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  1. Due to various comrades starting up fall coursework, and the start of volleyball season at my house, EotE has been getting a break. But I've already planned to yank it off the shelf around the holidays when my peeps are freed up again. Even though I haven't played it weekly since the Beta, I've run EotE enough to have fatigued of it were it not so much fun to play. It is the first game I've played in ... maybe ever ... that has actual fun rules. Usually the mechanics are just something I have to wade through in other games. But this game is fun. Even a year in. Thanksgiving can't come quick enough for me. As always, YMMV.
  2. Just because cover can apply at any time, doesn't mean it should. I'd say take the sensible route. If it makes sense to the group that a certain combatant or group wouldn't be able to take cover from another combantant or group of assailants ... that's all you need to worry about. You can't sensibly grant cover to people standing in a perfectly cubic docking bay with smooth floor, walls, cieling, and no clutter or obstructions. Relying on "well it says here that I can spend a maneuver to take cover" defeats the whole purpose of cinematic combat. Trying to figure out from the description given or the visual aids present ... just what the heck your options are from round to round is what makes combat more fun that "I take cover, I spend 2 strain to aim, I fire...I hit...I deal damage...."
  3. No book for you! Happy birthday btw . Whatever you do, don't read a newspaper. That s--- is far too depressing for a birthday. NOW, back to AoR not being available and so on ...
  4. I think it is just a preference thing for me. I don't believe that the iconic characters should be unkillable or immune to character driven "things" that happen in an IP specific game like Star Wars. BUT, I don't want them overtly published and mucking about in my games in a statted up way. I don't care if two astromech droids wielding paperclips could take down Emperor Palpatine in-game. I just don't need the distraction of "oh man my character is cooler than Vader!" or "ooooh look at Vader's stats, aren't they siiiiiick?" If my characters come into conflict with an iconic persona, I'll come up with a challenge that is appropriate to the game we're playing and the situation at hand. It might be a fully statted up fight, or it could be more handwavey. The existence of officially published stats swings the "accepted" means of handling the situation out of an individual group's control. I don't need a player coming to me in the middle of a session or afterward going "dude we totally could have taken Vader down. You cheeeeated us!" Even if FFG ends up statting up the iconics at some point I'll just ignore it, and be clear about my intent to do so with the people I play with. I've got 99 in-game problems, Vader's stats ain't one.
  5. Just tell them "Inches only matter to carpenters, architects and prostitutes. You are in range of my MkII Death Star and I will be detonating your Mon Cal cruiser...nowish"
  6. If you try to get tactical with a 28mm scale map ... you will highlight the abstract nature of this system's combat. That can either be a plus or a minus. But rest assured, you will end up staring at the distance from one model to the next and the things you can do and the things you can't do with the system will slide left of center. That being said, I personally use maps for relative placement. We move our markers/minis/food around the battle-mat more like pieces on a strategy war room table. We'll pick up Arte Vandalay, the importer exporter smuggler and set him down over here this round, and then pick him up and set him down over there next round, or set a cheeto in front of him for the cover he found, etc. There is no counting boxes, hexes, line of sight measurements (they either are or aren't), or the snapping sounds of a metric tape measurer. For me, maps help keep the scene straight in my head. So when a modifier result of Threat, Advantage, Triumph or Despair comes up I can quickly build an application based on what we're all looking at, and the players don't feel like they are being arbitrarily gimped, or inadequately rewarded. We can visually see and agree that Stevedave is probably going to get caught in the bad-times explosion of Mr. Vandalay's badly hurled grenade.
  7. Where do all the bullets in action movies go? They can't simply evaporate. BUT, they move beyond the scope of the scene and we don't worry too much about falling bullets (or debris) killing innocent bystanders a mile or so away. That would be the GURPS version of an action movie. So, in FFG's dN system you have a similar scenario. It's not that the blaster bolts vanish with a sucking pop sound. You are setting a general hand-wavey distance for each range band anyway. Beyond a particular weapon's maximum range they are ineffectual for trying to snap off a hipshot to take down a space-pigeon on the wing in the particular scene or encounter you are roleplaying in.
  8. Yeah, that's where it gets a little hand-wavey. At least in how I've been throwing it down. I have been more or less forcing situations to lean back a bit toward Cool applying more often just to get some variety tossed around. I suppose you could just flat out go arbitrary and flip a coin :-). The hard part is that it's almost always easier to justify surprise than some sort of "pistols at dawn" stare down where it seems like Vigilance is not only easier but intended. In Long Arm of the Hutt you have some "if, then" applications of Cool, but that just seems to reinforce what you've highlighted in the quoted text above. For example, in the "A Violent Interception" encounter, I simply set it up as a Cool check for the attackers and a Cool check for the PCs. There is mention of the PCs biffing the sensors or some such, but rather than having some potential for Vigilance to apply I just made a choice and stuck it out regardless of how well or badly the PCs were aware. Mostly it comes down to sacrificing believability for applicability of both intiative skills. But that's just my own take on things, so as always YMMV.
  9. Well if you are going to respond to the things I type, then what am I going to fuel my b.s. engine with!? Sorry for my off-center nonsequitor that hung you up. But, players can complain when their optimal thing doesn't apply though right? Let's go with that as the thrust of my point above instead of tossing it out the window entirely. Applying Cool or Vigilance to one or both sides in an encounter is easy enough if you just decide which one could/should apply. No encounter is ever going to be 100% one thing or the other, and some of the characters on one side or another will probably not fit the ruling perfectly. But it keeps things simple and cuts down on people taking their best initiative skill and applying it in every situation to rack up the best initiative slots for the group.
  10. The link in my sig goes to my Google Drive. I'd recommend that if you want updated stuff. And all credit on my end goes to mrvander for giving me the bones to work with.
  11. So you don't roll for initiative slots in your group? If someone has a lowsy score they have a higher chance of contributing lower intiative slots to the group don't they? That's how I read it to work, and how it has played out for me anyway. But play the game how you like I suppose.
  12. It may kind of fly in the face of RAW, but you could have stimpacks work on Strain and rather than diminishing returns, have the drawback be something like one (1) setback die per use added to dice pool roll results for the duration of the encounter or scene. So if someone is popping stimpacks like crazy they are going to be swinging things out of their favor with a growing pile of black dice as the sparks begin to crowd in the corners of their vision and they get the blood-sugar dump (or whatever their internal reactive chemistry is anyway) shakes. Anywho...just spit-ballin', feel free to ignore my wild babbling.
  13. If it were more of a stat for tat game system, stats would give some framing to hang Ol' Vadey pants on. But in dN, all Vader needs is a picture. I'm going with this one for my games:
  14. I round up and down on the Cool vs. Vigilance divide. If I can rationalize (ever so slightly) one or the other based on the conditions (not skill checks, or other character level justifications), then I do so. That way you don't have players wanking out on one skill or the other and lobbying for that skill's continued use in their special snowflake case. For the pre-fabbed adventures I've just assigned one skill or the other for a fight. For my free-wheeling out-the-bum encounters I just wing it on the fly with something like "okay guys give me some Cool checks for go-slots." Mostly it allows characters with a higher rating in one particular initiative skill to shine in some situations, and be at a disadvantage in others. Thus far it seems to work well, for me and my band of hairless ape players anyway. As a GM it is also kind of sickly satisfying to have at least one player in each combat encounter go "of course it would have to be a Cool/Vigilance fight ... looks like I'm going to be acting at the speed of smell. I hate you Jesse."
  15. 1) Strain. Medpacs are for wounds. Another reason why getting shot up can put a hitch in a player's get-along. :edit: DEEERRRRP. I am clearly in need of more coffee. Stimpacks work on wounds, but have a diminishing return on stimpack spamming. 2) Roger that Ghost Rider 3) If you want to port this over, you could do it any way you want really. A couple ideas that spring to mind for me: Have the droid list the routes they have memorized for a session or an episode or scene ... some pre-built list. If it is a player character, let the astromech player flip a destiny point to get the group out of having to roll an Astrogation check anytime. Since you don't need to roll an Astro check for every.single.jump, and only do it when the chips are down and everyone is yelling "they told me they fixed it! it's not my fault!" the droid character could be kind of awesome in that regard "beep bop boop beeeeeeep" translation: don't worry beaches, I got this. No matter what, astromech players should have to speak in beeps and whistles at the table. I mean that's just good manners.
  16. I've updated my force power trees for use in my mixing and matching of EotE and AoR content duing the playtest and on into the core release of AoR. They aren't scans, and fall in the realm of other fan content, character sheets and quick play references that feature the proprietary dice symbols, rules excerpts and/or charts from the books. Link is in my sig.
  17. I've treated droids as property with licensing and ownership records. Of course once you go off the beaten path and into a grubby asteroid pustule of a smuggler space-port, things are much more black market. You can get bootlegs of your favorite holovids on every corner. But droids are kind of expensive for your average thug on the edge...even the simple labor ones. And occaisionally people hide things in droids that would make absconding with a droid as "loot" a really bad idea. Like the kind of bad idea that gets you shot and burned to a husk alongside your spouse before your swooshy haired nephew and his elderly confirmed bachelor friend can save you. Make off with all the droids you want. Though it means that it can happen to PC droids just as easily, which should be a constant source of paranoia and electronic terror-programming for them. And someday you might giggle and roll your way into trafficking a looted droid that someone just happens to give a very big poodoo about. All that being said, it's a fiat world...and I am a fiat girl...or boy. Expecting extensive game mechanics, economics and other balances to keep players from acting in ridiculous ways (playing droid Pokemon for example) is a long wait for a train that won't come. :Edit: Above all the doom and gloom that can drop on the heads of droid looty players ... how are they getting their entourage of clanking hype-bots from point A to point B? A cloud of droids is rather consipicuous, imo. And if they are just selling them for quick credits they should be getting pretty crappy prices for them since the fence is going to have to potentially have the above-mentioned things happen to him/her/it, so the cash goes to the being with their fingers on the cutting board.
  18. Combat resolves quickly. This isn't a blow-by-blow six second round combat system. Characters standing in a 10m square room pounding away on each other is going to be crazy fast, ultra bloody and super boring. If you need game mechanics to draw out such a fight for an hour or so of play time there are game systems for that. The fact that Han can't just stand amidst a wash of foes laughing maniacally as his AC and vitality deflect and soak up blaster shots is a feature, not a bug. Characters have to get more creative than unloading on autofire and then reflexing their way to good health and fame. If you know four or five direct blaster hits are going to put a hitch in your get-along, the guy holding a blaster to your buddy's dome is more than just the start of a d20 brawl. You might actually interact with NPCs, bluff, get the slicer to kill the lights and take advantage of the chaos... For actual fans of narrative hand-wavy systems this one brings the noise and the funk.The point is, there are about half a dozen separate mechanics that play into combat beyond success and damage. Then there are the narrative assumptions intended by design. Situational mods, soak, talents, NPC rules, destiny points, modifier results like advantage/threat/triumph/despair, and this is one you can't easily vacuum seal and theory-craft....in-game context.
  19. The way it would probably go down at my table: Nosepicking Slouch of a Gamer (NSG): I wanna blow up that bidunz wall GM: What the aych is a bidun NSG? NSG: Comeon mayn the <potty talk> bill deeeeeeng, kay? GM: With what will you blow it, satchel mouth? NSG: Mayn, Ima slap you when this is over. Just you wait you skinny jeans wearin mutha.... Other Gamer (OG): ... girls girls don't make me turn on the hose ... Dude Jess we got a missle tube last time, we're obviously using that. GM: You will address me as Master or The Game...one setback dice for using my given name in a forum post...Anyway, let's talk collateral damage. I just want you to roll a simple check. If you end up with net failures, the wall is gonna come down but in a less favorable way. For every threat that crops up I'm going to dust a bystander which will shorten the response time for the fuzz to start showing up. If we see a Triumph then it is going to be as awesome as Han blowing up the Death Star shield generator and taking no damage 50ft away crouching behind a fern, and everything you would want to happen for detonating explosives in an urban setting will go your way. Savy? NSG: I'm rollin. *clack clack* OOOOOOHHHHHHHH suck it Skinny Jeans!!! That wall is comin' down like you momma's <serious potty talk> GM: *flips a Dark Side point* A cart of space bees tips over in the street near your current position, and they swarm you NSG. OG and the rest of you can go explore your perfectly detonated wall hole. >Fade to black< Note...I don't typically abuse gamers in such a way...the above was for jovial fun
  20. @Rookhelm, You bet your sweet bippy Sure thing jelly bean You assume correctly, and curiosity killed the cathar so stop it :edit: Source for the above assurances = I just furiously shook my iPhone in front of my face until I could confirm. #PlayTestingForReelz
  21. I'd say merge the two into one whole instead of trying to remain parallel. Let the current hardpoint modification system stand. But instead of hardpoint availability and credits being the only limiting factor, hang them on your spec tree idea like little grapes. That way, as you work through the advancement of a specialization for a vehicle you lay out some of the extant vehicle upgrades that can be purchased with credits, and also have your custom XP based upgrades that can be purchased by players. Depending on the vehicle chosen as a base type by the group, they might not be eligible for every one of the hardpoint modifications. But it would go a long way toward advancing group ships on a theme. I really like it @thesplash. And as long as Gand player characters get a reduction in the XP required for purchasing upgrades I'd support it!
  22. I would recommend maps to help get the encounter or set-piece description accross if you have more visual oriented players (I am, and a couple of my players are such). I tend to use a vinyl mat because it's around, big, and easily visible. But we just use pennies, popcorn and junk like that for keeping relative position and showing features of the terrain. You could use minis as long as people don't start trying to get all tactical gamey with em because this system really isn't conducive to an Iron Kingdoms or DD4E combat layout.
  23. Disengage in a vacuum is abuse-worthy and broken. Disengage in play is simply one of many options that a person may use to try and keep themselves from venting their preferred breathing mixture through holes in their chest/carapace/membrane/chasis. Keep in mind that it's fine to ask a player "how" when they want to do something in dN. Not just to be a knee-chopping jerk of a GM, but this game system is designed with the intent of describing actions and intents in cool ways (where creative juices permit of course). "I use disengage, spend 2 strain to aim and then fire" might work when all other ideas run out (or at like 11pm after a 10hour sesh), but you should generally have some kind of contextual queues to work with that will guide your round by round choices; assuming you have a doodle / map of an area or a description or...the usual stuff that exists in an encounter. If every fight occurs on even terrain in the spatial equivalent of the Utah salt flats ... any game system is going to be "abused" and more importantly, boring. Sure it CAN happen ... chasing down Jawas on Tatooine with a hydrospanner is an age old tradition in star wars gaming, I know. But usually the players will see (or have a description of) where they are in a combat encounter and know that certain manuevers just aren't available to them at the moment (crap there isn't s--- for cover near me ... I am backed up to a wall ... gulp). Play the game, not the system.
  24. Here here, harumph harumph harumph! I propose a new Pro-Gand faction! The Federated Union for the Gand as Lovable Insectoids (F.U.G.L.I)
  25. You wouldn't roll twice, because they're using assistance. If they are both untrained trying to bring down a Wookie...yikes. Still it's better than either of them trying on their own. After all, just look what happened when Chewie broke loose in the Death Star (dudes be flyin' through the air). As far as other things to try: Destiny Point flip to upgrade their pool. Or roleplay it out. Or ... as C-3PO suggested, let the wookie win. Or let the other characters use another skill besides Brawl to oppose the wook. Maybe Athletics or Coordination or hell even Medicine if someone has a med-kit...pump that crazy upright bear-dog-man full of tranq's. But in general, yeah taking on trained people with other untrained people should be a poorly stacked deal.
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