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  1. Hey there. Now that my gaming group are into Game of Thrones, I was planning on picking up this board game when second edition comes out, hopefully before we all break for Christmas. I've read, listened and obsessed over the Ice & Fire series. Four of my fellow game players have done the same, but three are only watching the television show and don't want anything spoiled for them. Personally, I played the first edition only once, before I even knew what this whole Game of Thrones thing was about, so I forgot every single thing about the game or the setting. Is this going to be a spoiler-heavy board game got those who only have awareness from the TV show. I know there will be characters they aren't aware of and that's fine, that can be a tantalising hint at what's to come. Personally, I'm enough of a **** to have lied about the longevity of some people before and probably will do again, but those are foilers instead of anything else. I just mean will the art, names or flavour of the cards spoil the events that happen in the series? I had the image of a lead character's head on an AGOT LCG card spoil their death as I was part way through the first book, so I'm a tad skittish about letting the less well-versed players near this.
  2. Just wondering, does anyone know if the Khazad-Dum expansion will be enough to have more than two players? I generally have 3-6 players round when I'm gaming and as much as I love co-op games, the fact that the core game's for 1-2 players (and pricy for that) is an off-putting factor. If the Khazad-Dum fancy box thing doesn't help, what's the swiftest, cheapest way of allowing 3+ players to join in?
  3. I had a brilliant game of Mansions of Madness, but reached the Ungoal when my monsters couldn't get a final sample dropped onto the altar and both players' and keeper's characters hearts exploded. Oops. Anyway, we had to make a quick ruling about something which cost me the game. I was fine with it in the moment, but for future reference, wanted to clarify something. "Take Sample" says that if a monster's in the altar's space at the start of the turn then the sample they delivered is put on the altar and I gain threat. If said monster is stunned, we didn't have that trigger, as it made a narrative sense. Still, I was wondering if there was a rule we missed or what other people have ruled as far as this example. I hope that was spoiler-free enough, other than that in one option of one story, your heart may explode. This is Lovecraft, that's probably the best thing you can hope for in most games.
  4. Seconded. The first PoD game looks awesome, and if we can have more boards and monsters added to the mix, some massive games could take place. After the oddness of the Witch House, I want to see them start going off the rails with some of their new scenarios.
  5. At the moment I'm pondering if it'd be possible to do a whole set on Dance With Dragons, as that way we can avoid spoilers if we've not read it. Tyrion in his new, tumbling-based profession, would be good. The pit as a location. Wild versions of the dragons. Quentin, the idiot. Duck, Griff and Young Griff would be good. Bolton's people, too. That said, I'm sure there are people from Feast we could do with seeing, too.
  6. I played as Keeper for the first time last night, and something I had a problem with is that the investigators set up an Infinite Duke Chain, effectively running the key items back and forth by using Duke as their action and speed through the clues by passing everything back and forth AND bypassing kleptomania. I didn't see anything stopping this from happening. My assumption would be that Actions on a card can only be used once a turn, but I can't find anything which would back that up.
  7. Just to add to the stunned debacle, do you have to evade a stunned monster? My guess is yes, but if it can't move or attack, surely you could just walk away from the beastie.
  8. Just wondering, does anyone have a list of all the optional rules from the different expansions? After seeing how 'plug and play' the BSG expansion components were, I figured AH might have the same thing. I've not bought Innsmouth Horror or anything past it, so I don't know if there's anything along these lines already. Also, I was thinking that a set point system or something like Last Night on Earth might be a nice way of making sure not to unbalance things too much.
  9. I'd assume that realistic upper/lower floors will come later, then I can build a Mansions of Madness Kill Dr. Lucky. Also I'd suggest it's "Bungalows of Badness" just to keep the alliteration.
  10. I tend to board game with my RPG group so five players and a keeper would be fantastic. I'll probably do it as the book states to start, but then test the waters with more players as I go. The other option is like the underrated Buffy board game where we let two people 'share' the evil role. That way the bad guy doesn't get lonely on their side, either.
  11. With Kings of the Sea's reprint having three of each card, is there any word on the first chapter packs being re-released with three of each card, like the Call of Cthulhu packs?
  12. Do you check Esdevium Games webiste? Their release lists show the latest chapter packs when they hit, the most recent being Of Snakes & Sand around the 13th December. I go there and then e-mail my FLGS (Dave's Comics in Brighton) who get anything in within a week of ordering. I'm only regularly getting Call of Cthulhu as I'm catching up with AGOT, but when the new AGOT series comes out I'll start getting them regularly.
  13. Like previous posters I'm curious about replayability and longevity, especially with things like the picture one only being a couple of pieces. I'm guessing the picture ones you'll have to collect in game to piece them together. The wire ones remind me of Bioshock, and the idea of integrating them into a boardgame feels thematically like the puzzles in Resident Evil & Silent Hill. So it feels like the right move, I'm just curious about the interactions with the rest of the game.
  14. Sorry, the player to my right (the game's still going as we speak) is Cally, it's our first time and having been jailed twice. As President/CAG/Admiral (or God King Batman, one step up from God King which was President/Admiral) we've been depending on a pardon coming up. This information might just save us. I hope...
  15. Just checking, if Cally's in the Brig and there are the two things: * In the Brig you can't play more than one card in a skill check. * Cally can only play 0 or 2+ cards So does this mean Cally can call for a vote to get out of the Brig, but she can't add to skill checks while she's in there?
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