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  1. Hi everyone Played my first game ever of TI last night and loved it!! We have lots of questions (most of which can be answered through the living rules referenc or a re-read of the lead to play book) But one question that I could not see answered was: If you are using a planets resources to produce units and you end up with 1 resource left over (say you exhaust planets with a value of 5 resources - a 3 and a 2, and end up spending 4 resources on units) do you get “change” in the form of trade goods? In this example, I exhausted planets for 5 resources to produce units, spent 4, would I get 1 trade good in change? Or is that 1 additional resource just lost?
  2. deck looks good. Are you able to post a link to the ringsdb.com page?
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. Isn’t it fascinating how everyone plays so differently? I think it says a lot about the versatility of the game.
  4. I have played a heap of tcg’s over the years. LCGs have always interested me. I purchased the lotr game like 5 or 6 years ago and never played it. 2 kids for me and a gaming group of dads and it is much harder to get games happening. I dug out LOTR and played it singlehanded. I am addicted. I love the game. The flavour, the mechanics, the quests, the art...all of it! I have done some reading up and understand the whole saga expansions, different cycles etc My question is: how do you play this game? Coming from a tcg background, I am used to the idea of building a deck and playing with it to beat people. But the idea of one deck for all scenarios doesn’t seem to be the thing with this game. Do do you play through scenarios with only the cards available at the time of printing or do you use any cards from your collection? Do you play through missions of each cycle in order, keeping the same deck? I have made a heap of purchases online and while I recognise the quick answer to my question is “play so that you have fun” but I am interested in seeing how other people play. Currently I am playing through the starter set and Mirkwood cycle expansions using only the cards available at the time. I am using the decks from the beorns path series of articles and trying to beat all of the scenarios. I look forward to reading your responses.
  5. Played this list tonight. Vs Luke Skywalker and Han Solo I played ok considering it was my first game. He flew Luke right into the middle of my formation. Got blasted to smithereens in turn 2. Spent the rest of the game trying not to smash my ships into each other while targeting the falcon. Very fun game. Keen to play again.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post with such helpful and detailed thoughts. I really appreciate it. The lists look great and are just the start that I needed. I will let you know how I go tonight.
  7. Hi there I have my first game tomorrow night and am looking to build a decent list with the models and cards that I have on hand. I went and purchased some tie fighters that I thought looked cool in preparation. I couldn't really justify paying money for a ship that I didn't plan to or couldn't use, just to get some of the staple cards (eg: imperial raider just to get a tie/1x or advanced targeting computer). Perhaps once I have a few games under my belt.... But until then, I will have to make do. I have purchased: 1 x starter set (not the force awakens one) 1 x tie bomber 1 x tie defender 1x tie advanced 1 x tie punisher 1 x imperial aces expansion 1 x slave 1 Am I able to make a decent 100 point list? All the lists I've seen have cards that I don't currently have. My head is hurting and I need help
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