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  1. You're not the only one wondering whats going on. I've been watching the site closely to see where this is headed. I've even been holding off playing much till I see the changes. Scott
  2. I thought about doing something like that. Would be more like a campain than a scenario then. I noticed they are putting out an outdoor map with the next expansion. I may wait to see if I want to include that. One of the ideas I am playing with is for a multi player game where the Reich is split into 2 factions with conflicting objectives. Such as Eva has orders to kill Henziger. Not sure about that one yet. I have a playtest setup on the coffee table ATM with the castle and crypt maps seeing how long it will play out and trying to work out how to play the portal ritual timing so the Union can arrive just as the drama peeks. The number 666 will be used I can say that much. Did some dice rolling tests on that one today. Right now it looks like 6 on six with trooper reinforcments for a 2 map game. May add some mercs for a multi player version. Multi player looks to have the best possibilities for tension and drama. Thanks for the input. Scott
  3. I've been working up a scenario that plays out the fiction in the rulebook. Basicly It starts with Eva at the radio calling for reinforcments just as the Union comes through the front door. Heizinger and OZO are in the crypt working on the ritual to open the portal. There are several more details but what I'm trying to decide is weather to use both maps at the same time in a linked fashion or weather to break this into 2 linked games. Do you think it's too much to use both maps at the same time? Seems doable to me but could make for a longish game.
  4. Burnhamalive said: I was under the impression that "Days of the Fox" had a whole British army included. You should look at the rules for normandy and days of the fox which are available for download. The unit counts are in them and you'll see about half of the british army and it's vehicles are in each set.
  5. I like the PF system. They could add more circles to the maps though. I'd like to see more maps too but I prefer the good quality. Maybe they could sell them both ways? Paper or card stock. And by all means flesh out the story mode and give us a senario editor plz.
  6. 5 times? Are you stranded on a desert island? j/k The Americans have the advantage in almost all the scenarios. The designer of this one even says so in the notes. I've played about 20 of them so far. You got to be tricky to play the Germans. We where talking about giving this one a try this winter when we have more time for games. I even built a large game table just for big battles like this one. If you like monster scenarios you should check out my Battle for Monte Cassino scenario posted at BGG. It can be played with only the base set and 1 each expantions.
  7. I can't see a russian expansion in a regular box. If I was making it I would do an all new 12 map set with urban maps. The russian army alone will require more than a small expansion. It took 2 expansions to get all the British out. Not only that but there are alot of eastern front fans that could be lured to TOI by a full scale release. I say big box with a full russian army, tanks, trucks some american lend lease stuff etc. and enough Germans to get a game going. Maybe some new german vehicles to further tempt exisiting players. I'd also do another designer series book dedicated mostly to the east front.
  8. You gain 2 additional cover dice that are rolled during the attack. You would declare you are using the card as soon as the attack is declared but before the dice are rolled. That's how I see it.
  9. Did anyone ever find out if it was ok with FFG to scan the boards and put them online? I know there are photos of them on BGG but not hi res scans. I have the means to make scenarios this way using scans and an image editor but unsure if it would be legal or not.
  10. I think it would be kinda hard to do considering how large the battle was. Needs to be broken down into smaller parts for a game. I have one based on the movie that's almost done. I just need to playtest it. It's on a 12 tile map but does use some extra overlays from the Normandy set and 1 gun from DotF.
  11. We played Crossroads today and I agree it is unwinable by the germans. I managed to eliminate 4 of the shermans and heavily damaged 4 others.
  12. Looks like someone overlooked the playtest phase.
  13. Why would it be wierd to have a crew of an open top vehicle abandon it and run in the woods when faced with greater firepower? The M10 was lightly armored. If I was in one and a King Tiger opened up I think I might bail out. Infantry was pretty much screwed when facing armor. All I would change is to increase the range and make it area effect rather than direct fire.
  14. I agree that some scenarios are unbalanced but there where alot of battles that where unbalanced in WW2 as well. Infact I would say it was very rare to have anything like balance on the real battlefield since commanders would not attck if they did not have superior firepower and a very good chance to win. Sure there where some acts of desperation but as a rule if you planned an attack you made sure the odds where in your favor. So the question is do you want your game to be gamey or realistic?
  15. I would stick with the standard rules on suppresing the M10 meaning that you'd use the vehicle attack numbers. I'd also say this would pin/disrupt not damage the vehicle since all suppresion does is force the crew to take cover. I do have a beef with the way the firepower is handled with all tank units against infantry. it seems the designers have only allowed them to use a MG against infantry. Have they ever heard of HE rounds? This would make the assult guns more effective the only issue would be targeting would be area effect. I'll likely cook up a house rule to fix that at some point if FFG doesn't revise it.
  16. Yep, setup (and pickup) goes way faster if you have the parts in organizers.
  17. The best use for a medic unit is the extra cover die units get. The heal action is best saved for when they have nothing else to do.
  18. I put some new scenarios up for playtesting if anyones interested. app.fantasyflightgames.com/tideofiron_scenarios.html They are: Cassino- an epic scale Monte Cassino battle on an 8 tile map. ( some solo testing done, will be played this weekend) Hell is for heros- A small assault on a pillbox battle on a 2 tile map. ( playtested a couple of times seems to work ok, good quickie game) Huertgen Hotel- A forest engagment on a 6 tile map. (so far untested) Castle Hill- U.S. Army Rangers assault Bergstien and hill 400 in 1944 on 12 map tiles. (so far untested) Feel free to comment. JSA
  19. That's kinda dumb since they where often used as direct fire support for infantry actions.
  20. I think the rules are pretty clear on this. From pg.34 of the rules: If the defender’s number of hits equals or exceeds that of the attacker, the assault is unsuccessful. The active unit and any supporting units are fatigued, and the Assault action is over
  21. It would be nice to see troops sold seperate. I doubt we'll see it though.
  22. The way I look at it they have already a way to have heavy or light machine guns. 2 mg on a base is a heavy mg for all practical purposes. Why complicate things further? I like the simplified abstract rules TOI uses. It makes the game more fun to play than the old school military games.
  23. Looks good. What kind of paint did you use? How does the paint hold up with use?
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