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    Callidon got a reaction from Josep Maria in Triumph and Despair in the movies   
    Qui-gon rolled a despair and ended up with Jarjar as a sidekick.  That GM was a ----
    Han rolled some threat and a triumph as the shuttle Tydirium was transmitting its code sequence to land on Endor.
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    Callidon reacted to Mr. Flibble in Niles Ferrier's Slightly Used Capital Ship Lot   
    I'm trying to stick with capital ships of Silhouette 5 or 6 for now, both because they are presumably more numerous and EOTE characters are more likely to have to deal with (read: evade) them, and because there are at least a few models in the core book for smaller capital ships. My next entry is the Carrack-class light cruiser, an oldie but a goodie. The Imperial Sourcebook describes it as an older ship often used for naval system patrol, so PCs stand a decent chance of running afoul of one of these. They're highly reinforced and compartmentalized and have a reputation for crew survivability, which I've reflected in high hull trauma and system strain thresholds, and those heavy turbolasers pack a mean punch for a ship this size even if they are slow-firing. The Imperial Sourcebook notes that Carracks carry four TIE/rc fighters on external racks, but a small handful of recon TIEs probably don't provide a huge threat for PC ships. Neither the sourcebook nor Wookieepedia list a price for these, so I've arbitrarily set it somewhat higher than a Nebulon-B to reflect the reinforced bulkheads and internal compartmentalization as well as the slightly larger size of the Carrack.

    Silhouette: 6.
    Speed: 4.
    Handling: 0.
    Def Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 2/2/2/2.
    Armor: 7.
    HT Threshold: 80.
    SS Threshold: 50.
    Hull Type/Class: Light Cruiser/Carrack.
    Manufacturer: Damorlan Manufacturing.
    Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 12.
    Navicomputer: Yes.
    Sensor Range: Long.
    Ship’s Complement: 1,092 officers, gunners, and enlisted crew.
    Passenger Capacity: 142 troops.
    Encumbrance Capacity: 5,600.
    Consumables: 1 year.
    Cost/Rarity: 8,720,000 credits [R]/7.
    Customization Hard Points: 1.
    Two Forward, Three Port, Three Starboard, and Two Aft Mounted Heavy Turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Long], Damage 11, Critical 3, Breach 4, Slow-Firing 2).
    Five Forward, Five Port, Five Starboard, and Five Aft Mounted Light Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Close], Damage 5, Critical 3).
    One Front, Two Port, and Two Starboard Light Tractor Beam Projectors (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Close], Damage -, Critical -, Tractor 2).
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    Callidon reacted to HappyDaze in Murderous PC's   
    I'll say this again: Star Wars doesn't have surveillance tech as prolific as modern-day RL. They don't readily have CSI labs that go to work on every little thing happening in the Outer Rim (and killing a half dozen nobodies is still a little thing in the SW universe). While CC cameras are certainly around, they are typically obvious and record on-site. Remember that the baseline tech of this setting is reskinned 70s/80s where starships = automobiles and blasters = firearms. Other elements, like lightsabers and bacta better resemble magic. However, this is not the place for ultra-tech miracles pulled out of Star Trek, nor even of modern cutting edge forensics (consider how hard it was to track down the crew of the MF after it was identified as having been resposible for the destruction of the Death Star).
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    Callidon got a reaction from tgoVIPER in Specialization talent combination   
    It's odd to find so much character synergy between relatively unrelated specialization trees.
    Bodygaurd / Politico -- Good support for an officer type character.
    Survivalist / Trader -- Big game hunter/poacher with some black market parts dealing.  They kind of guy that on Earth could get you a kilo of powdered white rhino horn by lunch.  If you're paying top dollar for space slug steaks...this cat's got you covered.
    Scholar / Scout -- Indiana Jones in space.
    Maurader / Fringer -- Ex convict or...escaped convict
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    Callidon got a reaction from Sinosaur in Specialization talent combination   
    It's odd to find so much character synergy between relatively unrelated specialization trees.
    Bodygaurd / Politico -- Good support for an officer type character.
    Survivalist / Trader -- Big game hunter/poacher with some black market parts dealing.  They kind of guy that on Earth could get you a kilo of powdered white rhino horn by lunch.  If you're paying top dollar for space slug steaks...this cat's got you covered.
    Scholar / Scout -- Indiana Jones in space.
    Maurader / Fringer -- Ex convict or...escaped convict
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    Callidon got a reaction from whafrog in Murderous PC's   
    Murder hobos in spaaace, is best handled at the people level.  Trying to solve a game mechanics or playstyle issue in-play is kind of like trying to fix a squeaky hinge on a door by yelling at it like a tusken raider*
    *due to quantum theories and general chaos in the universe there is probably someone in Ohio that has fixed a door this way.
    If every living being in your version of Star Wars is simply an untapped source of arterial paint, and the galaxy is your canvas?  Keep on keepin' on.  Otherwise just mention out-of-game to the players that it's less than fun for you to GM for a game where every diplomacy situation devolves into that one scene in every Quentin Terantino movie.  The players may also mention some stuff that you are or aren't doing that has resulted in them acting this way. 
    I've run into this kind of problem in the past because of: play-style differences, my inexperience with a rule-set, or being absent myself and failing to come up with ways of hooking the players' attention.  It's kind of like a puppy chewing a piece of footware.  Sure the little bugger might have really wanted to eat your shoe just to say ----- you!  Or, maybe the little dear just need something to chew on and all it had to hand was your purple suede thigh-highs (yeah like you don't have a pair...don't judge me). 
    Maybe your players just need lots of mooks and enemies to put holes and laser burns in @sockmerchant.  So, have the Star Wars equivalent of ninjas drop out of every ceiling and leap from behind every door...otherwise your poor little rodian IT nerds are going to bear the brunt of the assault .  But the only way to know for sure is just to talk with your table-buddies.
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    Callidon reacted to Doc, the Weasel in Opposed checks   
    This is one of those social contract issues that should be worked out with the group in advance of playing. There is no one true way that is correct, and your group should make sure everyone is on the same page for what they all expect to happen.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Donovan Morningfire in Would this be broken?   
    That's assuming that the sniper wasn't just a spec-ops Rancor Sniper in the 1st Dathomiri Batallion, Stomparse Brigade
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    Callidon got a reaction from Doc, the Weasel in bounties   
    I'd go with the armchair non-answer of "enough money to make a person run down to their ship at drydock, fire up the ion engines and burn hyperspace accross an entire galaxy* to collect on it." 

    *Failing that, replace "entire galaxy" with "system," "sector," or "quadrant."
    If I'm Dog the Bounty Hunter, I'm not leaving Hawaii to track down some dingdong low-life in Lengefeld, Germany for less than six figures.  However, if that same low life was a personal enemy of mine that made fun of my crazy mullet all the time?  I'd probably go for much less.
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    Callidon got a reaction from FangGrip in Would this be broken?   
    Oh gee, my eyes are gettin' pretty bad there wook...what are you holding there?
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    Callidon reacted to Drig in Fan Made Species Sheets   
    Thanks for all the feedback!
    I'm working on the gran. I've given them 3 Cunning, 1 Wisdom, and 1 free rank in perception. I was thinking of giving them one free rank in a career skill to represent that the whole species is generally raised and trained into a career that they are talented in. What do you people think?
    I've never bought that the whole species is good at aiming a weapon seeing as the species is always regarded as peaceful and their perception only is really valuable at seeing extra wavelengths and colors and some emotions among Grans.
    My aim is to make every species I design to be appealing and also to make sense.
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    Callidon reacted to Lorne in Minions having a Blast!   
    Lorne's Rule of Minions:  as the target of an attack, each minion is a special snowflake -- a unique person with his own hopes and dreams soon to be splattered on the concrete behind him; but when it's GM Lorne's turn to roll their attacks, they act in concert like the New York Philharmonic.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Cilionelle in Highest PC Soak Value?   
    Talents can help out in the damage department as well, since a PC wont have 13 soak at char-gen. Give their nemesis a few talents that boost damage. Or...shoot the s.o.b. with a vehicle scale weapon. Or swallow them whole, drown them, set them on fire, flush them out an airlock, poison them, drop them off a skyhook, fire a missile tube at them.
    Soak is cool, but there are many
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    Callidon reacted to player266669 in Proposed Service Costs   
    The Edge of the Empire core rulebook doesn't include a list of costs for common services such as starship fees, medical services, food, lodging, travel and the like. However, such expenses make great credit sinks and help to keep the group scratching for money.
    In an effort to fill this gap, I dug up SAGA Index spreadsheet (an awesome resource, no matter what Star Wars RPG rules you play with) and pillaged it for ideas. Here is my greatly simplified list of proposed service costs for discussion and debate. I'd love to get opinions on these, including why you feel the cost is too high or too low.
    Proposed Costs for Common Services
    Astrogation Data
    (100cr - 500cr depending on region and data rarity) This is mainly for rare, archaic or unusual astrogation data, because common astrogation data is widely available. The cost for such specific or unusual data should vary wifely; those regions closer to the galactic core would likely be easier to obtain data for, while anything in or beyond the Outer Rim might cost a lot more. Of course, there are lots of ways to obtain such data, including slicing and bribes. The proposed cost here assumes a normal, legal purchase price.
    A bribe might also come in handy if the purchaser wants to maintain a certain amount of discretion, keeping the purchase a secret.
    Bothan Spynet Information
    (Varies, perhaps 500-10,000) The cost for information from the Bothan Spynet should depend entirely on how difficult or dangerous that information was for the Bothan spies to acquire, and also how badly they think the player in question wants it. The numbers listed are purely aribtrary, and the GM should decide the final value.
    Also keep in mind that merely contacting the Bothan Spynet can be an adventure in itself, especially if its agents do not want to be found. Coded transmissions, shadowy meetings in dark corners and working through proxies or false identities are all appropriate here, Play up that Cold War-era spy stuff! Also, note the great opportunity to earn Obligation here. If the party does not have enough credits, the Bothan spies might trade for a favor or for other intel.
    Dining (per meal)
    Luxurious - 150 Upscale - 50 Average - 10 Budget - 2 This isn't likely to be a huge concern for most parties. If all else fails, the ship's stores should be able to provide meals for the crew (assuming the party has a ship, anyway). Perhaps a character has a motivation that makes them want to live above their means (greed, for example), and they decide to blow some money on a fancy dinner to show off. It might also be that the characters want to impress someone, perhaps a potential employer or client, and a nice dinner is a good way to accomplish that.
    Some places the PCs visit might not have access to the entire range of meal qualities. An impoverished planet might not have any luxurious restaurants, and some prosperous Core World systems might bump up all the costs by one step, so that an average meal on that planet actually costs the same as an upscale meal on most other ones.
    Lodging (per day)
    Luxurious - 200 Upscale - 100 Average - 50 Budget - 20 Sometimes, you need to get away from the cold, metal bulkhead walls of your cabin on the ship and stretch out a little. Or, worse, your ship just got impounded and you don't feel like sleeping in an alley. The above costs are basically the cost for a room at a hotel. It's possible that more than one character can share such quarters, but most self-respecting establishments expect no more than 2 adults to be in a single room. Anything more might elicit suspicion, disdain or even a flat-out refusal to stay in the room.
    GMs should feel free to tack on a whole bunch of fees in the Core Worlds. The same is true anywhere if the characters damage any property in their lodging. There are plenty of seedy places to stay in the Outer Rim; GMs are encouraged to play up the image of a cheap motel room infested with vermin, dirty blankets, stains on the walls and bed and unpleasant smells.
    Medical Care
    Bacta tank treatment - 20 cr per 2 hour block of time Long-term care (per day) - 100 Surgery - Varies, maybe 300 to 1,000 This was a really tough one to cost out. In Edge of the Empire, a character with even minimal access to supplies can spend 150 credits and heal 15 wounds, courtesy of the incredibly powerful healing capabilities of the basic stimpack. For a mere 25 credits each, with a rarity of 1 and an encumbrance of zero, stimpacks are virtually unbeatable for rapid and portable wound healing. That's the main reason I knocked the cost of healing in a bacta tank down so far from what it was in Saga Edition: bacta tanks are not nearly as convenient or accessible as stimpacks, so unless they're dirt cheap, I'm not sure why a character would prefer to use one for healing wounds.
    However, bacta tanks do accelerate natural healing, they avoid the risks of a Medicine roll that generates harmful dice symbols, and they allow the character to attempt to recover from one critical injury per 24 hours of rest. 
    For long-term care, I imagine that includes dealing with all manner of injuries both critical and mundane, as well as conditions and effects brought on by disease, radiation, poison and so on. A boost to natural healing might be a good trade-off for the cost of extended rest in a hospital. Surgery I see mainly as being needed to heal really severe critical injuries or install cybernetics, and the GM should modify the cost based on how bad the injury is.
    Starship Fees & Maintenance
    Docking fees (per day docked) - 20 up to Silhouette 5 Refuel & resupply - [silhouette x 100] up to Silhouette 5 The cost for repairs is already covered in the book, so I won't bother with that here. Docking fees will vary widely from one place to another, and many starports will look to profit by offering additional services, such as cleaning and basic, low-level maintenance. So how often does a ship need to be refueled and resupplied? Probably not too often, but it's a good way to ding the party's funds if the story needs it, and it could also result from negative dice symbols resulting from a skill test made while piloting the ship. ("Oh great, the fuel light just came on... that's all we need.")
    Note that I don't cover anything silhouette 5 and larger ships... that's mainly because the party will not usually be in a ship that big, and I imagine the fees for docking such a ship would get very steep the bigger it is.
    Passage, luxurious (per person, 5 days of travel) - 5000 Passage, upscale (per person, 5 days of travel) - 2000 Passage, average (per person, 5 days of travel) - 500 Passage, budget (per person, 5 days of travel) - 200 Taxi, local (up to 5 passengers) - 10 What would a gritty Star Wars game be if the party didn't have their ship taken away at least once? In a galaxy full of shipjackers, pirates and imperials who won't hesitate to impound a ship at the merest hint of suspicion, it's entirely possible that the players will need to arrange for some means of transportation other than their vessel. There are a lot of good opportunities to be had in public or private transportation; the GM might introduce some interesting NPCs, the party might overhear an important and useful piece of information or perhaps get robbed or conned by a criminal who doesn't like to stay in one place for long because the law is hot on his tail.
    Taking taxis is common practice once the party gets planet-side, especially in a large city or on a world with many remote settlements that don't all have starports.
    Vehicle Rentals (per day)
    Speeder bike - 20 Landspeeder, average - 50 Landspeeder, luxury - 100 Airspeeder - 500 Shuttle, interplanetary - 1,000 Shuttle, interstellar - 2,000 Public transportation is great, but sometimes the players need to drive. After all, not every taxi speeder or passenger ship goes where the party needs to go. Renting a shuttle of either type should be a pretty big deal in the Outer Rim. It's a lot to ask, handing over a ship like that to a bunch of strangers, so the renter might well demand a lot of money up front as well as something significant as collateral. Of course, this is another great opportunity to introduce new obligation, too.
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    Callidon reacted to Direach in Question About Astrogation and Galaxy Mapper   
    I thought about that, but with two ranks in Galaxy Mapper you'd be calculating every trip except trans-galactic journeys in one round. That doesn't leave much time for dramatic chase scenes.
    EDIT: After reading through the expanded Talents descriptions, I see that the time reduction aspect of Galaxy Mapper does not stack; 50% is the most you can reduce the time to calculate a hyperspace jump. Even still, I think the numbers I suggested are a good guideline for jumps, especially since the majority of the time calculations will be taking place in narrative time (unless the PC's are particularly good at enraging local authorities).
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    Callidon got a reaction from Kyla in Connecting all the Edge of the Empire Adventures   
    You could also link the adventures together more or less as written, with a bit of meta-massage. The players just have the pleasure of hearing the GM splutter with peals of laughter as the PCs run afowl of multiple people that one shouldn't ever owe anything to.
    For funzies let's suppose the Hutts are currently in the bizz of screwing each other over because that's what good Hutt families do. Teemo is the biggun. Sinasu is Teemo's good for nothing offspring from the last era of his choosing to be female and resents the very mention of the disappointing young hutt. Bargo is Teemo's littlest sibling, who was left alive as an insult when Teemo killed their parent and took over. It has since been a past time for Teemo to make sure all of Bargo's plans go to s---.
    Teemo is the center of our PCs' web. He has given them one of Sinasu's ships, and is generally fine with his offspring bossing the PCs around because at least he doesnt have to get involved with Sinasu's baffoonery. Bargo has finally been driven to the point of embarassing the whole family on a major scale. Sinasu is about to kick the house of cards down...
    So we open with "Debts to Pay" Teemo wants the PCs to make sure Bargo's latest "luck" in sabaac doesn't turn into another failed cash grab (never mind that Teemo is directly responsible for the previous failures). After the adventure wraps Sinasu tries to put a hit on his uncle Bargo. Say one thing for Bargo the Hutt...say he's hardy. The hit fails.
    As the PCs arrive back at Nar Shadaa (with Bargo at their back, in Sinasu's ship given to them by Teemo). Que up Crates for Kryats. See, Sinasu was tired of his crap uncle embarrassing everyone and thought he would be an easy nut to crack in order to get some attention from mom/dad and possibly advance himself. Oops. Now he's hoping to avoid Bargo's counterstrike, get to Mos Shuuta and smooth things over with his corpulent dad/mom...and pay off his uncle to avoid a premature case of laser brain.
    The PCs arrive with Sinasu on Mos Shuuta...or maybe without him and maybe with Bargo's hunters on their butts...depending on how things have gone thus far. Teemo decides to impound their ship as part of Sinasu's penance and gives it to Trex the Trandoshan. The PCs still owe for the ship that was taken away for another hutt's transgressions though...and Bargo is convinced they were in on his hit attempt. Sinasu is either dead or with mom/dad so who does he send his goons after? The PCs! They must now "Escape From Mos Shuuta" and experience the "Long Arm of the Hutt."
    This leads us to "Trouble Brewing." Fleeing the Hutts, the PCs have a chance at a bounty that would go a long way toward icing the MASSIVE heat they've kicked up for themselves. If they get paid by the Empire they can smooth things over with Teemo, Bargo and Sinasu but they'll cheese off Thakba the Hutt :-). If they get paid by Thakba, they'll have a new patron with more sand than Teemo (the enemy of my hutt leash holder is my friend), but they'll have run afoul of the Empire...bwahahahah.
    Shadow of a Black Sun might fit in there someplace but I'm not feeling it at the moment.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Reydan in Highest PC Soak Value?   
    Talents can help out in the damage department as well, since a PC wont have 13 soak at char-gen. Give their nemesis a few talents that boost damage. Or...shoot the s.o.b. with a vehicle scale weapon. Or swallow them whole, drown them, set them on fire, flush them out an airlock, poison them, drop them off a skyhook, fire a missile tube at them.
    Soak is cool, but there are many
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    Callidon got a reaction from Kshatriya in Equivalent to "Weapon Finesse"?   
    If it's a heartstopper just add a new skill.  The book even "grants" the GM the power to create new skills as they see fit, for the "if it ain't raw, it ain't valid" crowd.  I think switching Brawling up for a character to run on agility is problematic, regardless of whether it's a per weapon or per character thing.  Mostly because it muddies the waters needlessly.  Ted your Brawling runs off of Agility sometimes but only when you are using a certain kind of weapon.  Gary, your Brawling skill works as written unless you decide that further down the line you want your skill to sometimes work on Agility too....

    To me, if a character feels like their dreams and aspirations for a character are going to be puppy-coffined in the skill list as written, give them:
    Dueling (Agi); Any weapon of Encumbrance 1 may be wielded with flare and pinache.  Jab jab Glokta!
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    Callidon reacted to Lorne in "Ranked" Talents   
    As an aside, if your spec tree has the talents of Grit and Toughened for 5xp, you're insane if you don't ****** those up ASAP.
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    Callidon reacted to Doc, the Weasel in I am really having trouble realizing my character... is it me or the system?   
    Right off the bat, you are going with a sub-optimal build for that race/career combo. If you don't up your Cunning, you are going to find bounty hunters walking right over you (or right out, as the case may be).
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    Callidon got a reaction from Kager in Okay, I officially love this game   
    I love how this game system supports contextual improvisation.  In a lot of games a GM and players can do the same thing, but let's face it...it gets tiring after even a single a long session let alone months/years of running the same game.  The mechanics of FFG's warhammer and star wars games go a long way toward giving everyone at the table just enough of a nudge to keep those creative juices flowing. 
    @whafrog it's cool to read that your son (the pilot?) is already thinking of the wide open expanses of "other" stuff to do with piles of advantage beyond "well I guess I'll just add a boost die and regain some strain...".  Kids are truly awesome in that regard.  In my second group, the 11 year old not only thrived on her first RPG experience but she flat out became the idea-gal for the entire group (me included).
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    Callidon reacted to mrvander in mrvander's Character Sheet Thread   
    Here's a more appropriately titled thread to deliver my character sheets to the public. The original goal of my sheets is to be a more printer friendly sheet than the official one. I also aim for functionality and easy on the eyes.
    I'm listing out all my upcoming sheet ideas and links will be populated as they become available.
    If you download a sheet and want a customization feel free to request it here. Chances are somebody uses sheets the same way you do. I just ask one favor: if you have a request, indicate what you want to LOSE to accommodate that request. For example, "Hey can I get more gear space? You can go ahead and lose the NOTES blank space." or "Hey can I get a portrait box on page 1? I don't think I need the Specialization boxes to make room for that."
    The Sheets
    WEG Version 1: This sheet is inspired by WEG in that skills are filed with its appropriate characteristic. It's a beginner sheet in that page one has the most readily referenced material and enough space for beginner to mid-level characters.
    WEG Version 2: Same as WEG version 1 but without the specialization boxes for those who use separate talent tree printouts. A Gear box has been added to the front page and a Special Ability box remains for those species-specific abilities. On page two the special abilities box has been replaced by a Bio/Backstory space.
    Range Tracker: This is a simple sheet meant to track ranges when there are multiple combatants. Use counters (beans, glass, dice, minis) to track characters/ships. This is just a simple sheet meant for a player to track his own ranges (the PC is always in the center).
    Wish List
    Reduced Skill Version: this one will be a sheet without pre-filled skills. Each slot will be a "write-in". This should allow the entire skill space to be reduced.
    Cinematic Version: this one will favor character development over stats.
    No Longer Developed
    EotE Version 1: This one places skills back in EotE order and has a Characteristic grouping. It comes with specialization box(es).
    EotE Version 2: This one loses the specialization boxes.
    Coming Soon
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    Callidon reacted to whafrog in Okay, I officially love this game   
    I don't think I've every had this with a roleplaying game, it just gets better the more I play.  I think my experience with almost every other game has been the opposite:  an "oh, that's pretty cool" followed by ever more disappointment.  I'm not sure anybody's interested in play-by-play, I just hope nobody minds if I let it out here...
    My son's character needed to pick up something on Geonosis, coordinates to be received once in orbit.  The coordinates get called in, but the sender sounds worried, and ends transmission.  The droid sidekick tries to reestablish contact.  The evil GM (me) flips a Destiny Point (because others could be listening), and wouldn't you know the result is Despair:  the ship's comm system fries.
    The pilot keeps heading towards the coordinates, while the droid tries to make repairs.  My son flips a DP, and wouldn't you know the result is Triumph:  not only is the comm system quickly fixed, but the source of the problem is discovered:  the listening device installed by the Hutt who had the repairs made to the ship (one of the extra Obligations taken on) caused a short circuit.  Important for future events.
    The pilot makes his way to the coordinates, an otherwise normal roll, but:
    "Can I use my 4 advantage to find a decent hiding spot?"
    "Sure, you find a mesa a bit lower than the others, with a good view of the canyons running in every direction."
    Soon the high whine of a speeder being pushed to its limits is heard, and low cloud of something gyrating over one of the canyons is seen.  Pull out the binocs...is that dust?  No, it's a mass of flying Geonosians chasing the speeder bike that's careening over the canyon floor.  The speeder is carrying some kind of crate poorly strapped to the back.  The path levels out and the driver gains a bit on the Geonosians, despite the random shots from their sonic blasters, but if the driver has to climb the mesa she will be swarmed.
    The pilot takes off and pulls away from the chase with the door open.  The speeder come screaming into the ship--one success and several Threat--and does a rough crash landing in the entry, completely bending the speeder's frame.  The pilot tries closing the doors, but the closest Geonosian minion group tries a blaster shot...Triumph!--and the speeder takes a direct hit blowing the engines and knocking the speeder rider flying (to go unconscious) while the crate on the back tumbles off and spills its contents all over the floor.
    After getting to hyperspace, the pilot runs back and checks out the girl (an Umbaran) and the crate contents:  a bunch of round orange-coloured fruit-like objects about the size of...an orange.  Anybody who's watched TCW knows what these are and how dangerous they might be.  But the pilot doesn't know, he just tries to find as many as possible.  He thinks he's found most of them, but he does find the empty shell of one...
    ...anyway, had to get that off my chest...
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    Callidon reacted to alien270 in So I just rolled Motivation - Relationship (Pet)...   
    If anyone's interested, here's what I came up with, using bits and pieces of some of the suggestions.

    Jayna Valeri
    Some childhood memories are as vivid as if they'd happened yesterday.  Back on Dantooine I used to spend the summers with Grandpa and Grandma Valeri.  Grandpa and I would just sit, watching the sun slowly set, creating a play of ever-deepening colors on the gently rippling savannah grass.  If we were lucky we'd be out on an evening where both moons would rise at the same time.  Grandpa was an explorer, too, back in his day.  I guess you could say he's the reason I became one.  Him, and Brick.  
    Brick is what Grandpa calls a salamandyr.  Found him after crash landing on an unknown planet, but the little guy kept him as warm as a brick oven throughout the cold night.  All along the length of his tail spouts candle-like flames, usually only when he's upset but he must have known that Grandpa would be cold that night.  
    Brick's still around, actually.  Grandpa always said he seemed lonely, so far from his home planet.  A planet that Grandpa couldn't remember how to get to (he never got the astrogation data after being evacuated offworld).  Spent most of his late career trying to find it again, and when he passed I just couldn't let the work remain unfinished.  So I'm always on the lookout for Brick's homeworld as I ply the spacelanes.  Some might say I spend more time hopping around in Wild Space than doing my actual job.  But someday I'm going to find that planet.
    That is, if I can ever get Vassen Rell off my back.  Vassen's a sector ranger.  A corrupt sector ranger, I should add.  He had no right to tag my ship, that job was totally legitimate.  It's the one after that was the problem.  I never should have stolen that secret Imperial hyperspace route, but there was a promising slice of unmapped Wild Space, and that was the only way around the region's nebulae.  Needless to say it didn't lead to Brick's homeworld.  There was an Imperial space station there, but I didn't see anything, I swear!  Vassen jumped out of hyperspace shortly behind me, and I thought I was dead.  When he told me he wouldn't report me, I was relieved.  I should never have taken that twinkle in his eye for kindness.  There is no kindness behind those eyes.  And now I get to run regular missions for the bastard, because if I refuse he'll turn me in.  
    Sometimes I wonder what was at that space station.  Sometimes I wonder if there's any dirt on Vassen that I can throw in his face, maybe get out from under his heel.  Sometimes I wonder how far I have to go before I can get away from all this crap.  I will NOT be Vassen's runner forever, I swear to that!
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    Callidon got a reaction from DylanRPG in So I just rolled Motivation - Relationship (Pet)...   
    If a character's major underpinning motivation is their pet, the monkey lizard being played as a constant source of narrative threat and despair results could cause some in-character issues.  Might be more interesting to have the galaxy's most awesome monkey lizard that the party can really get behind and support their PC buddy in.
    Basically, put it in a tuxedo with a monacle and let it smoke cigars on roller skates.  That is like waking up every day to a Triumph result.
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