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  1. After looking at Chewie just wish they had done a better sculpt on Han and that he was in his classic scoundrel garb.
  2. Would have been nice if they could have given alternative Rebel Trooper minis so you didn’t have to go with the Hoth look. Same for the E-Web with Stormies, maybe one day
  3. I wouldn’t mind some more Troopers, maybe some more kneeling, Fleet Troopers hmm hmm. Death Troopers and also some more middle management types. Would love to see another Han with his typical scoundrel clothes but maybe one for down the road. Chewbacca and the droids have to be coming plus Kenobi, yeah I know the latter may be an odd one but he is to iconic to pass by. Wedge, Akbar, Lando, Rieekan, Tagge, Tarkin, Ozzel and Piett are also in there. Definitely would like to see a Fringe faction introduced as well as all the usual bounty hunter faces. I think a Fringe faction would definitely fill an army void and shake up play. I also liked how WOTC SWminis allowed you to mix Fringe in with any faction. Maybe to appease the Legion purists only 25% of your army could include Fringe types? Dash Rendar and LE-BO2D9 is also on my wish list as well as Thrawn. Lastly would love to see the Emperor, not that he would likely grace a battlefield but want him all the same.
  4. Fringe even have access to some easy vehicles that totally fit in like Swoop bikes and the Ugnaught Uggernaught and Espo walker vehicles.
  5. Yup Legion is a skirmish game very similar to SWminis so a Fringe faction that could be mixed in with the others or play on its own would not be a problem and indeed it is exactly the encounter size Fringe forces would be relevant in.
  6. Don’t see why a Fringe faction wouldn’t work, could have Boba on the Rebels side, after all they tend to hire out to the highest bidder, that said he was more pro Empire due to his Dad’s demise at the hand of Windu. Dash Rendar & Leebo would be a cool Fringe double pack release that would tie in with the Rebel snicely or join the Empire for a match when not in a Fringe army As the game progresses and more Fringe types enter this would make even more sense especially as it will allow you to mix up army builds. A miniatures game should be flexible and varied. This said nothing to stop a house ruling but so much better if set up from the off. The fact that you could also field a full Fringe army (if FFG released a Mercs/Scum/Villiany trooper pack + Cmdr type) and introduce a very plausible faction in to the game would also be a bonus and mix up gameplay.
  7. Not sure I could agree with that. I think anyone who looks at Imperial Terrains website couldn’t either
  8. Check out Imperial Terrain they have some truly great Star Wars scenery. Also comm’s are great and the bunker front they offer is in an STL format but sure they would print it for you if requested. I have ordered their modular landing bay set and while delivery takes 4 weeks, I can live with that for the quality on offer.
  9. Fett didn’t actually die in the Sarlaac pit in the original books. He managed to get out although badly scarred and was saved by Dengar. He was very compelling in the books and eventually became the Leader of the Mandalorians and helped save the New Republic from the Yuuzhan Vong from memory. Also had a Daughter I think and he had brushes with Han and Co outside them films. Totally deserves his own films.
  10. I liked the Fringe faction in Star Wars miniatures no reason it couldn’t work similar in Legion. Also opens up more build options. Hopefully it’s not too late for FFG to reconsider and change the card faction or add a replacement? It was even possible in SWminis to run an all Fringe faction team. If FFG release a Fringe mercenary/trooper pack this could also translate into Legion. Just need a leader like Xizor or Jabba and away you go. This pack could also offer FFG the opportunity to put more alien types on the table.
  11. Rendar and Leebo would be a nice pair for an expansion as well as Zuckuss and 4-Lom mentioned prior. Xizor would also be an interesting addition, plenty of henchmen types already he could have some synergy with.
  12. Well bought it for campaign but ended up playing more skirmish when I do get a chance, time comes at a premium these days. TINT how goes it been a long while since the SWM Vassal days. Don't trawl the forums as much as I used to but good to see a familiar name once in a while.
  13. Got to admit I wouldn't mind one more basic Stormtrooper variation i.e. one in a running pose. Not urgent but maybe they could nail it down the road. Apart from this all I want to see is a Scout trooper, maybe two poses? and a Snowtrooper pose variation. I could maybe also handle a Shadow trooper but over this I think nothing is really required to make the game work.
  14. In first order of priority that I would like. Leia Dengar, Bossk, Zuckuss, 4Lom & Greedo (bounty hunters pack done all in 1 expansion) Jabba & Bib Some Jabba retinue Obi Wan (now that we have Tuskens) Rebel officer Lando & Lobot Bespin guards Luke in Bespin fatigues with blaster pistol 3 more Stormtroopers in a different pose (would have 3 different ones then) 3 more Rebels in a different pose Imperial scouts on foot Tarkin Luke with a Lightsaber Rebel pilot Emperor I wanted Dash Rendar but maybe the new smuggler will do although he looks a bit weird LOL. I think they should bring out a troop pack at some stage I.e. 3 different poses of Imps & Rebs so 9 of each in box. This would save on buying mini expansions especially for those joining later down the line or playing skirmish. Would also love to see some bigger tiles. Not too worried about large figures apart from Jabba. His palace would make an excellent expansion. Could even in include him and retinue/guards. Bespin could be another done same way. I also think introducing the Black Sun would be cool, Xizor and the like.
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