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  1. The Japanese will be their own faction. Roswell is not a Vril crash. It is a totally different alien race.
  2. You want to get the Airborne Walker expansion. It is going to have three awesome walkers configurations in it ESPECIALLY heavy killers and artillery, which all have been begging for.
  3. A SturmKonig is an awesome asset for an Axis Army. It can kill well in all three categories. Sure it is expensive, but it really pays off.
  4. Dust Models releases things to FFG. FFG then decides when to release them to the public. The SSU Ground Attack and Airborne Walker Helicopters have been available in Premium form from Dust Models in Hong Kong for 6 weeks, which means they were done and painted at least a week before that. I would imagine that someone in FFG caught an incorrect card or something and had to delay to reprint it.
  5. There are so many Eldar NPC's of all types, just grab one and use it with your GM's permission. Customize its skills and talents a tiny bit. What else do you need?
  6. I could not find a Facebook site for Rogue Trader, so created one.
  7. I could not find a Facebook site for Rogue Trader, so created one. http://www.facebook.com/groups/411740748886097/#!/groups/411740748886097/ Anyone interested in joining is free too.
  8. Looks like a phaser in the close up shot I saw.
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to see the new pictures! Great work!
  10. What were they selling that is new?
  11. Logically you would think that NO ONE can see anything, and the vessel is guided by the Navigators powers. Now since each Navigator translates the warp into his own images/experiences-- probably because of the human minds inability to comprehend some of its horrors and is trained to do this-- the Non-Navigator has ZERO chance of looking at the warp and not going nuts since his mind is not trained for it. So I think that when the Geller field is up IT creates a bubble around the vessel that it is not possible to see into or out of. It might even make the vessel invisible to warp entities. And when it flickers or fails, it becomes a wide open target for all those horrific things. It would be interesting to see what has been previously written about this.
  12. The Geller field might create a barrier around the vessel that is impossible to see through, either in or out, just displays strange colored lights beyond it and so forth. The chances of accidentally peering into the warp for a mundane peon are too high for random portholes to be openable, unless the entire ship locks every porthole down automatically. I would imagine the field blocks all view in and out.
  13. Looks good. Can you give it the dual 50's found on the Allied Heavies?
  14. They are three really cool Kv-47 variants: Nastasia KV-47F : with dual Quad 12.7 cm machine guns. This is an infantry and air killer with range 6 Nikita KV-47E : with dual Quad 120mm mortars. This is an infantry and a tank killer with range A Nina KV-47D : with 2 RPG-47 launchers. This is your tank killer range 3
  15. In some of the fluff the it is mentioned the Axis are light in air power due to having to focus on the Allied bombing campaigns over Europe. In Warfare, the Allies receive a B-17r strike as an optional ability. From what I understand, they are expected to have a stand alone air to air game eventually. I cant recall where I read it but it is somewhere.
  16. You need command squads for each faction. You only need one to have those special abilities. I would go for the NCO command squads and use whatever you can get for the SSU.
  17. Algesan said: Grand Inquisitor Fulminarex said: Upgrade the AXIS? Right now, I cant imagine an SSU force being able to take on a similar point Axis unit. At least nolt until we see the rest of the airpower. If you organize your Axis force correctly, you should have little to fear from Airpower. The Axis have some really excellent AA units. Even a Luther can do some damage. A Sturmkonig is another matter entirely. You will almost have to have one if the SSU are in force. I totally agree that when the SSU gets those choppers out it is going to be a huge improvement. I was initially not excited about SSU, but the more I look at commissars and air transport the more I like it.
  18. Upgrade the AXIS? Right now, I cant imagine an SSU force being able to take on a similar point Axis unit.
  19. I have an extra Joe. Message me. You can have him cheap.
  20. As usual, your work is always exceptional and inspiring. I am trying to alter a Sniper using the Angela head and her solothurn. However, it might be harder to remove her head. Weapon is not a problem. any ideas?
  21. Maximum said: Loophole Master said: Well, the Quad .50 cals already looked a bit puny in the Wildfire's light frame. In the Blackhawk's big head, though, I must admit it looks positively humorous. Not taking a dig at your customization work, which is pretty cool, though. Haha, I don't disagree I just am not a big fan of the open cockpit design.... The "Jockey" should be able to be sniped. I might have to post a pic of what the "Jockey walker" looks like with the Blackhawks weapons. I just asked if anyone modified the Blackhawks like this. I like it. I do not like the open cockpit designs.
  22. I never liked the Honey or Wilfire, as the drivers are exposed. I am considering swapping out the weapons on a Blackhawk and produce enclosed Honey or Wildifres. Has anyone else tried this yet?
  23. Loophole Master said: I just noticed the relevance of this sentence: "Nastasia has a long-ranged gun that is useful for combatting aerial threats" It would seem axis and allied aircraft can't be far behind, if the russians are already arming themselves against it. I can't wait to see Axis air units, but the aerial threats could be Vrill.
  24. reptilebro1 said: HA HA HA! They are baby Hind's. LMFAO! On the Axis side. REALLY? instead of 2 different versions of the Wotan we could not make a Jagdluther. It is the same extra armour version of the walker itself. I feel like this is FFG going HA HA!. I concur. Would have been nice to see the Jagdluther come out officially.
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