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  1. Could also be because atomics are not very good? Remember, detonation in space means no blast wave. A nuke going off in space is like a soap bubble bursting. Sucks to be inside it, but if your outside it (in a spacecraft designed to withstand the energy output from stars, with energy shielding, etc) it's noy going to do a whole lot. Whereas macro cannon shells are cheaper and increase your chances of hitting by chucking out huge bits of shrapnel that will blanket a much larger area.
  2. I'm in the process of trying to get a game started, but only have two players locally who have the knowledge and interest in 40k to want to play. I don't mind running the game for just two players, but I know it means other, background, characters need to be fleshed out more. Currently there are two main NPC's that most things will go through. To describe these PC's to the players the ships Senechal has written briefings on all the key crew positions. For example, his own (spot the bias...): High Factotum Senior Factor Loral Lorgue. 102 years old - appears to be in his 30's. No obvious bionic augmentation. My own involvement with House Pnepsis began before my birth. The Lorgue family have been providing talented servants to the noble House Pnepsis since the house was founded. My service began on board your Fathers ship - where I began as a lowly Adept. Over my time serving the House I have served as a Factor, a Quartermaster and a Purser. I served your Father a Master of Whispers before being granted the honor of serving as your High Factotum. As High Factotum I am responsible for the day to day running of the House affairs aboard the Ship. This includes managing the accounts, internal affairs, crew and ship replenishment, Cargo and manifest, passengers, legal and espionage elements that go into running a successful venture. Should you require anything Sire, I am your man. And the first officer: First Officer First Lieutenant Umet Clait. 89 years old - appears to be in his 50's. Obvious bionic augmentation to his left eye and left arm. Formerly of His Beneficent Majesties Imperial Navy. Honorably retired following a disagreement with a senior officer that resulted in a duel. Umet won the duel, but the naval family of the losing officer brought political pressure against the Lieutenant. Faced with a career ruining Courts Martial your honorable father intervened and secured a settlement that resulted in Umet obtaining a commission to your Fathers fleet. First Lieutenant Clait is in charge of the day to day running of the ship. A well trained and experienced officer, he runs the bridge with a iron fist (if you will excuse the pun, my lord). If I might suggest that if the First Lieutenant has one failing, it is that he tends to run the ship as if it was a Imperial Navy vessel. His past history also makes him exceptionally obedient to orders - often to a fault. I've a few key ways to portray these characters. Mainly single word terms that apply, different ways of talking and interacting. Etc.
  3. Is it a .pdf release only, or is there going to be a printed version? Are the Tau rules included in the main .pdf or only available seperately?
  4. I disagree with the idea that most of the major areas have been covered. Theres still huge area to be covered - more detail on the Trade part of RT, possibly with more civilian ships. An AdMech book, Something allowing for Eldar player Characters, something covering the higher levels of play, etc. I'm hoping it's either all the changes in 40k by GW putting books on hold or that FFG have just overstretched themselves.
  5. Normally every 3 to 6 months I think. But it seems unusual to have gone for so long and not had any hint as to whats coming next. Saying that the new books for Black Crusade and Only War seemed to be a lot further apart than normal releases. It would be nice to know that the franchise is still alive!
  6. Funnily enough... I've been wondering about this for a while as well. And AdMech would be my guess. The reason for me is that it makes sense book wise, but also in the past where GW have been coming out with an army that is linked to a FFG 40k book, the FFG book has been delayed. Like the Demonhunters book which had all the new Grey Knights stuff in it. Rumour has it there is an AdMech army list coming for either 40k or 30k - and I wonder if this is why we have heard nothing.
  7. This is really sad Personally I don't get GW's business model. I understand that they have a captive market for the most part, but don't they realise that for lower prices on their stuff they would sell more and therefore make more money? FFG (or someone else) buying the BFG game line and using it to support RT would be amazing. Doubt GW would let anyone else take on their IP like that though.
  8. RobOut

    System Ships

    Thats actually a very good point, one I hadn't considered. It also explains why system ships would be built at all. If a warp capable escort takes years to build, why would you take years to build a escort size system ship instead?
  9. RobOut

    System Ships

    Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions includes stats for a 'Bastion' class system defence monitor under the 'Adversaries' section. Frigate sized ship with 2 voids, 2 dorsal Macro batteries abd a prow Lance. All round armour of 22. Quite a nasty beast given the size!
  10. RobOut

    Blessed toolkit?

    Sorry, the actual title is anointed maintenance toolkit.
  11. RobOut

    Blessed toolkit?

    Hi guys, A minor thing. Blessed toolkits (and toolkits) are mentioned in the Regiment section of the book, but missing from the wargear and equipment section. Am I missing it somewhere or are they just not there?
  12. I once purchased online a copy of a Rogue Trader book (Battlefleet Koronus) that came bound, but looked as if someone had shuffled all the pages before binding it. The page order was totally out. I dropped FFG an email and a few weeks later I got a new copy delivered - they were very good about it. I went to FFG as posting the copy back to the online retailer would have cost me money.
  13. Okay, so by having a look at the book, it looks like the clip size may actually be right. I checked the crew positions, and the Hull Lascannon Gunner is also listed as the Loader for the turret/Battlecannon. It would seem logical that the gun itself is fed from some sort of magazine that comes up from inside the hull? That way the loader in the hull would be able to reload. It would also mean the loader has something to do in between reloading - fire the lascannon!
  14. I imagine it more like the Sherman, with the majority of shells stored in the hull under the turret. I'm sure I have something with a cut away of the inside of a LR. Plus with the size of the turret… There's not much ammo storage space.
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