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  1. It works as mobile cover. It's pretty mean in melee. It can hold/contest objectives without being easily removed.
  2. 8 for me from one box. It's demoralized me enough I'm not going to buy any more packs from this set.
  3. Armada ruined X-Wing for me. I thought I would enjoy both when Armada came out. But X-wing is just too small for me to truly enjoy anymore. X-Wing definitely helped Armada be great from the beginning.
  4. http://www.twitch.tv/ffglive/v/24112989 this video has all the final matches. Click to 4:45 to see the final match with Paul Heaver. If you want to search around for more games this is FFG's Twitch page: http://www.twitch.tv/ffglive/profile
  5. The recorded final match for anyone that didn't get to see it live. http://www.twitch.tv/ffglive/v/24306606
  6. Love Jar Jar. I hope we see him in Rebels but deeply affected by the formation of the Empire and losing Tarpals in the clone wars. Having dedicated himself to fighting the Empire we find him a serious and hardened Gungan military leader. He will be working with the Mon Calamari sharing Gungan shield technology to improve there cruisers in battle. With that in mind: General Jar Jar At the end of the status phase each of your ships may roll a red attack dice. Each Damage result recovers one shield. An Accuracy result causes two damage to one hull zone and you may choose to spend one opponents defense token. (Commander) Cost 35
  7. @2:06 I totally agree I don't want to just see a bunch of ships plus the Han or Fett as the only squadrons across the board. I so badly want to see TIEs and X-Wings flying around. Fighter swarm is essential to capturing the feeling I've been chasing since childhood. Wave 2 seems harsh on starfigthers that are already struggling in the meta.
  8. Something to add to your coverage of the MC80. It can take Engine Techs making it more maneuverable then an ISD. Only small ships have the Support Team upgrade slot. Never mind! You mentioned it later.
  9. Can someone summarize and explain the Mon Mothma rule issue they had around the 20 minute mark?
  10. That quote is separate from the visual example. The caption text for the image is "With the Foresight title and the guidance of Admiral Ackbar, your MC30c Scout Frigate might even be able to get the better of long-range exchanges with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer!" So, it's pretty certain this is just another in their "Pay no attention to the preview example" line of gaffes. In context it's referring to the MC30s build in the picture.
  11. From the article "Over the course of time, the two red dice he grants you, partnered with your evade tokens, Foresight title, and other upgrades, can very easily prove the difference in your long-range exchanges of fire." I think this suggests that there is an upgrade coming that allows for two of the same defense token to be used. However I don't think they should give us an example that brakes the rules without the upgrade that allows for it. As it can cause confusion and a misunderstanding of the rules.
  12. From the caption below the picture in the article. "With the Foresight title and the guidance of Admiral Ackbar, your MC30c Scout Frigate might even be able to get the better of long-range exchanges with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer!" I think the confusion is they chose to show two evade tokens as evade results. Which MC30 achieves by using Foresight and spending one evade. Never mind! I now see that the destroyer rolled HIT, HIT, DOUBLE HIT, DOUBLE HIT. So the picture seems to suggest that using both evades plus Foresight prevents all the damage which is wrong. Because as stated above only one evade token can be used.
  13. Can you guys not talk about the prequal movies in a negative fashion. Keep it on Armada and Star Wars love.
  14. Did everyone that ordered from MM get there shipping notices? Still haven't received mine trying to get a feel where there at in shipping and if I need to contact customer service yet.
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