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  1. With games like these, where different teams/characters have different abilities, I like to pick randomly among the teams/characters I haven't played yet. It really doesn't matter to me what teams/characters the other players pick or whether or not they do it randomly. The point is to have fun, so regardless of what the rules say, use the method of team selection you find most enjoyable. If the game's designer has done his job, the teams are balanced.
  2. Macron

    Blip Piles

    Gregaria said: If you didn't miss a rule, it's not a FantasyFlightGame ;-) Indeed. 30!!! pages for a card game. Granted they're half size. But even at 8.5x11 it'd be 15 pages. Sometimes I swear that FFG comes up with a game idea that has 8 pages of rules, then says "Okay, boys, we need 32 more pages. What can we add?" (Although to be fair, even though FFG may not have the most unambiguous rules, their organization is usually quite good -- I can find that ambiguous rule really easy.)
  3. Macron

    Blip Piles

    No problem. I miss rules all the time. Usually when they're one sentence or in some cases a single word.
  4. Macron

    Blip Piles

    You must not have looked at step 3 on page 26. 3. Discard/Refill Blip Piles: All cards that remain in the blip pile(s) are discarded. Then a number of cards is added to each blip pile from the Genestealer deck until each pile contains the number listed on the Location card (see “Blip Piles” on page 20). [emphasis added]
  5. No. See page 9, the "Important" at the middle of the 1st column.
  6. From the rules (p. 4, 3rd column, 4th bullet): If you end your movement in a space with no adventure counters or towns, you skip the adventure and market steps. Since you encounter other heroes in the adventure step, by the rules as written you can only encounter other heroes in towns or spaces with adventure counters. My group has always played that you can encounter other heroes in any space (I think I missed that rule), regardless of its contents. How does your group play?
  7. Just ran into this in a game tonight. abersen said: Your ally just takes the exhaustion to enable your hero to do the test. That means your hero is in fact using a Before Combat Ability and not the ally. My first post was a little "vague". Sorry! But that doesn't solve the issue. The order is: 1) Challenge card's "Before Combat" ability. 2) Hero's and Allies' BC abilities and a single item's BC ability in the order you choose. The hero isn't doing a BC ability, but a Spirit Lore test (allowed by the ally's BC ability). This test is still after the challenge's BC ability but before or after the hero's BC ability (if any). So the question stands. Is Sage of the Strange's BC ability done before the challenge's or does it retroactivly undo it? We ruled that it is an exception to the normal timing rules and takes place before the challenge's BC ability. But that's certainly not an official ruling, just a guess.
  8. I agree, it's very fun. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes, if lots of "Marks of Chaos" are rolled, the game can drag on for a bit too long. As to dice == luck, look at Backgammon. Totally controlled by dice, yet the stronger player will win the vast majority of games.
  9. Thank you. Extra text because just saying "Thank you" causes the post to be too short to be posted.
  10. I understand that the rules for Scourge changed in Brood War. That wasn't what my request was about. The text on my Scourge cards from the core game matches the text in the FAQ exactly. I assumed since it was included in the FAQ, it must have been different on the Scourge card at one time. I guess my request would have been better phrased if I asked exactly what was changed for the Scourge in the core game due to the FAQ. I do not need to know what was changed due to Brood War.
  11. I have the printing that has all the errata incorporated in the rulebook and on the cards. I've read the discussions about how the original Scourge was "broken" and what FFG did to fix it. Out of curiosity, I'd like to know the original text that was on the Scourge card so I can see exactly what was changed. So if anyone with one of the "broken" cards could be so kind as to post the original text, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  12. It follows the same rules for placement as any other standard.
  13. Thundercles said: For number 3, is "cancelled" considered a type? In other words, if I cancel my opponent's card and then the next card they play results in exhaustion (i.e. cancelled), does that count as both cards being the same "type"? I seriously doubt it. The anatomy of a combat card on p.28 indicates that a card is either Melee or Ranged. A canceled card is essentially blank except for its Strength Cost.
  14. Dam said: I know I've defeated a Hero at Dagorlad (IIRC), which had Lothlorien, Edoras, Minas Tirith and Erebor equal distance away. The Woodland Realm is another haven that is equal-distance from Dagorlad. Another location with lots of equal havens is Anfalas: Edoras, Fornost, Lothlórien, Minas Tirith, and Rivendell. Call me crazy, but I entered all the locations and paths into a shortest path program that I wrote to find the closest haven to each location on the map.
  15. karat said: Between the rules and the FAQ 2.0, I want to make sure I understand this correctly. 1) Cancelled cards lose their type. 2) Cancelled cards special effects do not affect the next round. 3) So, the implication is that if I cancel a card and the next round I play the "If the opponent's card type matches the type he played the previous round" card, then I do *not* get the bonus because it is impossible to match the type of a previously cancelled card? (I keep wanting to match the types, since there is no marker to remind me that the previous card was cancelled, so I just visually see the types appear to match and want to take the bonus.) As I understand it, canceled cards lose their type and special ability, and their final values are reduced to zero. So, answering your questions: 1) true 2) also true 3) also also true Since the final values are reduced to zero, any bonuses from a previous card that was not canceled are not applied to the current card (which has been canceled).
  16. Macron

    Worth the hype?

    I, for one, am not a fan of the game. In the time spent to play the game, I'd rather play a couple of others. For the money spent to buy the game, I'd rather have 2 or 3 others. There are plenty of great games out there. I don't feel that this one meets my "price/performance" ratio. Personally, I suggest you play someone else's copy before putting any money into it. That way, you can determine on your own whether you like it or not.
  17. broken said: You are welcome to your opinion, and certainly in a forum like this people should use more neutral language... but it really doesn't. Words don't ever mean "just one thing, and that is their definition, and it can't change". Words are redefined all the time. When someone says "that's gay" meaning "that's lame" or "that's bad" etc. they might mean homosexual... but more likely they just heard someone else use the word at some point and are just using it in the same context. So be offended if you want, but I don't think the intent was to offend, so at the end of the day it's really all on you. Whether they intend it or not, they are associating being gay with being lame or stupid or bad. Plain and simple. Ask yourself if would it be okay to say "That's so black" or "That's so Baptist" to indicate something was stupid or lame. Pick something about you to get a better feeling of the negative association. Yes, people, especially children, imitate others and they may be ignorant of what they're really saying. I think it is the responsible thing to do to educate them.
  18. An issue with this card came up in a game and I thought I'd bring it up here since I was drawn in for a consulting opinion even though I wasn't playing the game. You play the card on an attacker to force him to decide whether to retreat or not. If he does not retreat he must discard 2 influence and 2 tactics cards. In this particular case, the attacker had the influence but not the tactics cards. So the question was whether the attacker was forced to retreat because he couldn't fully carry out the discards. I don't remember if this is the game where it specified that if you're given the choice "do A or B" and you can't fully do one of them, you must to the other, but I based my opinion on that assumption. In this particular case, it was not "Retreat or discard ..." it was "Retreat or not. If you don't retreat, then...". So I said the player didn't have to retreat, the defender said he did (that the discard was a "cost" for not retreating), the third player was Switzerland (i.e., neutral) on the subject. What's the experts' opinions?
  19. I do deal out flares at the beginning of the game. It's selecting a new alien during the game where the issue occurs.
  20. There are two types of defenders: main and ally. There is no defender reward for the main player (other than keeping the colony), so I'd say the defender reward for the Ghoul would be the one for an ally - the Ghoul can draw from the special reward deck (but that deck might not be in the game, since it's a variant). Another important difference, pointed out in the corresponding thread on BGG, is that Mercenary can be used as a main player or offensive ally and Ghoul can only be used as a main player. So, although the Ghoul's is more powerful, the Mercenary's can be used more often.
  21. But this is for an FFG game, there's supposed to be some typos for the reprinted cards in the expansions.
  22. There's certainly enough air in the original box.
  23. Farin said: To quote my friend Dave "EPIC! EPIC! EPIC!.....gay questing.....EPIC! EPIC! EPIC!" So your friend Dave has an exuberant time questing? I wouldn't think in an enlightened society that we would use terms used for a group of people as a pejorative.
  24. sigmazero13 said: The question to the OP is - why will this likely be the last play of Runewars? Simply because the activation thing didn't sit well with you? It's not the activation thing. That was just the question the new player asked. The game just doesn't "do it" for me on the whole. I can't really put my finger on what it is, but it's just not there.
  25. In what will probably be my last play of Runewars, we introduced a new player and he asked what the thematic reason for the activation tokens was. I didn't really have one other than the mechanic of limiting the mobility of armies. So what is a good, thematic reason for activating areas instead of allowing armies to be move and combat freely like most other wargames?
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