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  1. You could also do flashback vignettes designed to roleplay how the crew came together (just like the Firefly episode "Out of Gas" that you mentioned @Noldorion), and then snap to a present scenario where they are in dire straits (ie. they have already been boarded, and subdued by a crooked Imperial/CorSec/System patrol that intends to take their ship and vent them all into space).
  2. I've been using Obligation as a way to let players choose to make things easier/harder for themselves. Sort of like a pay-me-Tuesday-for-a-hamburger-today thing. It gets a bit meta-gamey I suppose, but I've offered a reduction in Obligation in return for letting me add more foes, upgrade certain key check difficulties, etc. And on the flip side I'll occaisionally offer up Obligation increases or new obligation in return for a get-out-quick exchange like downgrading enemies to minions, having help show up, or just jump cutting to the players battered and banged up but somehow having triumphed over rediculous odds. All that is in addition to sitting back while players overtly act to increase or decrease obligations in play. In terms of triggering an in-game manifestation of a character's personal baggage on doubles, I haven't really been that diligent about making sure it happens that or even next session. I wait for a moment when it makes sense to impact a session in a contextual way and just keep a sticky-note or a scribble to remind me that a given player has something headed their way. And thus far it has been more enjoyable in an odd way, for my players at least, when their Obligation triggers and it doesn't crop up that session. They know the boot is coming down and the paranoia can lead to interesting bits of fun. Such as that character deciding that they need to make good on some part of their Obligation before I have a chance to break Aunt Space-May's knees off camera.
  3. Is there a chance of any of you kind beta-having souls giving us unwashed masses some picture peeks at the other non-duplicate AoR specialization talent trees and Foresee force power? I suppose I can just wait until the book is in my hands in a few weeks ... but patience is so very painful.
  4. Callidon


    ^---Luke would have started out with Obligation: Oath (Vengeance) I think (the film minutes leading up to the barbequeing of his auntie and uncle count as back story, imo). Then he picked up Duty: Personnel (as his commitment to the survival of those around him was paramount to even his own safety or willful progression of his Destiny: Reckoning). By the end he's still got a desire for vengeance against the empire (for Beru, Owen, Obi Wan, Biggs, Dak, and many others off screen), whilst trying to keep his friends (and new family revelation) alive. He finally accepts that he has to confront Vader to accomplish his Duty, settle his Obligation and achieve his Destiny. All in one pinnacle encounter. That ---- is epic. I think it'll all work out swimmingly to have a character saddled with all kinds of baggage .
  5. Also remember that Scathing Tirade is only going to be working on the scale of what, a couple strain on a few enemies (on a great day)? The improved version adds a single setback die for a couple rounds. It's not some amazing lol-spammable "game-winning" exploit waiting to happen here guys and gals. Certainly less of a potential in-game mechanical annoyance than Force Users yanking weapons out of anyone's hands for a single force point. Scream all you want at the mynocks. If you manage to scare them all away? Heck yeah! Those things are an annoying chore on the best day. Thanks for letting us get back to the scenario at hand. Scold that Rancor to the best of your ability. It's probably going to eat you next round anyway.
  6. My awesome wifey made me Star Wars cupcakes for my birthday. In addition to sharing the love, I also realized that this sight is what happens when a group of characters gets way way in over their heads with a wrathful GM who decides to drop the hammer and throw a few nemeses and a horde of stormtroopers at the party. Everyone rolls for initiative, certain that this is going to be a depressingly short combat encounter ... ...and then someone rolls a Triumph. So the bad news ... y'all are probably going to die The good news ... at least the force gave you cupcakes beforehand. Cheers everybody. And happy gaming!
  7. I do something around 2xp per hour of time spent actually playing (snack breaks, slapfights, puppet shows and catching up on Dallas don't count) + frequent bonuses for "stuff." I award XP at the ends of Episodes for published stuff and when there is a break in the in-game action when we go off the hyperspace lanes into starbox territory. My first group that has been on and off again due to real life schedules is sitting at about +120ish XP in just under a year. We aren't a marathon session crew, or a group that gets together once a week though. If we had been playing more regularly or longer sessions we'd probably be about double that.
  8. >music swells, Star Wars logo whips by, opening crawl< Get a digital camera of some kind GO HERE, fill out the form and upload your photo(s) Take up knitting or kickboxing in the shipping interim Enjoy your new undamaged book >fin<
  9. It'll be Destiny. I'd pierce my nipples if it isn't. In the OT every light and dark side force user makes mention of Destiny in relation to the force at some point. Obi-Wan: Your Destiny lies down a different path | You cannot escape your Destiny Palpatine: It is unavoidable, it is your Destiny Darth Vader: You can destroy him. It is your Destiny | If that is your Destiny; Yoda: If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your Destiny
  10. I've got some basic ones in greyscale that make tracking talent paths and ranked skills fairly painless. Link is in my sig.
  11. You kind of have to step back and look at minions as a gelatenous blob of game mechanics. Yes, when they recieve enough wounds to hit an aggregate member's threshold they lose a member. BUT, they still have one overall wound pool. So rolling a crit on a minion group that is 1 wound away from weakening/losing a member allows you to add a minion member's worth of wounds with the crit, and deal the rest of the damage to the mechanical blob normally (thus whacking another minion member)
  12. Stormtroopers for me have always been 'armchairs with guns' or 'ninjas behind the curtains' Basicly they exist to fill the air with blaster fire, ramp up the action of a scene without it turning into a Baghdad street fight, show up en masse to give the main characters something/someone to karate chop, etc.
  13. Riding (Surface) (Agility) Riding (Airborne) (Agility) As far as making the players ride taun-tauns, I'm not sure they exist. But I'd probably default to threats and throwing things* *I do not actually advocate threats or throwing things, just in case anyone takes this statement as super serious.
  14. We interpret pools at the end result, not as each aggregate die is rolled. If narrative fatigue is working its way into your sessions then consider that you may be asking for checks and rolls too often out of combat. For example, there's no need to have everyone roll perception checks at every hallway intersection in a dungeon installation crawl stroll. I borrow a little of Burning Wheel's "Let it Ride" with Edge of the Empire, where a test result holds until the conditions or situation changes in such a way that a new roll is warranted. Otherwise we continue on abiding by the results of the previous check. And when the whole party may have rolled a check in d20 star wars, pair it down to one roller with assistance from the others for EotE. That way you aren't trying to determine how to apply a Triumph from two or three players at a time in the same situation. Combat has the highest density of rolls in any game, and EotE is no different. Let the narrative stuff happen when it happens. Don't force it, or it'll be like having someone stand over your shoulder yelling "SING PRETTY!!!!" all the time (I mean...I DO have the dulcid tones of an angel, but a kid can't perform all the time). Don't feel bad about getting mechanical with applications of Advantage, Threat, Despair and Triumph in combat. Trying to make every blaster bolt and swing of a sword into something that the Ugnaught Spacebards will oink of for a thousand generations is going to wear anyone out. Despair and Triumph do lend themselves to a little special consideration, but deciding on a weapon jam or a crit isn't going to get anyone lynched for badwrongfun. One thing I have done to keep myself and my players from slipping into mechanical adjustment complacency is to querry before results are applied with "anyone got anything cool to add before we dive in?" I'd say that about 1 in 4 combat rolls results in someone at the table seeing a pile of net Threat or Advantage and going "OH dude....I totally got something." And of course there are going to be some combat encounters that just have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, where narrative interpretations and inspiration flow easy.
  15. For Gand, maybe start with russian words...then mash them around and reconfigure. So in the end you get names that can be chirped, clicked and buzzed. Such as: Pomschnik, Zamestisii, Libaroknit, Boubazzid, Ukryvatzo
  16. I tend to go with real world names and then mash them up until they sound alien. Rodians work great by starting with an Italian name or word, then you stomp on it until it sounds right. Twi'leks work well with albanian words or names the same way. Google Translate is your friend as well. Going with the Rodian to Italian thing Leaper = Saltatore ...grind it up... Salto Toray Twi'leks from Albanian Dumpling = Trashaluq ...grind it up... Tras Haluk YMMV
  17. Tips on surviving EotE Combat: Don't play with guns kids. Your space-moms weren't joking. That sith is dangerous. Don't play with knives kids. Seriously didn't your robo-nanny ever teach you anything? No one wants to go out in a bodybag so use your words and your cred-stick Discretion really is the better part of valor. Most deals get worse all the time. Plan accordingly. Before the fur starts to fly, plan your exit as cleanly as you can...who are we kidding it won't ever be clean... still give it the old college try. Walls are your friend. Hide behind durasteel ones and tuck in your dangly bits wherever and whatever those might be. Don't poke anything out...it'll get shot at. Don't stay in one place for long. Can't hit what you can't see. Try to remedy that without being seen yourself. Curiosity killed the gand. Don't look around the corner when the blaster bolts stop unexpectedly. Don't run in and grab the satchel full of credit chits in the center of the old motel courtyard. Don't steal the cake, because it is a lie. Dirty old tricks are always the best ones. Especially the one where you call down a CorSec Authority raid on your own meetup to give you the chaotic cover needed to escape ... and at least prison is three squares a cycle. Wookies make for awesome, if slightly musty, mobile plushie cover. Don't listen to the Order 66 podcast. No one else does. The Galaxy can't see your setback dice, but they can see you. That can be problematic. Refer to #1 - #13
  18. Throw things at high soak PCs in real life. Grapes, cheetos, wads of crumpled up character sheets...until they stop having so much soak.
  19. People do realize that Defense and Soak are separate things right? If, by design, you are wearing armor you might be slightly harder to hit, but mostly it helps in the damage department by adding soak. If you are wearing padded armor and hiding behind a crate, the crate is making you harder to hit (as designed). The armor is making you harder to damage. FFG could have allowed both items to stack, but they didn't. Edge of the Empire is designed to make hitting people a small part of what goes into a combat encounter. You don't, and shouldn't imo, need to build an entire character around being able to hit or avoid being hit in combat (there's already a game for that...it's called d20). Instead, we've got: defense, action economy, gear, gear qualities, talents, skills (even non combat ones), modifier symbols on the dice, characteristics, destiny points, soak, strain, wounds and critical hits that all feed together to make a combat encounter a dynamic thing. That is, if you choose to make it so. But trying to redesign the game to play like another game seems odd to me. Unless you are also going to redesign the other factors of combat that will stack up and influence each other. Anyway, everyone is totally free to play and houserule the game how ever they want. I don't mean to belittle anyone's game preferences because I've got my own quibbles and tweaks as well. If the game gives you brussel sprouts and you hate brussel sprouts, I'm certainly not going to force you to like them. I just think that it's hard to drill too deeply into a single aspect of the game mechanics without seeing how other things hang together. Mostly I just hope every group that actually plays Edge of the Empire is able to get the experience out of it that they enjoy. Sorry for the soapbox ranting (but not sorry enough to not post it) .
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