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  1. ok i wanna get one last clear cut answer for this. When i have behemoth placed on my world, do all my friends have to participate even before damage assignments? even if I plan to assign no damage to behemoth itself? although his text reads" When the player who controls the World card where this card is placed chooses to battle against THIS car, ..."
  2. havent heard any atomic comics giving us permission to hold KH tourneys yet
  3. aw man, that sux. well if you ever get a chance, we're always at gamers inn on monday evenings playing KH. we're always hopin for new ppl to play with
  4. um... we didnt see anyone else show up *shrugs* but we did get our sora and kairi promos
  5. atlantic lvl 3 says to discard friends before coming into play. is that from hand or sacrificed from play?? note: i did check the cemprehensive rule thread already, didnt find this question there
  6. cool well i can get up to 4 players including me
  7. nice! lets us know what we could possibly do to help push it
  8. hmm it might now even have an effect, it may be just a quote. If thats the case, then gameplay-wise thats all ud need to know. If it is an effect, its probably good since it has nothin for attack value. probably does something like bounce dark cards or just plain destroy them for a cost or something.
  9. im pretty much ready for a highlander style game now. whnes the tourney??
  10. Im pretty much always on but not always here (work and school) but ill try to check back often to see if anyone's on.
  11. i see plenty of OST cds and action figures out there of KH, maybe slip in a promo into those kinda like how the older DBZ ccg did it. I got to cons and anime fests around my area often and there's always KH fans flooding the scene, I'm sure some of them would be interested if this game had more exposure.
  12. cool idea, i got one! "Paupu Fruit" +3/+1 Equipment [Limit 2] You can only have one Paupu Fruit in play at a time and only on a Kairi card you control.When the bearer of this card is discarded by any means, remove this card from the game and search your deck for up to 3 Friend cards with different names. An opponent chooses one of them and discards it, put the remaining cards into your hand. Shuffle your deck.
  13. wed probably be playing at gamer's inn if anyone would host it
  14. yeah i think king should be worth more. sephy cant just go into any deck, he kinda needs it built around em for full effectiveness. the king is like a staple in any deck outside of dark only decks. plus he's turned the game around soooo many times for me
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