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    Callidon got a reaction from tgoVIPER in character sheet mystery   
    The link in my sig goes to my Google Drive.  I'd recommend that if you want updated stuff.  And all credit on my end goes to mrvander for giving me the bones to work with.
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    Callidon got a reaction from SadPolarBear in A couple quick questions   
    1) Strain.  Medpacs are for wounds.  Another reason why getting shot up can put a hitch in a player's get-along.  :edit:   DEEERRRRP.  I am clearly in need of more coffee.  Stimpacks work on wounds, but have a diminishing return on stimpack spamming.
    2) Roger that Ghost Rider
    3) If you want to port this over, you could do it any way you want really.  A couple ideas that spring to mind for me:
    Have the droid list the routes they have memorized for a session or an episode or scene ... some pre-built list. If it is a player character, let the astromech player flip a destiny point to get the group out of having to roll an Astrogation check anytime.  Since you don't need to roll an Astro check for every.single.jump, and only do it when the chips are down and everyone is yelling "they told me they fixed it! it's not my fault!"  the droid character could be kind of awesome in that regard "beep bop boop beeeeeeep" translation: don't worry beaches, I got this. No matter what, astromech players should have to speak in beeps and whistles at the table.   I mean that's just good manners.
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    Callidon reacted to ccarlson101 in The Cool vs. Vigilance Binary   
    I agree. What I find odd - and again the purpose of this thread - that the first reading of the system seemed to imply placing initiative on a sliding scale something akin to this:
    Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Cool - Cool - Cool
    But the deeper you get into the actual wording and intent of the rules, the more it appears as though situations need to fit on the following spectrum:
    Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Vigilance - Cool
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    Callidon got a reaction from ccarlson101 in The Cool vs. Vigilance Binary   
    Well if you are going to respond to the things I type, then what am I going to fuel my b.s. engine with!?    Sorry for my off-center nonsequitor that hung you up.  But, players can complain when their optimal thing doesn't apply though right?  Let's go with that as the thrust of my point above instead of tossing it out the window entirely. 
    Applying Cool or Vigilance to one or both sides in an encounter is easy enough if you just decide which one could/should apply.  No encounter is ever going to be 100% one thing or the other, and some of the characters on one side or another will probably not fit the ruling perfectly.  But it keeps things simple and cuts down on people taking their best initiative skill and applying it in every situation to rack up the best initiative slots for the group.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Bipolar Potter in What will Vader's stats look like?....   
    If it were more of a stat for tat game system, stats would give some framing to hang Ol' Vadey pants on.  But in dN, all Vader needs is a picture.  I'm going with this one for my games:

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    Callidon reacted to newbiedm in Hidden Mickey   
    Hidden Mickeys are a longstanding Disney tradition, and I think I found one in the SW rpg... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_Mickey
    On the map on page 19 of the game master's kit adventure, take a look at the bottom left of the map. There's a black hidden mickey there (plain as day).
    Coincidence? Or a nod to the new owners of SW?
    You decide.
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    Callidon reacted to Dogwood2 in Hold on a second...   
    Does anyone honestly think that the Star Wars license is CHEAP? They have to milk it for every penny in order to make it worthwhile for them to sell Star Wars games at ALL.
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    Callidon reacted to Aazlain in Specializations/Talents Thematics   
    The Infiltrator seems a little too combat oriented. I can't help to think it could have benefited from a few non combat talents such as Bypass Security or Convincing Demeanor.
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    Callidon reacted to HappyDaze in How has melee combat been?   
    We've found that characters not heavily devoted to melee find it much easier to stick to blasters for doing real combats (as opposed to simple roughhousing with fists). This seems very fitting for the setting. OTOH, a character specialized in mauling people in hand to hand (a high-Brawn Marauder) is very deadly even with just a simple (and concealable) vibroknife.
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    Callidon reacted to Farwanderer in Available Soon   
    If they are still on the boat its time for the drum beaters to beat faster so those oar men row faster...
    ... or we will have to find new ways to motivate them. 
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    Callidon reacted to mrvander in Player Aid - Spending Skill Results   
    Here's a little cheat sheet I made for my players new to the system. Since I want them to be more interactive and "spend" results from their own skill rolls, I compiled a little reference sheet for them to use until they become more familiar. They spend positive results and the GM uses the negative result pages or the inverse is true if it's a NPC making the skill check.
    The one caveat using this sheet though is that these are just the suggestions from the book and are not the only things one can spend results on. Until the time they become more familiar, this serves as a good introduction to the mechanic for them.
    Link to Sheet
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    Callidon reacted to Doc, the Weasel in Armor   
    I don't know what all the fuss is over this anyway. We are talking 2 soak and 1 defense. Both of those things are incredibly easy to achieve with two talents and heavy clothing.
    It's not like wearing this armor makes characters even remotely unstoppable. Sometimes I think people get into a mindset of limitation and start applying it everywhere, even where it isn't needed.
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    Callidon reacted to whafrog in Other games are just sad   
    Okay, maybe that's too much but...
    I had the pleasure of introducing this game to some casual gamers last night, and it was a rousing success.  We all saw E4 when we were 14, so you can imagine how old we are.  Nobody but me is really into SW, but obviously the basics are known to everyone...there are Hutts, and the Empire, and those ball-and-wing fighters, and Luke I am your father.  So far so good.
    One of my friends is a little more open than the others, and we'd already played through the beginner set up to the point of capturing the Krayt Fang.  It was probably his enthusiasm that helped sell it to the others.  I decided to start with them just taking off in the Krayt Fang with the TIEs bearing down:  no decisions, just survival.  A bit railroady, but "learning by doing" seemed better to me.  In any case, these guys went from "what are these numbers for on my character sheet" to assembling their own dice pool and pondering a destiny point flip fluently in about 30 minutes.  What they most enjoyed was everybody got to do something, everyone was interested in everyone else's results, but the best part was seeing it click when they realized they got to decide what happens with Triumphs and Advantages.  When the mechanic got a net failure, yet a Triumph, when trying to repair the hull, and the player decided he'd "found a secret stash of something nestled between two hull plates", I knew they were hooked.
    What I loved about this is how the stash became a plot device.  They found Bura Ban in the ship and freed him.  Later, when they discovered the stash was a small amount of spice, the Pash player decided to try and Charm Bura Ban to see if he knew anybody who could distribute it.  (my only secret GM roll of the game...he didn't want any part of it, but did know someone)  Net roll:  Failure, but with both Triumph *and* Despair.  So over the course of the trip to Ryloth Bura Ban warms up to the characters and slowly Pash zeroes in on who might be able to help, but then Bura Ban gets wise to what he's up to, and warns them there will be fatal consequences if they try to use that contact...if they figure out who it is.  Oskara has a suspicion which if correct will get them a good price (Triumph), but their whole "sure, we'll repair your ship if you return me to Ryloth" alliance is in question (Despair).
    Post game there was a lot of talk of how refreshing this system is, and there were a lot of unflattering comparisons made against other games.  For these casual players who just want to jump in, it's perfect.  No "opportunity attacks unless you make a certain kind of move", no waiting forever while somebody else rolls to hit, no "oh, it's space combat, I don't have anything to do".  I've never seen a game get this kind of reaction.  And the fact that it was SW wasn't even a negative for these non-fans.  They even got into the difficulties of Bura Ban missing half his lekku, and the Kubaz preference for insectoid lifeforms.
    EDIT:  I missed a part, a concept which will seem alien to those who are into character development and advancement.  These casual players don't really care about that, and it occurred to me that other than maybe some skill advancement here and there just to get a sense of progression, we could keep playing at the current level of skill and still have a rousing good time.  The plots, descriptions, and shenanigans are what make it fun.
      Okay, end fan rant...but the system greatly contributed to an enjoyable evening hosting, and I appreciate the favour.
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    Callidon reacted to Reydan in Attacks of Opportunity   
    This is too easy.

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    Callidon got a reaction from Cilionelle in Dice App Updated - Now Cancels Symbols   
    You bet your sweet bippy Sure thing jelly bean You assume correctly, and curiosity killed the cathar so stop it :edit:  Source for the above assurances = I just furiously shook my iPhone in front of my face until I could confirm.  #PlayTestingForReelz
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    Callidon got a reaction from capnhayes in Rules for Damaging Structures?   
    The way it would probably go down at my table:
    Nosepicking Slouch of a Gamer (NSG):  I wanna blow up that bidunz wall
    GM:  What the aych is a bidun NSG?
    NSG: Comeon mayn the <potty talk> bill deeeeeeng, kay?
    GM:  With what will you blow it, satchel mouth?
    NSG:  Mayn, Ima slap you when this is over.  Just you wait you skinny jeans wearin mutha.... 
    Other Gamer (OG):  ... girls girls don't make me turn on the hose ... Dude Jess we got a missle tube last time, we're obviously using that.
    GM:  You will address me as Master or The Game...one setback dice for using my given name in a forum post...Anyway, let's talk collateral damage.  I just want you to roll a simple check.  If you end up with net failures, the wall is gonna come down but in a less favorable way.  For every threat that crops up I'm going to dust a bystander which will shorten the response time for the fuzz to start showing up.  If we see a Triumph then it is going to be as awesome as Han blowing up the Death Star shield generator and taking no damage 50ft away crouching behind a fern, and everything you would want to happen for detonating explosives in an urban setting will go your way. Savy?
    NSG:  I'm rollin.  *clack clack*  OOOOOOHHHHHHHH suck it Skinny Jeans!!!  That wall is comin' down like you momma's <serious potty talk>
    GM:  *flips a Dark Side point* A cart of space bees tips over in the street near your current position, and they swarm you NSG.  OG and the rest of you can go explore your perfectly detonated wall hole.
    >Fade to black<

    Note...I don't typically abuse gamers in such a way...the above was for jovial fun
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    Callidon got a reaction from EldritchFire in Dice App Updated - Now Cancels Symbols   
    You bet your sweet bippy Sure thing jelly bean You assume correctly, and curiosity killed the cathar so stop it :edit:  Source for the above assurances = I just furiously shook my iPhone in front of my face until I could confirm.  #PlayTestingForReelz
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    Callidon reacted to kelann08 in Dice App Updated - Now Cancels Symbols   
    See below.  Seems to work just fine.  Two failures cancel two success but the despair remains and the triumph is counted alongside the success it contributes.  Took me a long time to roll a triumph and despair at the same time...

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    Callidon got a reaction from CrunchyDemon in Gands, where is the love?   
    Here here, harumph harumph harumph!
    I propose a new Pro-Gand faction!  The Federated Union for the Gand as Lovable Insectoids (F.U.G.L.I)
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    Callidon got a reaction from Reydan in Disengage from melee   
    Disengage in a vacuum is abuse-worthy and broken.  Disengage in play is simply one of many options that a person may use to try and keep themselves from venting their preferred breathing mixture through holes in their chest/carapace/membrane/chasis.
    Keep in mind that it's fine to ask a player "how" when they want to do something in dN.  Not just to be a knee-chopping jerk of a GM, but this game system is designed with the intent of describing actions and intents in cool ways (where creative juices permit of course).  "I use disengage, spend 2 strain to aim and then fire"  might work when all other ideas run out (or at like 11pm after a 10hour sesh), but you should generally have some kind of contextual queues to work with that will guide your round by round choices; assuming you have a doodle / map of an area or a description or...the usual stuff that exists in an encounter.  If every fight occurs on even terrain in the spatial equivalent of the Utah salt flats ...  any game system is going to be "abused" and more importantly, boring.  Sure it CAN happen ... chasing down Jawas on Tatooine with a hydrospanner is an age old tradition in star wars gaming, I know.  But usually the players will see (or have a description of) where they are in a combat encounter and know that certain manuevers just aren't available to them at the moment (crap there isn't s--- for cover near me ... I am backed up to a wall ... gulp).
    Play the game, not the system.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Banelight in Gands, where is the love?   
    Here here, harumph harumph harumph!
    I propose a new Pro-Gand faction!  The Federated Union for the Gand as Lovable Insectoids (F.U.G.L.I)
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    Callidon got a reaction from tactician93612 in Let me buy the book already!   
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    Callidon reacted to Rookhelm in Disengage from melee   
    "Well, that stormtrooper went down, he's now bleeding..."
    *eat popcorn*
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    Callidon reacted to osu4fan in Disengage from melee   
    Things to do against 'abusers' of this 'loophole:' use knockdown more frequently. use sunder more frequently. Use threat to knock them prone (3 threat or a despair), grapple them, use 3 advantage (or a triumph) to disable them for a turn instead of dealing damage or use that 3 advantage to disarm them.
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    Callidon got a reaction from Reydan in Gands, where is the love?   
    Here here, harumph harumph harumph!
    I propose a new Pro-Gand faction!  The Federated Union for the Gand as Lovable Insectoids (F.U.G.L.I)
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