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  1. Shame there's been no replies as I've just brought the game and several tokens are starting to come away from the base (Befire even used them! Have contacted Ffg and will let you know how it goes) Anyway did you settle on a way of protecting the disks?
  2. Afraid not, but we can only hope that someone realises that people would buy this ASAP.
  3. That's a bummer to hear as we can never scrape up those amount of players.
  4. Can this expansion be played with less than 6 players as the basic game can?
  5. By which I mean that once terms are agreed by the parties if they are then broken the house that does suffers something along the lines of being placed to the bottom of a track. I was thing of using the iron throne track or maybe the house that suffered the breaking of the truce should pick which of the 3 tracks. Any thoughts on this/general premise?
  6. I needed to check something we did when we used the Aeron Damphair" card (Greyjoy) after we revealed housecards and then the sword was used (plus combat card) the player then used damphairs special ability of "immediately discard 2 power tokens to discard damphair and choose to play another house card instead.
  7. Is the valerion (excuse spelling) blade abilitiy used after all the house cards have used their special abilities (if any( or can house use their ability after the blade toekn has been used? Especailly intrested when the combat fate deck thing is used.
  8. When its possible that support could be offered to 2 other faction counters fighting each other and they are asking for your support, do you have to support one side or can you choose not to support any side?
  9. Has anyone consdiered this as ive stumbled across the rule books on the internet and what changes to them would there need to be? Also this leads me to ask will they be releasing these expansions or any others for the 2nd edtion.
  10. Just wondering what poples thought would be on this as I feel it woulid be excellent. Just make sure it ends up on XBOX live!
  11. The only problem i have with the new 3rd edition is the lack of careers which leads me to ask this question, based on what little we all know at the momnet do you think it would be an easy task to convert the careers from previous edtions to the 3rd edtion?
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