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  1. That's sort of what I found as I ran some of the old WEG stuff. Maybe we could just report back in and suggest some of the tweaks or modifications that we've made to have the adventure run smoother under this rule-set.
  2. Has anyone got anything going as yet? I ran a few WEG adventures back during the Beta phase and pretty much converted on the fly. It was easier to do than in d20 because I didn't have to keep tabs on sithspawned level progression. But I didn't really do more than scribble as we went and jam a finger onto the page of NPCs that seemed more or less appropriate at the time. I'd be willing to help out if anyone was feeling like digging into the old piles of adventures. Heck I'd do it m'self but I don't have near the time these days and I'm affraid we'd all die of old age before I churned anything out solo. Beyond nostalgia, there are some really good old adventures that deserve to have the dust blown off and spruced up a bit. Tatooine Manhunt (Bounty hunters and runaway rebel generals), Riders of the Maelstrom (space pirates and cruise ships), Scavenger Hunt (first appearance of the Squibbs in the EU and a space-dig through the ruins of the 1st Death Star), Murder in the Undercity (Mon Cal vs Quarren + entanglements), and The Isis Coordinates (Save the rebel shipyard world of Isis...by boarding a Star Destroyer, reprogramming its astrogation computer and sending it into a star).
  3. I use maps in WFRP3 and in EotE. I just use a location map and then slide chits/coins/popcorn/bellybuttonlint around on the map to help everyone visualize the space. It's also important to remember that you can take fights vertical in this abstract movement system a lot easier than in a grid for grid movement system.
  4. +1, the way I do it is: Players are more or less in charge of assigning PC [Advantage / Triumph] and NPC [Threat / Despair] Then I mostly wear the daddy-pants for NPC [Advantage/ Triumph] and PC [Threat / Despair] It's also common for the group to weigh in like excited chimpanzees when someone feels compelled to suggest a more creative or narrative application of positive and negative effects. The mechanical adjustment suggestions listed in the book will "get you there" of course, but there are times where a player rolls a Despair and everyone just smiles evilly while said player blanches and goes "no no no no..." *crunch* as the blast panel crushes their hand into the console as the space pirates pour into the corridor.
  5. If a character was dead set on squaring off with a Rancor or found themselves in that unenviable situation I'd allow it (stay tuned), but trying to sell me on "yeah but I'm really strong and...you know...Brawn scores + moar dices!" isn't going to cut it. HOWEVER, there are other ways of looking at an encounter with a massive creature than a simple straight up combat skill or opposed wrrraaaaasssstlin test with fist fulls of dice (more does not always a better game make). There are a LOT of big critters in the SW 'verse. Huge worms, big dragon thingies, rampaging whatsits and a whole bevy of fluttering calamities. They are the size of starfighters and assault vehicles. So...run with that comparison. If a player at my table found themselves facing down a hungry hungry Rancor in Jaba's palace, they wouldn't immediately be corked, but they may want to say a few prayers. Now let's get cinematic. My rancor is going to have a harder time hitting them (check the silhouette difficulty list in the vehicle section) because the player is S1 and his is S3. My rancor is in a cramped space, so I'm going to make him burn a maneuver just to turn facing and re-engage each round because we'll assume that our player is flitting about the area. Finally, he's gotta be something like 8 or 9 meters tall. The poor unfortunate player could try to climb the Rancor, zip around on the ground enraging the big dumb animal with superior maneuverability, wedge themselves into a good hiding spot, attempt to throw some ordinance into its mouth, manipulate something else in the environment to either get away or do in the great beast (a la Luke Skywalker). And if the Rancor gets ahold of a player that's the point where I'd let them make an Opposed Brawn test because one of the thing's hands is probably as strong as a wookie, so sure..let it ride. But all success is going to allow them to do is escape the Rancor's clutches (and maybe rob the beast of its free maneuver with Advantage like Luke did by stuffing a bone in its mouth). All of these things drive home the idea that I am not out to flat out fiat-murder the player character. BUT...they aren't going to be wearing down my 40 hitpoints through 12 soak very easily either. They need to either escape through a ventilation hatch (climb the Rancor and get to the ceiling!), or figure out a way to cause a cave-in, or find a way to lure the big brute back into its cage and then lock the door, or throw a pack full of thermal detonators into its mouth, climb into a heavy combat tank and unloading on it, unleashing a SECOND Rancor to fight the first...or....something creative and collaborative. I want the player to succeed. I want to have a cool Rancor encounter. But scooping up a fist full of more dice and resolving with bog-standard combat tests for six hours while the PC whittles down 40 Wounds just sounds....ugh. Likewise, trying to chain-choke the Rancor like it was Jaba the Hutt is about as cinematically entertaining as watching a human character get choked out by a length of colored string by a tabby cat....the physics just don't seem to line up. BUT... wrapping a huge crazy drag chain around the Rancor and then attaching the other end to a spaceship...dragging the thing into space whilst being cooked by ion engine wash...yeah I could dig that.
  6. Handle it the same way you'd respond to a wookie PC thinking of wrestling a Silhouette 3 Y-Wing. A raised eyebrow and, "come on Gary, I mean an ACTUAL plan..."
  7. If you need encumbrance rules for the likely event of a Rancor being ridden by a PC Rancor while hauling a gold filled treasure chest the size of a Prius around, then either apply vehicle encumbrance to it or multiply its 6 Brawn encumbrance by 3 (its silhouette).
  8. It's Star Wars :-) People will buy the game who never have an intent to use it for roleplaying...just because the art and layout are awesome. The game being frakkin great will just carry it in the long term :-)
  9. In the 40k rpg lines FFG has done a pretty good job of balancing release quality and quantity. That being said, the pace of releases will slow down considerably with each new release in the Star Wars line. If we use the 40k games as a template (Dark Heresy in particular)... Core Rulebook...check GM Kit...check Adventure...check Player Options & Gear GM Setting & Organization Guide Critters & Foes Adventure II Adventure III --Age of Rebellion Hits-- Advanced Game Options (take your EotE characters into the Galactic Civil War!)
  10. Some do add boost dice. Things like the Stalker talent for example.
  11. In the games I've run (Beta phase, so my experience could be innacurrate these days), there aren't that many situations where setback dice aren't already part of a dice pool when a Talent or species trait applies (like a Twi'lekk's ability to ignore due to arid/hot environments). There are certain conditions / situations where dice are sort of assumed or explicity intended to be in a pool. I think some of the confusion may stem from the way dice pool construction is described. The example pools don't (if memory serves, AFB at the moment) include situations that would necessarily warrant setback dice. Therefore, a talent saying that a character could remove or ignore in a certain situation could raise the question of...why would I pay XP for something that will allow me to remove a thing that isn't there?
  12. Hey someone has to mine that unbreakable beskar right? A true hero if ever there was one. Also since he's a bit pudgy people could call him Double D for more than just his initials :-) Man ... that post won my internet @Hishgraphics. As far as player generating a mandalorian character. I think it is worth uncovering whether or not they are actually wanting to make a Mandalorian like Darkmoon above, or if they just want the sick armor and gadgets. As Jodo Kast briefly showed us, you don't have to be Mandalorian to look the part. Though it does help in the staying alive department.
  13. Doctors / Medics aren't exactly the same party role as they were in the three d20 versions of Star Wars. They can restore wounds and help cure critical injuries of course. But they also allow for body modification, disease/malady control, critical hit abatement, chemical restraint, and (in my games during the Beta at least) cocktails of experimental dru...medicine that mainstream society isn't ready for. A dedicated "hit point healer" as a character build or concept is probably not going to be as utilized or fun to play in EotE. However when a character gets shot or stabbed in a truly bad way (where parts of their insides are now on their outside), or come down with a case of Verpine Chitin Weevils®...A doctor / medic is going to be the first person / droid they'll cry to their mommies for.
  14. Nah, if she escaped Order 66 (:sillyness: why did GM Chris and Dave kidnap her in the first place!? ) then she deserves to remain off my game table . . . It's no place for a high profile EU character on the run. I'd just murder the poor lass as a plot device or my players would try to shoe-horn her into a smuggling compartment on their ship so that she could turn them all into Jedi (thus leading me to the first part of that statement of possibilities).
  15. Worth it? Absolutely. Essential? Depends. If money isn't an object then get it all, you'll be glad you did. If you are trying to "bang for the buck" yourself into EotE, then I'd recommend nabbing an extra set or two of dice (or picking up the dice app if that floats your boat) before glomming on to the GM screen.
  16. Mandalore. Battered and a bit of a passthrough for the Mandalorians surely. But the old girl just keeps on getting better with age. She managed to survive multiple bombardments and at least one direct attempt at destruction...and by the Second Imperial Civil War, she's on her way toward being one of the classier dames spinning in the outer dark of the rim. Mandalore...giving the Galaxy the finger since Mandalore the First choked out all the dinosaurs.
  17. I talked myself into an increase in my Obligation to Visa ... I DID make it nearly half a week though. Now to carry my shiney core rulebook around with me everywhere I go for the foreseeable future.
  18. You could also link the adventures together more or less as written, with a bit of meta-massage. The players just have the pleasure of hearing the GM splutter with peals of laughter as the PCs run afowl of multiple people that one shouldn't ever owe anything to. For funzies let's suppose the Hutts are currently in the bizz of screwing each other over because that's what good Hutt families do. Teemo is the biggun. Sinasu is Teemo's good for nothing offspring from the last era of his choosing to be female and resents the very mention of the disappointing young hutt. Bargo is Teemo's littlest sibling, who was left alive as an insult when Teemo killed their parent and took over. It has since been a past time for Teemo to make sure all of Bargo's plans go to s---. Teemo is the center of our PCs' web. He has given them one of Sinasu's ships, and is generally fine with his offspring bossing the PCs around because at least he doesnt have to get involved with Sinasu's baffoonery. Bargo has finally been driven to the point of embarassing the whole family on a major scale. Sinasu is about to kick the house of cards down... So we open with "Debts to Pay" Teemo wants the PCs to make sure Bargo's latest "luck" in sabaac doesn't turn into another failed cash grab (never mind that Teemo is directly responsible for the previous failures). After the adventure wraps Sinasu tries to put a hit on his uncle Bargo. Say one thing for Bargo the Hutt...say he's hardy. The hit fails. As the PCs arrive back at Nar Shadaa (with Bargo at their back, in Sinasu's ship given to them by Teemo). Que up Crates for Kryats. See, Sinasu was tired of his crap uncle embarrassing everyone and thought he would be an easy nut to crack in order to get some attention from mom/dad and possibly advance himself. Oops. Now he's hoping to avoid Bargo's counterstrike, get to Mos Shuuta and smooth things over with his corpulent dad/mom...and pay off his uncle to avoid a premature case of laser brain. The PCs arrive with Sinasu on Mos Shuuta...or maybe without him and maybe with Bargo's hunters on their butts...depending on how things have gone thus far. Teemo decides to impound their ship as part of Sinasu's penance and gives it to Trex the Trandoshan. The PCs still owe for the ship that was taken away for another hutt's transgressions though...and Bargo is convinced they were in on his hit attempt. Sinasu is either dead or with mom/dad so who does he send his goons after? The PCs! They must now "Escape From Mos Shuuta" and experience the "Long Arm of the Hutt." This leads us to "Trouble Brewing." Fleeing the Hutts, the PCs have a chance at a bounty that would go a long way toward icing the MASSIVE heat they've kicked up for themselves. If they get paid by the Empire they can smooth things over with Teemo, Bargo and Sinasu but they'll cheese off Thakba the Hutt :-). If they get paid by Thakba, they'll have a new patron with more sand than Teemo (the enemy of my hutt leash holder is my friend), but they'll have run afoul of the Empire...bwahahahah. Shadow of a Black Sun might fit in there someplace but I'm not feeling it at the moment.
  19. I don't think the price really needs to be defended or picked apart. The answer to the OP's price check is simply: Yes. I'm actually going to get two or three sets of dice and the core book, which prices me out of an opening day/month purchase, but I'll get there in a handfull of weeks for sure. Time for me to start popping some coffee money in the piggy bank, and working grumpy / tired for a few months :-)
  20. Scavenger Hunt -- First appearance of the Squibs, an audience with King Ebareeveebeedee (sp?) on the Momship, conflict with the gross goopy Ugors, and sifting through the ruins of the first death star! Just change the death star garbage salvage field with a non-descript set of floating hulk wreckage of your choice, and file off the Alliance vs Empire stuff as there could be other reasons for the characters to want to find some super sensitive data amongst the wreckage for "someone." Riders of the Maelstrom -- Space Pirates and PCs aboard a luxury cruise liner! Easy enough to file off the Alliance vs Empire action since it always felt kind of tacked on to me anyway. I ran this one on the fly during the Beta. If I'd kept any notes worth a dang I'd share em…but I pretty much just pulled things out of my rear and picked opponents that seemed about right. The Isis Coordinates -- I really like this adventure, but it's pretty tangled up with the Alliance vs Empire schtick. I just have a soft spot for the actual puzzle that the players have to assemble properly in order to reprogram a Star Destroyer's hyperdrive.
  21. Just wanted to pipe up and say a big thanks to you guys for continuing to be awesome and supporting EotE, GM Chris and gang. I've taken a bit of a break from forum participation since the close of the Beta, but I've been dutifully listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work y'all!
  22. I ran a one-shot Star Wars scenario years ago where the PC's got caughtin the b---s--- between the Empire and the Rebellion. The Empire was blockading a major side route of the Perlemian Trade Route due to a hotbed of Rebel Activity. Ofcourse there wasn't much actually going on, the Empire had simply decided to capitalize on the destruction of the Death Star by making it seem like the Rebels were everywhere and thus the need for buckledown policies and increased military funding. Anyway, the PCs had been sent to secure advanced medical tech for the needs of a small smuggler planet (run by a much loved NPC) making a go at being legit, and acting as something of a haven for refugees from the civil war. So they had to run the blockade which was full of Imperial entanglements. Then had to go through my typical array of "trouble" to get the much needed medical tech. They then made a second run at the blockade, and were waylaid by rebels looking to acquire the meds "for the cause!" So they fought and shook off the rebels by running them all smack into an Imperial patrol. They managed to make the jump and left the rebels to their fate. And their friends got the much needed tech to help their little world make it a bit longer amidst the backdrop of galactic war. It was a fun way to have the rebels become an obstacle without them being the big bads.
  23. It's a bit of a bummer to be sure. But hopefully the delay is something initiated by the development team (fiddling, qc, etc) instead of issues with printers and other out-of-control items.
  24. One of the things FFG has done very well in the Warhammer Fantasy and 40k franchises is that they provide a bit of linkage between some of their standalone adventures (much like we see with Long Arm of the Hutt and Escape from Mos Shuuta). With Warhammer Fantasy they included an adventure in every one of their official supplements, and they produced two full self contained adventure arcs and two standalone adventures (apologies if there were more that I forgot). AND this is in one of their redheaded stepchild RPGs. Each of the 40k rpgs has a number of adventures in each of the GM focused books, and they all have at least one three part sweeping campaign arc (Dark Heresy has two now if I'm not too far out of date). Bottom line, I'm sure we'll see plenty of adventure content for Edge of the Empire. One thing I'm looking forward to with adventures that will be produced in this edition (versus any of the d20 offerings), is that I'll have a much easier time mixing up the order of scenarios and coming up with my own linkages therein. I won't have to worry about whether or not an adventure is too high or too low level, and spend a weekend pumping it up or pairing it down. We can just get right to running adventure A and then B and then C. Or, we can do B and then A and the C….etc. In the words of Bizzaro, me am stoked.
  25. A single space faring species could cover more astronomic ground in Star Wars with FTL hyperdrives in 24,000 years than our sad little earth ape brains can even postulate. Considering Star Wars has dozens (hundreds?) of space faring races…a million worlds would still only be 0.0003% of the (likely) 300-ish billion star systems in the star wars galaxy. For my Empire? It probably holds sway over at least a million inhabited space-faring worlds and another couple million systems used for resource extraction and other "stuff." Which would still leave a vast 99.99+% of the galaxy full of a combination of other non-Empire star systems, unexplored areas, and "useless" systems (treacherous gravitic anomolies, nebulae, etc).
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