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  1. I must have really bad luck with board games, then. I have played hundreds of different board games, and Fantasy Flight's rules seem in line with most games i have played recently. Games have gotten a lot more complex, and it seems games from most companies have lots of inconsistencies in their rules. The games keep getting more and more complex, and the rules get more complicated as that happens. I see lot of errors in games from Fantasy Flight, AEG, Avalon Hill (Hasboro), Steve Jackson Games, Wizards of The Coast, and many more. All of the games have one thing in common, lots of cards/abilities that can be used in millions of permutations. It is pretty easy to write the rules for a game like Scrabble (which actually had errors in several of the editions), but it is a lot harder to write rules for a game with so much situational variation. It comes down to cost and what you want. Would you be willing to pay an extra $20.00 for a game that was play tested for extra 6 months and had an additional proof reader for the rules? Someone has to pay for all of the extra labor that would go into the game, and who else would do it except for the customer. The game publisher is trying to find a balance between cost of product and features in the product. Do they make mistakes sometime? Definitely. Do they often deliver games that are enjoyable, regardless of mistakes? Yes. I think it is very helpful to give feedback on problems with the games. Sometimes you will get a fix, other times the fix will go into a future game. It also comes down to cost. Some mistakes can be fixed easily. if a .pdf will solve a problem, they are often created by a lot of companies, including Fantasy Flight. Sometimes even an expensive change is made, like replacing the figures from Middle Earth Quest (and I have read multiple posted apology letters about the pieces). Other times, though, it is not feasible to make a fix. Printing a new card or tile and shipping it to every game owner would cost several dollars per customer. That doesn't seem like a working business model. You could very quickly have a situation where a game isn't making any money, and all that means is we might not see another game in that line, or people get laid off and we see even fewer games and fixes. On the other hand, Fantasy Flight has found some ways to balance things out. They have given replacement cards to fix some problems in expansions and reprints of games. They do publish a fair amount of faqs and errata. There are times I would like more, but I don't get the constant cries that they do not listen to their customers. I have bought a lot of games, and I have gotten more useful information back from Fantasy Flight than a lot of other companies. So forgive the personal critique... but Darkami, you are making it harder for dialog to occur between Fantasy Flight and their customers. Bringing problems about rules is help for everyone, but continually posting personal attacks against the company and demanding an apology for every mistake that gets made makes it harder for dialog to occur. You clearly have a personal problem with some people at Fantasy Flight. Please keep that between you and them. If you want a thread where you complain about it, great... start a single thread. But chiming in with you personal complaints about how you feel you were mistreated (asking you to stop writing articles about them, not accepting your ideas for new games, etc.) in threads each time someone finds a problem with a product makes it less likely we will get a quick response. If I was CEO of a company, and someone was carrying out a personal campaign against my company, I would advise all my employees to not respond to him... for legal reasons and to prevent getting dragged down into the mud. Apologies for the long winded response. I like the games, I wish there were fewer errors, but I have had fun with every Fantasy Flight product I have bought. I personally would like more games like the ones I enjoy. I want fixes to the problems, so I would like to keep seeing those... but I want fixes and clarifications, not vendettas.
  2. Thanks for the info. It does sound a little simpler than I had hoped. It does sound like a good way to play when you don't have time to optimize everyone's decks. 100 cards for two players with no duplicate uniques? Sounds like you can't just play with Martell right out of the box, then?
  3. Does anyone have any info on the Civil War rules with Princes of the Sun? How many players does it support? The little bit I saw about it said it is played with a single deck. Is it fully playable with just the cards that come with Princes of the Sun?
  4. I am definitely on the fence about buying them. I have wanted to have something like this for a while, but the 2 per month is a little frustrating. It will take a long while before we get 4 we want to use all at the same time. The whole thing feels a little cheesy... a little like the old ads for the Civil War Chess Set from the Franklin Mint. The price is a little high too. That said, I still might buy them... but what I would really like is a little more incentive to buy the two packs. If each 2 pack included 2 alternate story cards for the 2 characters (4 storys total) I'd probably buy at least the first few sets to see how they played. Other ideas: Include a monster with each 2 pack. Throw in a free cultist with the first set, and go up from there. Maybe even make the monsters unpainted to save money. Or... Throw in one of the new dice with each set ( or a dice and the story cards). Or... throw in a few new items and some alternate starting equipment for the characters. Or... throw in a new location card with each character (new for their starting location). Maybe even personalized location card (discard if you have a different investigator.) You get the idea, just an tiny bit of extra game play would make these must haves for me.
  5. I think I agree with all of that, but what about the case where a moon monster is already in the same location as Finn and a moon comes up. If Finn wasn't there, the monster would move. If Finn couldn't move, the monster wouldn't move either, as monsters don't move when they are already in the same space as an investigator. If everything is simultaneous: The monster never moves, because it starts the turn seeing Finn, while Finn can move away if he wants. Is that how it is supposed to work, or should moon signed monsters be able to follow Finn?
  6. I don't know if there is a page with them somewhere, but you can find them all by going to news and then filter for Arkham Horror using the pull down list.
  7. We have been averaging about 2 extra unique items per character in the early scenarios from encounters/Migo's. That is not great odds when I think there are only 6 unique item cards that would be helpful in killing things without having to fight in the street. Monteray Jack would be a little bit useful here... Still, with the extra threat of fighting in the streets, there are times when it might be worth it to have a character camp out at the Train station or similar. The odds aren't in your favor, but if you have an investigator who can't get to a gate for a few turns, it might be worth trying. The odds are probably better with find gate + police wagon + clues in the woods for as quick a sealing victory as possible.
  8. It's a BGotW item. I'd tell you more, but I'd go insane.
  9. It looks like JR answered on the first questions: Banked clues stay even if a gate appears in the woods. There is no way to prevent the max stamina loss. Sounds painful...
  10. Not sure about the Herald. Didn't last time also say all BGOTW components, but JR said that all did not include the Herald.
  11. This one looks a little harder to me. You lose one maximum sanity each turn you end the mythos phase in the street! This seems like it will make killing monsters a lot harder... though there does seem to be an item that might help a lot (that I thought would never be that useful...). Is there any way to ever regain maximum stamina? Does -1 stamina loss help at all? Do the items that prevent stamina loss from one source help at all (can Flesh Ward protect you in the streets?) Questions about the clues in the woods: does taking them allow you to avoid having an encounter in the woods? If a gate appears in the woods before you get the clues, do they go away?
  12. A little video documentation would be nice. We could have a contest for the worst roll. My recent one probably doesn't even rank in the top 10 - missing with all 5 combat dice against a dimensional shambler with Gloria, who was camping on an explored gate and got hit by a monster surge. She then starts rolling her 6 clues: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 . On the last clue I summon a little precognition and state, "There is no way I am rolling another 1." So I get a 2, and Gloria is lost in time and space. You don't think JR wants to watch a couple hundred hours of footage like that? On the topic of seeing bad luck happen: There is this Mythos card that sends all investigators in other worlds back to Arkham. We have gotten it a couple of times, but it only seems to appear under one set of conditions. First, at least 2 investigators must have just returned from other worlds the turn before. Second, there can not be any investigators in other worlds. Is this really how it works, or does someone keep stacking the deck when I leave the room to get a drink?
  13. You'd be surprised how often people have gotten confused on the monster trophy scoring. I think it's an easy fall back question when someone scores higher than you do... My guess is that any time a team gets a really high score, people will question it. There really is only one solution: all scored games must be video taped and submitted for review...
  14. I think it is possible, but it seems difficult. We tried going for a higher score on the 4 player, and we ran into a couple of problems. Late in the game we had absolutely nothing to kill. Some of it was bad luck with Mythos cards. We kept getting mystic environments and the gates kept being at locations we already sealed. That being said, I think you can add the following to boost the score (if you get lucky): If you get "The Terrible Experiment" early, it can add a monster a turn. If you play 13-14 turns, you can get an extra 18 monsters if you slow play it. That being said, if you randomly get the rumor in the middle of the game, it is probably only good for an extra 5-9 monsters. If you leave a few high frequency gates open, you will get more monster surges. Monster surges are definitely your friend in this scenario. with two players, gate management is harder... but I think you could seal a couple of gates but leave a high frequency gate open. The extra two monsters + no doom token helps a lot. Otherwise, I think luck comes into play as well. If you get a lot of those two monsters in the streets mythos cards, you can get a lot of points over the length of the game. Another option: Use Gloria to find monsters in the Other worlds (a little risky, but she can probably get a little less than one monster per gate if she visits both other world locations for each gate.) Leave McGlen in the streets to lure down flyers helps as well. Or, you can just make a scoring error: Counting monster toughness instead of just the number of monster trophys is usually a good way to pump up the score...
  15. You can keep the clues... Just take a bunch of corruption cards So how many times do you think we will have to defeat Shubby in this league? There seems to be a very heavy Black Goat of the Woods Theme.
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