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  1. Note: I am not looking to break this set up it is a complete colection and will be sold off as such, thanks. I have every single product for WFRP 3 for sale in one big lot. Everything means everything.. Every release and pod.. it also includes an extra Game Masters and Player Vault... Its a ton of stuff, and the real kicker is.. its never been used : ( I will take pictures shortly for the looking at, if I dont sell it here I'm just gonna throw it on ebay. I dont play anything Warhammer related anymore since switching over to Warmachine so I have no use for collecting any of this stuff anymore, my loss is your gain.. contact me below for more details and to make an offer thanks. If you offer something for trade- I am only interested in Warmahordes/Iron kingdom stuff right now nothing else, sorry. Update 12/12/14 Heres a list I'm asking -%50 cover price + Shipping... all cards except duplicates are in card binder protection. Core Box 99.95 Players Guide 49.95 Game Masters Guide 39.95 The Creature Guide 29.95 The Players Vault 39.95 The Game Masters Vault 39.95 The Creature Vault 39.95 The Adventurer's Toolkit 29.95 The Gathering Storm 39.95 Game Master's Toolkit 29.95 The Winds of Magic 49.95 The Edge of Night 29.95 Signs of Faith 49.95 The Witch's Song 29.95 Omens of War 49.95 Black Fire Pass 39.95 Lure of Power 49.95 Hero's Call 49.95 The Enemy Within 59.95 Faith of Sigmar - Print on Demand 6.95 Dreadfleet Captains - Print on Demand 9.95 Bright Order Magic - Print on Demand 6.95 Faith of Shallya - Print on Demand 6.95 Celestial Order Magic - Print on Demand 6.95 From the Grave - Print on Demand 19.95 Faith of Morr - Print on Demand 6.95 Grey Order Magic - Print on Demand 6.95 Retail 921.65, Asking Pice $460+ Shipping and insurance Thx
  2. Also just wanted to note that I will release my personal info before we finalize the deal and that the box will ship out of New York City anything else please feel free to ask
  3. Sadly I have to say good bye to role playing since frankly I have become more of a collector than a player and I am overburdened with stuff. I am selling off my entire never used WFRP 3rd edition which is basically 1 of every thing released for the game except for the players vault and the new Celestial Order POD. It's a ton of stuff. I have read the books.. all the cards are put in a trapper keeper binder in collectable card holders.. this collection is so mint.. and I want to get sell it for 50% off retail!! Free shipping in the continental USA!! The total retail value of the collection exceeds $820… I wish to let it go for $400, Pay-Pal only. I thought I would throw it up here before anything else. Serious inquiries only plz, pm me if interested, thx all and happy gaming!
  4. Behold i send you out as sheep amidst the wolves … I love Chick comics, they are always entertaining to read. I think somewhere I have almost the whole collection, I pick them up at random from the Jesus freaks who preach near the local subway. Getting new ones is almost worth having to hear the fire and brimstone crap that spews from their ignorant mouths.
  5. Emirikol said: ..it's not so much running away from combat, but running away from 'saving people/the innocent', that is at issue here. Punishment wouldn't be the factor either so much as catering rewards based upon their actions. A mark in this case would be relevant. I find it odd that you feel the need to punish players for not doing what you think is the morally stand up thing, I always thought of the dynamics behind the warhammer world as being not so much about good and evil as the various shades of grey. Whats in it for them to want to save the innocent "good will?" perhaps they don't have any motivation to be bothered with going above and beyond the call of duty. Just because a player or party may be mercenary in their desire to help people I'm not sure if that is "evil" behavior, after all its a grim dark world and there are not many shiny paladins in it. Even the peasants own nobles would barely notice if they ran the over while mounted and many nobles would just keep going, life's cheap in the old world and all…
  6. Doc, the Weasel said: BigKahuna said: Cook is responsible for some of the best books (and best selling books) in role-playing of all time, which is exactly why he was chosen for the job, his reputation for success. Books like Arcana Unearthed not only re-defined D&D but really paved the way for dozens of role-playing sub-systems that followed. The dark matter campaign may very well stand as one of the best science fiction campaigns ever written (Star Drive perhaps being the only other real contender) and his book of eldritch might stands as one of my personal favorite suppliments of all time (and the most used). Lets give credit where credit is do. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this. Agreed, As a 1-2nd edition AD&D player I hated what 3rd edition/D20 brought to the game and thought it was almost all total garbage (except I sorta wanted to like the Conan RPG for reasons other than the system. IMOP Monte Cooks stuff represented most of what was wrong with D&D so if credit is due there it is. I read that he left "due to creative differences" and so perhaps 5th edition might have a shot now of not totally being crap. Either way I'm happy with WFRP 3e "for the most part" I just don't want to see him anywhere near the wfrp license.. I'm sure Paizo would be happy with him and they would make a better fit.
  7. Monte Cook writing for wfrp…. hell no thank you very much, hes to gamey and cheesy. His rendition of NWOD was horrific and I never loved anything he did that I can think of. Some good CoC writers might not be a bad idea though.
  8. Please upload .eon files…. that would be awesome. PS thanks for all this btw
  9. I ordered Heros call 2 weeks ago on Amazon from scifi genre and recived it in around 5 business days, it cost me like 44usd including the shipping. Hard to understand how one can want it at the lowest price possible and than moan about the service and timeliness Anyway there are like a dozen discount websites that sell wfrp 3 at the same price point as Amazon (ccg armoury and scifi genre come to mind) that have it for like 30% off… but you might have to pay shipping.
  10. OMG lets really go wild and imagine that the WFRP license went to palladium games and they created a WFRP/Rifts Supers crossover. That would really get all the pretentious strike to stunners panties up in a bunch.
  11. Seems emirikols love affair with 3e has finally come to an end. I still love wfrp and I still sorta like 3e though no one I know wants to play it I'm sorta wishing they had just keep the old system and revamped it with the rule additions they made for 40k rpg.. I think thats the route green ronin would have taken.
  12. Bought mine yesterday at a LGS (sad it's not that friendly) so it is out in stores at least in some parts of the USA.
  13. Ha, deal with it, bringing this up is pointless and this subject has been beaten to death... You will be mocked by FF fanbois and ignored by FF itself...lol. We must either live with the eternally growing list of errors that we should be glad they even address when they feel like get around to it... and be even more thankful when they offer up "high quality" pdf's for us to print, It seems either way they just don't care.
  14. RARodger said: Ultimately, I think the books were a poor decisions, especially at this time. Well generally I'm one of those people who ******* about everything that's not too my liking, too expensive, too many typos and rules errors.. I think I've hammered FF games on these issues (and several have still not been corrected satisfactorily. About the hardcover guides, I have to disagree with the dissenters and say they were pretty good products. True new rules have been added that cannot be included in a book printed before they came out but this is always the case in every single rpg I've ever read or played. FF also said that the guides were a one time only event but we will see if the financial rewards are great enough we might see a Guide 2 hardcover with up dated rules, and it would make sense as well since I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to have both the rules in card form as well as in book format, but with FF and the fact that this is a licensed GW product who knows. I would have at least thought they would have given us some glimpse into what the line will do in the near future and other than Black Fire Pass they have not said much : ((
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