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  1. Dude, @Drig this is amazing work. I am officially one of your hangers on.
  2. @deeahchur, that font caused me to read your Arkona and Besalisk entries in a maudlin southern Antebellum Era accent. Great fun!
  3. A good example of playing the game and not the system . And also why most of the discussion earlier in the thread seemed like we were all sitting in a theater getting ready to watch Pacific Rim and then people next to us were shouting about how little this movie was like Forest Gump, and that what they really wanted was a movie where giant robots fight giant monsters...and that other people would rather see a movie where giant monsters fight robots.
  4. That is potentially a critical'ed princess you've got there along with whatever you want to spend triumph on. Bummer for her. Check p.23 "Triumph & Despair," it has the answers you seek good sir penguin.
  5. If Strain and Wounds stacked toward bringing someone down, no one would ever voluntarily suffer strain... I would much rather that player be able to do stuff like suffer 2 strain to activate a talent or force ability or...something else that contributes to their continued health and the encounter than shutting them down to one manuever and one action each round out of fear of collapse.
  6. Everyone's game doesn't have to fit within the established bounds of Star Wars "sense." If a group is trying to keep things dressed up "properly" then an Ewok would likely not even show up in the queue. My little brother made an Ewok bounty hunter in power armor when we were kids playing WEG d6. Yeah, it makes us both shake our heads and cringe to even think about it now, but when he was 8 and I was 12? It was good fun romping through the wastes of Tatooine. I say that if a whole party of Ewoks forming a surf gang on Mon Calamari really gets someone's fun flowing, then have at it. The EU and canon thought police will rage and fume at their keyboards when they get wind of it, but as long as people are having a blast playing star wars? Or convinces someone to give Edge of the Empire a try? Go bonkers with your Ewok Force Sensitive Exile / Politico
  7. Yeah, but maneuvers are a pretty varied lot. If characters could do fifty things with strain there'd be no reason for talents because someone would be able to approximate it through the untalented routes and then just juice their characteristics and give the game advancement system the bird.
  8. At face value, yeah it's a bit weird. But you'd be amazed at how turning a couple minor plot threads on their heads and changing names will go toward repurposing adventure content. Besides, your players are going to blow anything written or prepared out of the water anyway. Then again, I usually don't re-use stuff until a bit of real time has gone by, and wouldn't recommend it for the same characters. It would be really hard to run a cohesive campaign with the end being the beginning again :-). I was thinking more along the lines of being able to re-use the published content with multiple groups or dusting them off at some point and having another go at a different combination of adventures.
  9. Threat levels in this game system are easy to adjust on the fly (Adversary talents, etc), and are not prone to the disgusting runaway train of power increase that d20 has (no more sneaking 7 levels of Soldier onto your storm troopers just so that they can survive a single round). You don't need to worry that your gangster goon NPCs aren't all Nemesis level threats, or that they don't have 400xp of advancements. Characters DO get more powerful, but a swoop bike gang at 0xp and a swoop bike gang at 540xp are still able to put a dent in an otherwise scummy day in the underworld. You may just use less (or more) minions as the PCs advance, and maybe they do have a nemesis (derived from Obligation or in-play perhaps) facing them down, once they have the sand for it. Luckily all of that stuff can be prepped before the session instead of planned for months in advance. So, it really does boil down to what order you think makes for the most fun. The really cool bit is that after you play them through once, you could shake up a few NPCs, file off a few encounters, pop in a few substitute planets and recombine the adventures for an entirely new experience.
  10. The assassin also has a lot of "don't get hit in the first place" style talents. Or just slide over to Gadgeteer for a quick dip. :edit: That being said, you could just swap out Grit for Toughened if it really nags at you. Afterall it's your game and if the way it's laid out right now doesn't work for you then change it . You can always change it back later.
  11. If it doesn't have Ortolans /slapintheface !
  12. The bodyguard doesn't really have much in the way of offensive capability compared to the other specializations. Makes me think it is intended to be where Hired Guns and others go to get beefier, rather than more deadly. Still, it is ironic that the best way that a straight up Bodyguard can fend off foes from their charge is to...sprint or thrust to long / extreme range :-)
  13. Colonist career specializations added to my Google Drive. I'm going back and adding actual page references, but that's kind of a separate project from just getting the trees done. Anywho...on to the Explorer! :edit: Well...that went surprisingly fast once I got the first couple careers done. Here they are: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8VGrjFVVCsNdTI0eWtlbGNzZkE&usp=sharing
  14. I thought you could add on each extra once as long as your boosted Obligation is < 2X your starting Ob? So if you start with 20 Obligation in a two player game you cant jack your Obligation beyond 40 (10 for extra xp, 10 for extra cash; or 5 for extra xp + 10 for extra cash and 5 for extra cash, etc). You just can't buy each line more than once no matter your Obligation cap. At least that's how I strolled away from pg. 40 anyway.
  15. Most tabletop roleplaying games have a "beyond this line lurks death" mechanic. It's fine. I find it fun most of the time, and I wouldn't complain if EotE had it built in. However, FFG has designed a "beware ye who cross yonder threshold...bad things may occur" mechanic. It's up to the group to decide if that mechanic is a conveyor belt to an abattoir, a mere bump in the road to fame and fortune, or something else. I look at the mechanics of EotE as a way to resolve a conflict. Depending upon the situation that conflict may be to the death, or to the pain, or...until mystic space condors descend from the heavens and carry our stalwart heroes back to Space Rivendell®. I think trying to have a boiler plate deadliness ALL the time can be boring on both sides. Either players don't even pay attention in combat to their wounds and such because...pfff...just roll it off after combat mate. OR players spend all their time wollowing in the mechanics of recovery and damage per round and minimizing risk so that my NPCs don't undo all of their careful power gaming. I'm not saying that either method is right. I just like that you can take it both ways with EotE as written. So, I set up conditions on a fighting encounter. EotE is a narative game so relying on every single fight to get down to last-team-standing before moving on isn't playing to the strength of the system. Sure, some fights are going to end up that way....two groups enter, one group leaves. It works in the situations that are set up that way. But getting creative with setpiece encounter design and setting clear countdowns, objectives, conditions, etc that will end a combat uses the EotE mechanics more in the spirit of their design (entirely imo of course). There is a degree of metagame trust that the GM and players have to have with one another to really take this rules system out on the salt flats and bury the speedometer. It can be as simple as "alright everyone, Say Uncle rule is currently in effect." Which to my group of players (accross multiple games) means that we are going to slug it out until someone taps out. If no one taps out we're going to take this to the death. Of course anyone that has suffered under my GM'ery knows that tapping out can be worse than dying. And they also know that if they come up with something ballsy or creative they might get me to tap out. Then again, I've had players happily go down swinging against difficult odds trying to save as much/many of themselves as they could before permanently fading to black. This game supports all of that...it's more flexible than a <potentially offensive comparison redacted> But the point is that EotE supports giving clear options beyond "take away all my hitpoints before I take away all your hitpoints...engaaaage!" There does not have to be a post-fiasco "oh you guys totally didn't really die" GM fiat festival involved. There are other ways of getting out of a scrap than "full autofire" and this game lends itself well toward encounters run that way...as well as "if you drop consider yourselves dead as a bloody doornail" I guess maybe I like having my cake and eating it too, so I choose to see what I like in EotE. Still, I think both camps have what they want if communication is clear and flowing between the GM and the PCs (as it is assumed to be).
  16. Western: Success = Star Failure = Crossed Pistols Advantage = Bullet Threat = Bullet Hole Triumph = Star on a Ten Gallon Hat Despair = Longhorn Skull
  17. The game comes as written with a deadliness dial. Ie, kill characters or don't. Twist the actual lethality up or down as you see fit. Neither end of the scale really gets to win the slap-fight going on here. But, I have a feeling the point of this thread is probably past its prime since the majority of the past two pages boils down to
  18. This game can be as lethal as a group wants. As soon as a character drops...simply have the adversaries or situation continue to stomp their out-of-the-fight forms to murderize them. In that construct, this game is going to chew through PCs faster than Rapan Athuk in d20. I personally think it's interesting to come up with nondeath and non-unconscious ways a character can be out of the fight (bloodily sobbing under a pile of crates, hanging from a com array underneath a Bespin ventilation shaft...) It also works for the NPCs, which can be useful AND fun. The players vent ol' Boba Fett out an airlock, and later they recieve some bit of gossip or intel that indicates he's not only NOT dead...but rather vexxed. From a design standpoint, EotE caters to your barbequed PC style. Is there something inherently better about saying 'Remember...ALL desintigrations...*compressor breath*" ?
  19. Successes don't activate weapon qualities or crit ratings, Advantage does. So in addition to adding a single success to the pool results, the triumph counts as a freebie to activate a weapon's crit rating OR a weapon quality. The ambiguity exists for other custom applications of triumph that a GM / group may desire. It doesn't seem unclear to me, but I could also be adding some connective rules tissue where none exists. Triumph is a dandy thing, but giving it a blank cheque for racking up in game effects would make rolling a second or third Triumph about as useful as the thirteenth nipple on a oppossum (interesting but functionally odd).
  20. In WFRP I think I ended up with (4) sets, but dice pools had a tendency to essplowd in size. The challenge dice seem to be the limiting factor in EotE dice packs. That being said, I think 2 maybe 3 sets would suffice for the whole table. I nabbed the Beginner Box and a Dice pack and I think that's all I can see myself needing at this point.
  21. Set up a count-down to the PCs' ship being in range of the gunnery on the SD. Then just assign a steady flow of damage each round there-after until the PCs make the jump to lightspeed ..or.. fade to black. Or until they come up with some crazy scheme, like docking at attack speed near the garbage port to mask their signal. Oh, and Tie Fighters (grabs a hand full of jacks and scatters them on the table).
  22. Weeellll...I'm using AutoCAD :-) I know I know, but it's the tool at hand for me. Still, I'd happily share a CAD file if anyone would like it. :edit: I've added page reference nodules (actual page references to be filled in later on), and a little rank tally bar on relevant talents. Also, the Bounty Hunter Career is complete. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8VGrjFVVCsNdTI0eWtlbGNzZkE&usp=sharing On to the Colonist...
  23. I'm putting together talent tree sheets for my own use. It'll be a while before I get the full boat-load completed. Knowing my luck I'll get it finished the day FFG simply uploads pdf extracts of the book talent sheets. At any rate, I'll share them if anyone has an interest. Here is the first one: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8VGrjFVVCsNdTI0eWtlbGNzZkE&usp=sharing
  24. I spend so much of my time dealing with governmental fiscal quarters that your real world seems strange to me . Thanks for the sanity check.
  25. In the US, Q4 is between July 1 - September 30. The beardless manboy Fischer might be done developing the book in Q4 but I'd be pleasantly shocked if we actually had it in our grubby thankless mits before Q1 2014 (Oct - Dec).
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