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    map pack 1

    According to the FFG site- The Tide of Iron Map Upgrade pack lets players update their original map boards with brand new artwork and enhanced colors. Players can also use these with their existing Tide of Iron boards to create epic level battles. Also included is the cardboard from the base game with upgraded obstacles such as tank traps, bunkers, and hills, giving players much more flexibility when creating custom scenarios and recreating famous battles. There where no tank traps or bunkers in my map pack. Did I get ripped or is this a typo?
  2. I have a scenario I've been working on for a while that uses normandy boards. Could it be published with a photo of the actual map and the needed text in a .pdf? Or is there an issue I'm not seeing?
  3. I don't see a need for the BAR or SMG's. We already have elite infantry which can represent this pretty well. I still vote for jeeps.
  4. I've been playing around with mine all evening. Very nice.
  5. What I'd like to see is a 3 hex bridge and a set of wide river tiles to make epic take the bridge scenarios. Maybe even small boats tossed in to make it interesting. As for new rules I think the cards to a pretty good job of that. Might consider a card expansion with new commanders and special effects.
  6. Jeeps. Whats an American army without jeeps? I'd like one with a .50 mounted on the back of it.
  7. I like the idea they have with the MG's. The way I look at it is a single MG simulates a light MG and a double a Heavy. Heavy being more suited to bunker duty.
  8. I suspect they where not happy with the original art and decided to improve on it. I imagine future expansions will have the same improved art. I would like to see what they look like before i order though.
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