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  1. If I was just getting into Runebound then the Essentials Collection would definitely be my first purchase after the base game. Then probably Island of Dread which is my favourite big box expansion. It doesn't change the game as much as much as the other boxed sets (in my opinion a good thing) and is a fun adventure.
  2. I don't like them. I think they clutter up a smooth game with unneeded complexity, slow down what can already be a painfully slow game and try to turn basically a racing game into something more player vs player, which I'm not looking for in Runebound. They've been a big waste of money for me personally.
  3. I've heard you on the Dice Tower mate! You've got one of the thickest "strine" accents I've ever heard. P.S.- And bear in mind that this is coming from another Aussie too!
  4. I'm surprised that a physical force such as gravity has such a big impact on the psychic dimension of the immaterium. Perhaps a greater determining factor on where it's safe to enter the warp is distance from inhabited planets,after all a hiveworld of 50 billion souls (inluding thousands of latent psykers) would have quite a large local presence in the warp perhaps creating it's own "micro-climate" of winds,pools and eddies in the warp around it.
  5. Dalnor Surloc said: Also I'd like to point out standard flamers are a really bad idea. You are shooting out a bunch of flaming sticky liquid in an enclosed space. (Generally I rule that the flamer is required to fill it's max volume. If it can't fill it in the forward direction it back blasts in your face.) Given how nasty fire is on the ship's crit table. Fire on board ship is a huge danger that in many ways dwarfs that of the average boarding party. (The average boarding party is a danger for one round. The IH under the void section contains an example of a ship board flamer designed not to set your ship on fire. Also with shooting flamers aboard a ship would come the real risk of using up all the available oxygen in a compartment (better hope you can open up those bulkheads quick!)
  6. I think the thing to remember about the price is that a year ago this probably would have been priced at $30US but FFG seem to have added about $10US to the cost of ALL their boxed games due to increased printing expenses. I also think most of the cost of this product is the fact that each of the ten figures included is a unique sculpt, still I won't even pretend I'm hesitant to buy. I'll get this the minute it comes out.
  7. I did not know that you needed Wolf for some of the Daedulus scenarios, It does give some hope that when/if? they release Daedalus they'll re-release Wolf except that they say in his tactics article that he'll be available at Gen Con so it may still have to be ebay for me.
  8. Like the subject says could someone please tell me what are the minimum and maximum number of players for this game. Also someone always has to be the Overlord right?
  9. Once Upon A Time is without a doubt the best game in my collection in terms of the hours of fun it has given me and my friends/family. I'm hoping that Aye Dark Overlord will be similar but with more bluffing and outrageous lies!
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