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  1. For our last 2 games, we gave Calvin to the one playing Dexter Drake. Fixed Shrivelling spell, and the ability to draw 3 and pick 2 when drawing his random spells make him one of the bettter spellcasters. Add Calvin in and he doesn't have to worry about sanity costs for over half the spells. Any monster that doesn't have magical immunity is toast.
  2. We played through scenario 4 yesterday. Here is a quick after action report. We liked our investigator team from the last game, so we kept all four. Dexter Drake (with Calvin) for Magic, Michael McGlenn and Wilson Richards for Firepower, and Jenny Barnes for money. We had good luck on the setup this time. For the very first time this league, I did not draw Expert Occultist for Michael McGlen. Dexter Drakes player drew Find Gate as one of his spells. Opening Strategies.. Well, we had no clues after that last scenario, so sealing 6 gates would be unlikely. So we would try to close gates, while prepairing for the final battle. Main problem I had was Ithiqua's start of battle rule that said we had to roll a success to keep each item before the final battle. To combat that, Wilson Richards handed his money over to Jenny, and she made her way to the general store to start buying all the guns she could get. Meanwhile, Dexter Drake started jumping into gates to close them. Michael McGlenn went on patrol looking for cultists, and Wilson Richards hopped on his motorcycle and started grabbing clues. Jenny's max movement of 3 made getting to the general store interesting. Go to Street, go to next street, duck in building to avoid Icy winds.. repeat. She managed to get there eventually and build up quite a large arsenal. Michael was caught outside fighting monsters 3 times, Wilson Richards twice, and Dexter Drake once. We were very careful to kill all the cultists at once, because there were several cards that could get 3 cultists into the street on one turn if we drew bad from the monster cup. We closed 7 gates before the end. Wilson Richards built up enough clues to seal the gate leading to the Witches House, and afterwards Michael, and Wilson all jumped into the 2 gates that were still open. The next turn a third gate opened and Dexter Drake jumped into that one, using his find gate spell so that he'd come out the same time as the other 2. The next mythos card was a Gate surge card, so all 3 investigators jumped out at the same time, and all 3 managed to close their gates. Leaving us with no gates on the board, and well over 4 gate tokens.. Game over. Player of the match award goes to Dexter who closed 3 gates. Kudos to Michael McGlenn for killing 3 Cultists, Wilson for sealing a gate at a location that gets reopened alot, and to jenny for getting 5 guns before the end of the game. I think we would have had little problem with the final battle if the GOO did come forth.
  3. Wanted to check the rules on scenario 3 to make sure we were reading this right. Cultists move on the black path Every turn The Dark Druid are treated as Cultists. Therefore the Dark Druid moves on the black path every turn. If the Dark Druid moves on the black path. All Monsters move on the black path after their normal movement. This really complicated our game for about 7 turns. Especially since I had 2 Young Ones, a Star Vamprie, and a Hound of Tinaldos on the board already. These monsters are bad enough when they are mostly still. Having them Patrolling the streets in a circle was not fun.
  4. A little corruption is not bad. It tingles actually. Having 12 corruption cards at the games start seemed too much harm for 9 clue tokens. I could guarentee that we would draw at least 4 more before we closed the first gate. Then we'd be drawing from the red pile for the rest of the game. We ended up fighting the GOO anyways, but we had more time to prepaire.
  5. Well. We took longer completing this one than we did on the first two scenarios combined. First.. Opening Strategies. Had to choose between sealing and closing gates. In order to make up for the lack of initial clues, we would have to bank at least 9 of the 18 available clue tokens. (there were 20 clues saved from last time) That would mean at least 3 corruptions each and cult membership. With gate bursts back in the Mythos Deck, we could not not be certain sealed gates would remain sealed, and 3 corruption cards per 4 players would definately lead to more corruption later. No no no no no. No Banking at all this game. OK then, strategy 2.. Try to close all gates, seal when possible, but otherwise kill lots and lots of monsters and gear up for final battle. The physical immunity is not going to be fun with both curiosity shop and magic shop closed. Oh well.. Attack! We were using the private investigator last 2 games, but we can't use him now So we went for Wilson Richards instead. Also we needed some major magical support this time, so we got Dexter Drake and had him babysit Calvin. Returning from last 2 games are Michael McGlen for weapons support, and Jenny Barnes for Financial assistance. Opening setup did not go too well. For the third game in a row I was stuck playing Michael McGlenn.. Expert Occultist. I really need to draw a better skill for this guy, With a Maximum 3 lore, if McGlen tries to read a spellbook, odds are he will be holding it upside down. Also we received 2 unique Quest cards. I think this one will be hard enough without trying for the quests. We never attempted them. Long long long game. Everyone jumped through at least 2 gates. We had Major problems with the movement rules when the Dark Druid entered the game. I am not sure if we were reading these rules right, but here is how we read them.. 1. Cultists move along black path every turn. 2. Dark Druid is treated as a Cultist (so moves along black path every turn) 3. When Dark Druid moves along a black path. All other monsters move on black path after normal movment. (Including non black borders) So. for about 6 turns. We had Every monster moving Every turn.. Would Someone Kill that Freakin Druid Please!!!! Player of the match award goes to Jenny Barnes, who played outside her normal character. She bought a Tommy gun at the general store, worked as a Steveadore at the docks, and had +1 fight skill. In addition, she was blessed early on, and kept the blessing until the final turn. Michael Killed the most monsters, Wilson closed the most gates, Dexter Drake was hard to beat with Calvin keeping the sanity drain to a minimum Almost closed all gates twice. Michael McGlen had picked up a book that would have closed 1 gate. He tried to use it twice.. but as I said earlier.. He keeps holding the book upside down. He did get some clue tokens early on, but he used them to put a seal on the Witch's house. (only seal of the game) Finally completed the Doom Trak and the great monster came forth. By this time, both Michael McGlenn and Wilson Richards managed to get their hands on Magic Weapons. Drake still had his shrivilling spell, and Jenny had an "Enchant Weapon" Spell, her Tommy Gun and a Dynamite she managed to borrow from Michael. It was a good battle. Jenny could only fight for 3 turns until she ran too low on sanity for her to cast magic. The first round she cast enchant weapon on the Dynamite declaired it to be "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioc" and threw it at the great old one. We won the battle with 1 monster token remaining for Jenny and Wilson. All 4 survived. Game took almost 5 hours.. Fun fun fun.. My only worry is that I did not have 1 clue token at the end of this one. Heyyyyy.. what happened to the 20 I did not bank at the beginning of the game? Did I loose those, or do I still have them? Ah well.. I'll find out in 2 weeks I guess.
  6. Gah!. you are right. It was only for Rileah. Oh well. The game lasteed a turn longer than it should have. We always end up missing one thing when we play. Different thing each time.
  7. Just played Scenario 2 and won. Here is an after action report. Beginning of game. Entered Scenario 2 with 7 clue tokens at bank. After some discussion we decided to use the exact same characters from scenario 1 and keep them for as long as the scenarios allow. For opening strategy we had a choice, work to seal 6 gates, or work to close 8. (number of players +4) For a 4 player game or lower, closing looks like the best bet. For 6 players or more, I would have gone with sealing. Also, if you close the gates, you keep your clue tokens. This is good just in case these tokens carry over to scenario 3. Each Player had a strategy for the game. I had Michael McGlen with Calvin, and I decided to be on monster patrol. With Michaels powers the Icy winds did not affect him and he could wander the streets better. Jenny Barnes started buying equipment at the general store. After 2 turns she got a Tommy gun too. Ashcan Pete and Joe Diamond started Jumping into gates as soon as they could. Hardest part was when 3-4 high level monsters were roaming the streets in the Middle of the board, making an effective roadblock that Michaels Tommy gun could not blast through. (Curse you Physical Immunity). "Ashcan" Pete found a way around the roadblock, by going to the police station and deputizing himself. With the Police Wagon he could move wherever he wanted and bypass the monsters completely. Terror track only got to 2. Doom Track got to 9. A mystic Environment that added +1 to difficulty of closing and sealing gates was in play for most of the game. With the way the rules for Ithaqua were worded, we decided that weather environments were discarded, and they did not replace the current environement. So the mystic Environment was never replaced. FInally won by closing 8 gates, Kudos go to Ashcan Pete for closing 3 Gates. (Espcecially since he only closed one last time) Gaming Oddities... 4. Joe Diamond: Private Investigator spending half the game without a clue. (or clue tokens) 3. Jenny Barnes blasting away with a Tommy Gun. (Michael McGlen was impressed) 2. Michael McGlens opening skill card made him an Expert Occultist. ("durrr.. Okay Mugsy.. whatever you say") And finally... 1. "Ashcan" Pete: Deputy of Arkham
  8. For my game we considered putting Calvin with Harvey. In the end we decided to put him with Michael. Major fighting skills, and enough sanity protection to keep you away from the asylum for most of the game. He machine gunned down a Gug pretty easilly, but was quite releaved when a gate opened up at his feet just before he had to deal with a hound of Tindalos The second major advantage for putting Calvin with Michael McGlenn came up when Michael got an Elder SIgn card. giving him the ability to close a gate without any penalty at all.
  9. Really? Oops.. I will have to double check the rule book on that one. Oh well, would not have affected the final score either way.
  10. Wow! If we are that lucky every scenario, my group should do well. Four investigators, zero monster surges. On four different occasions, a gate appeared on a location where an investigator had just closed the gate. One Elder sign used. One gate that opened during a location encounter (no doom token for those) Doom track was at 8 when we closed the 8th gate. By far the shortest 4 player arkham game we have ever done.
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