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  1. Hi ! I have all the expansions more a lot of fans mades: Carrières sous Poissy, France.
  2. Hi, If I play Diplomacy II A) "Choose one system containing a planet you control. Each opponent must place a CC from his reinforcements." as each opponent must place and not activate the system I chose, if an opponent already activated that system it will have 2 CC from that opponent in the chosen system, isn't ? It will prevent him to play Unexpected Action for example...
  3. ctol78

    Summer drought

    Yes but in that case Summer drought is too much powerful: you cannot hope defend an area where you have (for example) 8 units with a lot of Hit Point against 10 or more ennemies units because as soon as your opponent obtain a Routed result he kill automatically a unit of 4 HP (for example) and you cannot even use a Rally Cry ! Not sure that it was the intention of Corey...
  4. ctol78

    Summer drought

    During à summer drought, units routed at the end of a battle round are they destroyed immédiately or are they destroyed after the end of the battle ? In second case they can be rised immediately by a Rally Cry during the battle (or counted if hexagonal),
  5. Thank you Sigmazero13 but my question was not just on a move during the Quest phase but during the turn of a player, following an order 2 or 3. In this case, I think a hero can use a shard of Timorran (or other reward) at the beginning or end of its movement. Not during, moving ..
  6. Hi If I activate a zone C it is possible for an heros who is moving in from a zone A through a zone B with a stronghold, to play a Timorran shard during his passage in that zone B before to end his movement in zone C ?
  7. ...it will be possible to download Ubbo Sathla (for Eldritch Horror) from FFG site ? Or to but it from a Print in demand ? Roseville is really too far away from Europe.
  8. Hi, In the same quest phase it is possible to use an hero's capacity (like Jaes one) and a reward (eg: Arcane Ring) if both can be used instead of healing, moving, or training the hero ? My friends and I think not because you can only use one time an action "instead of" (healing, moving, or training the hero).
  9. Does the ability of The Sacred Portals Summer Season card allow units to be moved if they are in an area that has not been activated by the owner of the units but activated by another player ?
  10. Hi Two of my friends and I disagree about how to play the tactic card "Bands of Brigands". I think we can: 1- activate an area containing neutral units allied to an opponent 2- to send a hero in the area 3- play the card ""Bands of Brigands" 4- steal neutral units 5- send in the area my military units to begin a battle. My friends think that we must choose between stealing the neutral units and trigger a battle. What do you think off ?
  11. Hi, I have a samsung galaxy note 3 with Android 4.4.2 ans I can't install your app (it's indicated: "This app is incompatible with your device.") It is normal ? And I would like to see that app to be upgraded in order to play online, in turn by turn..
  12. You are right Budgernaut: my corection is useless. Ans my question about the ability which can be used otside of the commander's area was about the abilitie WITHOUT my correction. But it can be in fact a new correction more useful.
  13. Yep. And I have a question about Incalculable Strength: we speak about a battle in AN area that does not contain one of your activation tokens. Can we consider at the same time that this Commander abilitie can apply in friendly area where there is not the Commander ?
  14. A very nice combo is special ability of the Leonx with Keepers of the Sigils. - Firstly: the Sorcerer select an opponent to retreat - Secondly: you Rout a Leonx to destroy that unit - Thirdly: you use Keeper of the Sigil to stand the Leonx.
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