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  1. As a regular Warmachine player I use counters from Privateer Press, but also have a lot small plastic skulls beads from local bikerock-n-roll shop - cheap and good looking
  2. its geat idea for those who want more than papersciccor counter but 1" token is too big, I think. Imagine a 1-2 miniantures and 3-4 tokens nearby - looks bulky
  3. Seems to me that Gorillaz+Markus can counter-measure for Hammers as they have same great speed and no problem with suppression, huh?
  4. Its common souvenir tecs, I know peoples who can make simlpe tokens with custom pics on them.
  5. and "…even DURING March Move…", so I was wrong, yep.
  6. Shiny! Heavy weapon team have a power armour, so can shoot from shoulders (minus eardrum maybe )
  7. Dont see any interdiction for that. Unit MUST use March for enter the table, but Fast is a option, so unit can use it after mandatory March, eh?
  8. Babushka and Matrioshka (grandmommy and souvenir doll) walkers - its lot of fun. Looking forward for Balalayka heany flamethrower
  9. But, if unit have Fast and enter on table by Air Drop platoon upgrade (Allies) it can move after deploy
  10. Im think for a start next unit will be useful: - The Boss orand Corps Officers - command section is needed as mandatory for platoon. Its more easy to buy then hero instead - MidWalker as a good armour choice - Heavy jump troops is a main force of Allies, so Grim Rippers and Red Devils will be useful - Ordinary troops: Gunners, Death Dealers and Hell Boys (last ones can be command section as well) - SpecOps because sniper and observer because Long Tom spec.order
  11. 1. Its possible to move without jump 1.1 Still move full speed 12" 2. "…alternatively…" so Hans have Fast or Reserved 3. "Lightning War" gives Fast in first turn only, when unit enter the game off-table (from Reserve, for example)
  12. Hermann seems useless for me. Look at Heinrich instead. And not many anti-troops potion there..
  13. VelosaRaptor said: sniper for ssu has the widowmaker gun, it says you cant make armor saves against it, could it take out a vehicle, seems kinda crazy a sniper taking out a tank lol Its reference to soviet anti-tank rifle PTRS (PTRD) I think. German army has same type but not so powerful. Round of 14.5 caliber have enough energy for penetrate armour of tanks WWII
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