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  1. Thanks for the time and information. I feel better about buying my next expansion.
  2. Just played my first game last weekend after having the basic game sitting in my basement for about a year. We all had a good time, 5 players , age range was 40-11. Since it was a big hit I want? to get more of the games.Since I might not be able to get them? all at once, what order should I get them in?
  3. Wichita, Kansas USA I have had the game about a year and we played our first game yesterday. Good Stuff!
  4. Thanks for the update with last two expansions the Game does not fit into one box with the inserts so I think i need to remove them and these look like a good way to keep my cards safe.
  5. I have been surfing around the net and I found a video for a 3d version of the main board. I have only been able to find the one example. Has anyone else made a 3D board? javascript:void(0);/*1257960318264*/
  6. I found some miniatures that might work from Mighty Empires but the game is out of print. At least this information help with my narrowing down of my searches.
  7. Yes I am looking for a way to reprsent the cities in 3D that look good. At this point i am not wanting to make them but it seems that I might have to.
  8. My group and I have played a few games now and have been enjoying it so far. Last night I was looking at my Heroscape tiles and it hit me that I could remake the game boards with them and make it 3D. Its easy enough to make 3D counters for almost everything except for the cities. I was hoping that someone in this community could help with the finding of such a product. In any case I think it would look cool to play this way and later we could start changing the board around for a different feel.
  9. I found that link to be very useful thanks.
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