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  1. FFG seems to scramble up avatar selections every so often. This time around I chose Lord Lannister because he's awesome, but mostly because this particular pic looks a bit like me.
  2. Who said anything about looting corpses? My point was that going from not having to having things can be a cool deal for a character concept that starts off dirt poor. Getting paid enough for an early job to make the next job easier can work. Or swiping a blaster and shooting ones way out of a predicament can work. So, I guess I totally agree with you. Some characters can work just fine in play with 500cr starting money, if you set your mind to it. No need to start sifting through every space thug's pantyhose for grenades. You might simply have a tough job ahead of you until you come up with ways to change your situation with dice and roleplaying.
  3. Maybe THE Bounty Hutners' Guild in its original(ish) form ceases to be after A New Hope. But it doesn't mean that A Bounty Hunters' Guild doesn't exist. Look at the fragmentation of organizations, religions, cultures, nations, etc in our own world. Three Bounty Hunters walk into the Mos Eisley cantina. One is an ex member of the now defunct Bounty Hunter's Guild acting alone. One is a member of the Arkanis Bounty Hunters' Guild. The last one is a member of the Guild of Bounty Hunters. They all are looking for Han Solo. Which one fires first?
  4. Assuming there is some spatial data available (a map, a description of the area...something), eventually you'll need to have people describe where the heck they're going with a disengage. Just like there might be a situation where taking cover isn't available to some participants in a dust-up. Example: So yeah...you can engage, disengage, engage, disengage ad-nauseum. But that's about as much fun as watching paint dry, and is sort of like driving a Ferrari around town in first gear. Play the game mechanics in context, not the system in a vacuum.
  5. Man, I forgot how great that Way of the Gun scene was. Excellent example of using / diving for cover, and a cool ambush setup.
  6. In my spring-time fling group I had a pair of twin characters that pooled their 500 credits together to buy shared equipment. Mostly the players (my little brother and long time friend) wanted to try starting out with the default credit assumption, so they got creative. They ended up with a shared heavy blaster pistol as one of their items. Zyg and Zhag were a hoot in play, and at one point in Escape from Mos Shuuta Zyg rolled a failure and a Despair for the first action of the first combat of the session. We decided that he expertly grabbed his...well the air where his blaster should have been. Meanwhile, not in combat...Zhag had a heavy blaster pistol stuffed in his flight suit. The 500 credit thing has been the fishbone in the cheek for a lot of GMs, but it can work if you can get the players to dig into it. And as mentioned above, it makes looting an extra blaster pistol something of a moment early in the career of a dirt-poor scallywag.
  7. (Talent) Soft Spot: After making a successful attack, spend 1 Destiny Point to add damage equal to Cunning to one hit.
  8. Casablanca Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels League of Gentlemen (UK 1960-ish crime movie...NOT League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) Ocean's Eleven Blow Outland Paper Moon The Godfather 1 & 2 Fistful of Dollars Hang em High Red Sun Big Lebowski Tombstone Unforgiven Italian Job (original) Get Carter (Stalone) Lethal Weapon Payback Man on Fire Space Patrol (1954 tv series) ... pant pant ...
  9. @wormwoode, check out Gribble's reference sheets, nab Donovan and Cyril's species menagerie, dig up the Compiled Resources thread, and then there are various odds and ends floating about. mrvander put together a WEG style character sheet, I did some talent trees. Good luck on Sunday!
  10. Problem solved: If you are running full scale fleet battles between stuff like Mon Cal cruisers and the imperial navy, you'll already be doing a lot of free wheeling and house ruling anyway, so add the ISD to the list of custom cajankery. There are also no stats for blowing up space stations or Tatooine. It's only a /slapinthefaceomgsrsleeeeee if you let it be.
  11. I'd recommend watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Might be some inspiration for complications and hijinks.
  12. Qui-gon rolled a despair and ended up with Jarjar as a sidekick. That GM was a ---- Han rolled some threat and a triumph as the shuttle Tydirium was transmitting its code sequence to land on Endor.
  13. I personally dig the WEG style sheet, so count me in as a happy bald cheerleader on that front.
  14. I don't think Adversary is the anvil-to-the-head that you fear @venkelos. Most NPCs don't stack up a ton of defensive talents like dodge, sidestep, etc...so Adversary becomes sort of the generic store-brand catch-all for NPC defense. For nemeses, yeah it's a marked improvement because they do have all the juicy talents that PCs are packing around as well. Normally it'll go something like the "fight" between Luke and Vader on Bespin. As far as the "how did Luke win" thing, I always thought that Luke got the upper hand (puns!) in RotJ due to other stuff going on internally with both Skywalkers, and likely some meddling by Palpatine.
  15. It's a minimum of one (1). "... decrease the Advantage cost on its Critical, or any single other effect by one to a minimum of one." ~ CRB, p. 138 From my pov, the intent and wording are pretty clear. If I had a lightsaber and felt like applying Jury Rigged to it, I'd probably up the damage by 1. YMMV.
  16. Flipping a destiny point to resist any force power would be kind of short, sweet and easily implemented without potentially lacerating other parts of the rules system. Yeah PCs could attempt to spam their powers so that the GM would spend them to protect their Nemeses or other important goons. But each turn spent blowing one of my Darkside Points...is another round without being picked up and flung like a rag doll to Medium Range vertically. It's sort of like this: Eventually they'll just poke you in the eyes with two fingers, but you have a bit more tactical breathing room until then.
  17. Or a mandalorian ; waxing intellectual over all kinds of military history and the merits of hand to hand combat.
  18. Doctor / Assassin -- Inquisitor, torturer, interogator... the kind of guy that has a couple of really big dudes standing in the room with him as he takes a cleaver to your hands, popping off a little more of your fingers with each knuckle.
  19. There are a lot of ways to deal with seemingly lopsided encounters. Gear, talents, or...spending advantage and triumph creatively: Exhibit A
  20. Sure, but this is the Edge of the Empire. This particular Star Wars offereing is going to offer a lot of cracks to hide in and rugs to be swept under. But, as much as I hate quoting Phantom Menace "there's always a bigger fish." If you are going to retaliate against PCs in-game (first put on your hip waders because it's going to get s---y and turn into a game of one-upsmanship with the players but...whatever. Talking to people is over rated): One of the lol-worthy bystanders that gets capped just so happens to be the child/cousin/sibling of the kind of person who takes a dim view of those who harm their peeps...and tend to retaliate in such a way that leaves entire bloodlines erased from the face of the galaxy. Screw bounties. This is Keyser Söze s---. Someone's getting shot and then set on fire. Unleash the dugs of war OH crap that's no civilian! One of the bystanders just so happens to be a nemesis level foe. Who may have buddies on the way. Good luck getting off world. Elude the authorities and other gangs all you want. At some point you're going to want to engage in the Star part of the Wars and then it'll get super hairy. Patsies patsies everywhere. Since the PCs will be making a name for themselves as a group of nerf-minded ninnies, one of their Obligation holders sends them on a "job" that is simply designed to draw all kinds of heat down on them while another more sane crew does something useful.
  21. Check out this thread: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/80334-a-quick-dice-interpretation-question/#entry825800
  22. It's odd to find so much character synergy between relatively unrelated specialization trees. Bodygaurd / Politico -- Good support for an officer type character. Survivalist / Trader -- Big game hunter/poacher with some black market parts dealing. They kind of guy that on Earth could get you a kilo of powdered white rhino horn by lunch. If you're paying top dollar for space slug steaks...this cat's got you covered. Scholar / Scout -- Indiana Jones in space. Maurader / Fringer -- Ex convict or...escaped convict
  23. Murder hobos in spaaace, is best handled at the people level. Trying to solve a game mechanics or playstyle issue in-play is kind of like trying to fix a squeaky hinge on a door by yelling at it like a tusken raider* *due to quantum theories and general chaos in the universe there is probably someone in Ohio that has fixed a door this way. If every living being in your version of Star Wars is simply an untapped source of arterial paint, and the galaxy is your canvas? Keep on keepin' on. Otherwise just mention out-of-game to the players that it's less than fun for you to GM for a game where every diplomacy situation devolves into that one scene in every Quentin Terantino movie. The players may also mention some stuff that you are or aren't doing that has resulted in them acting this way. I've run into this kind of problem in the past because of: play-style differences, my inexperience with a rule-set, or being absent myself and failing to come up with ways of hooking the players' attention. It's kind of like a puppy chewing a piece of footware. Sure the little bugger might have really wanted to eat your shoe just to say ----- you! Or, maybe the little dear just need something to chew on and all it had to hand was your purple suede thigh-highs (yeah like you don't have a pair...don't judge me). Maybe your players just need lots of mooks and enemies to put holes and laser burns in @sockmerchant. So, have the Star Wars equivalent of ninjas drop out of every ceiling and leap from behind every door...otherwise your poor little rodian IT nerds are going to bear the brunt of the assault . But the only way to know for sure is just to talk with your table-buddies.
  24. That's assuming that the sniper wasn't just a spec-ops Rancor Sniper in the 1st Dathomiri Batallion, Stomparse Brigade
  25. I'd go with the armchair non-answer of "enough money to make a person run down to their ship at drydock, fire up the ion engines and burn hyperspace accross an entire galaxy* to collect on it." *Failing that, replace "entire galaxy" with "system," "sector," or "quadrant." If I'm Dog the Bounty Hunter, I'm not leaving Hawaii to track down some dingdong low-life in Lengefeld, Germany for less than six figures. However, if that same low life was a personal enemy of mine that made fun of my crazy mullet all the time? I'd probably go for much less.
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