bit of tension on the table. A Mindcontrol chamber was placed, and my Wife entered the chamber. On her turn, she MC'd me into an adjacent room that was the Drakon Chamber. The rule for Mind Control is that "This action occurs as soon as your hero enters the chamber." Move an opponent's hero one legal move, following tile effects normally. After you move the hero, the opponent must follow the instructions of the chamber on which his or her hero is now standing. I argued that yes, she mind controled me into that room, but I could control Drakon. My reasoning was that since I must follow the instructions of the chamber. The rules don't say I must follow the rules of the instruction of the chamber and she then controls those actions. She argued that it was part of the power of the Mind control since she was still in effect, playing her turn, controling my actions. I can see both sides but just want some clarifications in case I use this strategy against her. I loved the strategy she used, as it put the hurt on me.
  6. Ah man.. and here I was thinking that if I bought more games, I'd have a shot at winning a raffle.
  7. This came up in our second game. This time we got past 3 rounds/turns and had four total players. 1)Does the Cave Troll effect "No one can enter the room with a Cave Troll", affect the player who's cave troll it is? Although it clearly states no one, the table felt it was a waste if you couldn't reap the rewards of taking over a room with the CT. 2)Once someone has 5 icons cards to score. We score all the rooms. Those cards are then discarded(put in the box according to the rules). But are the rooms cleared out? Are the figures still left there to "rescore" on the next round unless pushed out/discarded or overrun?
  8. Giles, thank you for your response. Yeah, I reread the rules again last night with my Wife and we agreed to what you had said. So in doing that, it made the game more interesting. Thanks again.
  9. That's how I read that in the rules and understood them. It's a gamble for you to have a chest out and not have anyone in there to garner the rewards from it. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.
  10. Hi all, I picked up a couple of games (ok... alot) over the holidays for my family and I to play. One of these games was Cave Troll. We tried our first game of it last night, and we had some confusion about when/how to play heroes and monsters. 1) Do you play them as part of your four actions and place them out on the entrance? Say I wanted to play a dwarf, I could place him out on my turn OR 2) Do use play them only when you have one of their cards? We played a combination of the two for the time being. Thanks!
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