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  1. Oh gee, my eyes are gettin' pretty bad there wook...what are you holding there?
  2. Remember that reading minds only trolls the surface thoughts of a target, if successful. So as a GM you should let them get something useful, but they shouldn't automatically download the schematics for the Death Star. It's a clue or understanding device, not a cheat code.
  3. Talents can help out in the damage department as well, since a PC wont have 13 soak at char-gen. Give their nemesis a few talents that boost damage. Or...shoot the s.o.b. with a vehicle scale weapon. Or swallow them whole, drown them, set them on fire, flush them out an airlock, poison them, drop them off a skyhook, fire a missile tube at them. Soak is cool, but there are many
  4. So, what about some kind of ACE budget? The Adversary talent can help in a pinch for EotE, but having a small pool of more general options is really great in WFRP (to me). It wouldn't work that well as a straight plug n play, but having a similar mechanic shouldn't be that onerous to implement. Then again, I suppose we could just use Darkside Destiny tokens to create some more generalized options for adversaries without having to tape any new systems to the game.
  5. If it's a heartstopper just add a new skill. The book even "grants" the GM the power to create new skills as they see fit, for the "if it ain't raw, it ain't valid" crowd. I think switching Brawling up for a character to run on agility is problematic, regardless of whether it's a per weapon or per character thing. Mostly because it muddies the waters needlessly. Ted your Brawling runs off of Agility sometimes but only when you are using a certain kind of weapon. Gary, your Brawling skill works as written unless you decide that further down the line you want your skill to sometimes work on Agility too.... To me, if a character feels like their dreams and aspirations for a character are going to be puppy-coffined in the skill list as written, give them: Dueling (Agi); Any weapon of Encumbrance 1 may be wielded with flare and pinache. Jab jab Glokta!
  6. I love how this game system supports contextual improvisation. In a lot of games a GM and players can do the same thing, but let's face it...it gets tiring after even a single a long session let alone months/years of running the same game. The mechanics of FFG's warhammer and star wars games go a long way toward giving everyone at the table just enough of a nudge to keep those creative juices flowing. @whafrog it's cool to read that your son (the pilot?) is already thinking of the wide open expanses of "other" stuff to do with piles of advantage beyond "well I guess I'll just add a boost die and regain some strain...". Kids are truly awesome in that regard. In my second group, the 11 year old not only thrived on her first RPG experience but she flat out became the idea-gal for the entire group (me included).
  7. You don't have to have Brawn 6 in order to be a viable melee combatant. A Brawn 2, Brawling 2 setup is plenty dandy for dealing out death and dismemberment right out of the gate. Spending some XP as you play and advance on furthering your Brawling, and taking talents like Soft Spot, Deadly Accuracy, Lethal Blows, Sidestep and Dodge and picking up a mono-edge superior quality vibroblade will help turn you into Errol Flynn. YMMV of course.
  8. Star Wars Dice App. Once people start throwing around costs that rival or exceed the core rulebook, it's time to consider the sterile deliciously efficient Dice App. Or have a friend keister a couple sets of the actual dice into your country after they visit the US :-)
  9. If a character's major underpinning motivation is their pet, the monkey lizard being played as a constant source of narrative threat and despair results could cause some in-character issues. Might be more interesting to have the galaxy's most awesome monkey lizard that the party can really get behind and support their PC buddy in. Basically, put it in a tuxedo with a monacle and let it smoke cigars on roller skates. That is like waking up every day to a Triumph result.
  10. Or maybe you are a hard bitten Merc who wouldn't think twice about shooting a person in cold blood for breathin' funny...and you ADORE your very expensive very high maintenance show cat named Boof.
  11. The Beta had an issue with some copies repeating a whole signature series and omitting the actual one. If memory serves, a call or email to FFG customer service got new copies sent to the afflicted. Maybe try that?
  12. One thing I've done is allow Triumph and Despair to flip a point if things start to stagnate. In a way it's kind of like banking the result for later. YMMV.
  13. I'm thinking 60-40. Enough repeat information that some people who have/will have purchased Edge of the Empire will feel like AoR and FaD are just expensive splat books. Enough new information that everyone will buy in anyway. But, as @HappyDaze and @korjik mentioned, it would be a real bummer to have advancement, skills and certain basic talents rewritten differently three times over three games. From that standpoint I am ironically hoping for a HEALTHY amount of repeating. And @DylanRPG brought up a good conciliatory point, in that you could use each core book to look up general rules references. For the people that get into the system later down the line, I hope they get complete games.
  14. I'd actually like to see a bit of MAD creep into Jedi. It will keep them from being able to just juice their physical stats in Brawn and Agility. Because it gets so boring to constantly link high brawn -or- agility = deadly in combat. Until FaD shows me otherwise, I'm hanging my Lightsaber Skill (if it should ever crop up) on Willpower. A Jedi's use and proficiency with a light saber should be linked more closely with their ties to the force and their Disciplined training, than with their size or innate deftness. Sure that stuff may help, but I don't think being huge helps one reach out with their feelings through a blast visor. Neither would agility. For anyone that isn't formally trained in the use of the lightsaber, then yeah a raw Brawn or Agility roll works out just fine for now. I think hanging a darkside force user's Lightsaber Skill on Cunning would also fit thematicly .
  15. If you wear armor you will get critical'ed, so it is best to roam around in a tank top and combat boots. Pants are a species by species basis.
  16. Scholar works great of course but you could also dip into another career to get some defensive or party coordinating abilities. Not to stack direct combat skills onto a non combat character, but there are some interesting talents that could augment a Heady character quite well and play to concept. Like sliding into Mercenary Soldier and going down the field commander route...and play it off in combat as being a bit bossy but effective :-)
  17. Yeah, only additional Obligation boosts add stuff. You can break Obligations down into aggregate multiples if that seems more to your liking.
  18. Or use Jegergryte's fan supplement as a stop gap until then. Free Traders and Freebooters
  19. Obligation is a hook device, and potentially a group dynamic meter. Using it to push an agenda (ie railroading) or punish players is what the rules seem to reject, which I agree with. I've used Obligation increases in a similar fashion to the above responses where the players know when they are taking out some more karmic lines of plot credit as it were. I have had the most fun by offering a non obligation and an obligation option. Using the above example: "If you guys are just looking to unload the Moff's artwork, you can do so. Let's start talking about some skill checks that might come in handy. . . Best case you're looking at a payout in the X credit range and we'll do enough rolling that you guys might get unlucky and end up in the poor house and on the run or worse if Tony's penchant for rolling Despairs tonight is any indication (other players grumble and blame Tony's cheeto covered fingers for poluting their dice)." OR "You guys can step into my Obligation office and we can get you all back in space and on your way with a healthy pay out and NO rolling ." It puts the choice in the group's pocket, and it can create some really lively discussions that allow a GM to sit back and watch the players bicker about whether or not to chance it. Hopefully in a jovial manner.
  20. Flip those Destiny Points on incoming barrages, and pay no mind to the gleam in the GM's eye at having a DS point. Purchase Dodge at the earliest opportunity...and then do it again a few more times Try not to get into fights as though you were playing Dragon Warrior I and triggered a random encounter with a pack of slimes. Corpses do not equal XP / per body as in d20. Stand behind the wookie, or Plush Cover® as they are known to me. One player's wound is another player's good fortune If you get hit with an autofire weapon, consider surrendering, bluffing, fast talking, running, switching sides, or going for a hail mary to work advantage or triumph results to change the battlefield in your favor. Try not to get in a fight unless you start with the upper hand. In the 90%+ of cases where the above is not possible...go with one of the other suggestions . Mostly combat resolves quickly in Edge of the Empire. Deadliness is a group preference and/or current situation thing.
  21. Personal scale weapons of the standard issue can take down air taxis and things that have a big doughnut (0) for armor rating, but for anything beefier than that ... get bigger weapons. Ones that have plush cushiony nerf leather bucket seats, AC and Flight of the Valkyries on autoloop.
  22. ^--This. Stole the words out of my keyboard. I've been brainstorming ways to tie Obligation into more of a Party-Card mechanic. In WFRP it was the party stress meter that caused different things to tee off, and I think an Obligation tracker might work well in Edge of the Empire. I was thinking that as the Obligation level rises (thus creating a reason to manage the total at char-gen), various hindrances and benefits start to emerge. Ob 65 - 80: Paranoia - The party is on edge both physically and mentally. All Vigilance & Perception checks gain (boost). All Discipline & Cool checks gain (setback). I dunno. I'm just going to play the game as close to as-written as I can for a while before I start sub-system'ing myself into a padded room.
  23. I've finished up my black and white (mostly) talent trees. Granted there are some super gorgeous ones floating about, so everyone has a dozen options to choose from. But, more is better right? A few people have poked through them for errors, so they should be pretty good to go at this point. They include up to date page references on each talent and little bubbles to track ranks in ranked skills (maximum possible ranks are shown on the relevant talents). I've opened up the folder on my Google Drive for general sharing as well. If I get asked to take them down I will, since they are all but identical in layout to the ones in the core rulebook plus or minus the style-width of a standard womp rat. But for the time being...cheers and happy gaming! Link is in my sig below
  24. For my 2 credits: Fantastical worlds (ie. Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, Coruscant, Mon Calamari) Zero hard explanations for things beyond a 20's and 30's pulp sci-fi nod toward reality (aerial physics for dogfights in space, artificial gravity everywhere, physics largely ignored for the sake of cool scene setting and stories). Alien looking species with shades of humanity lurking just beneath the surface, and groovy cultural / racial lore. Excessively "lived in" feel to the galaxy. No matter where you go, someone or something was there before. Tyranny, Hope and the drama filling the gap between the two. Huge events of interstellar scope decided by the actions of a few very colorful characters (both the antagoists and protagonists). Stormtroopers, amirite? It wouldn't be Star Wars (to me) without copious numbers of faceless goons whose job it is to fall off of platforms and ride their speeder bikes into trees for no other purpose than to give the heroes of the story something to spout off a jovial quip or 80's action movie line like " " Star Wars is a place for well worn multi-genre tropes from film and fiction to come together on purpose.
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