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  1. Grand Stone said: Nah it will definitivly be the same color as in Axis and allies. I'm interested in the specilizations... I'm going with Brown. Maybe we'll see shock troops or militia. But what I'd really like to see is Heros.
  2. If you like the game the book is worth the price despite the typos. IMO the book is the best of all the expansion products for the game.
  3. Only 4 1/2 months late so far. Looks like it got dropped for the time being anyways.
  4. Does FFG object to their artwork being used in fan made scenarios using the Strange Eons software?
  5. Depends on what you like. Tide of Iron is a bit deeper but also harder to play. I prefer TOI but you may not.
  6. Emil 109 said: In the first turn any British squad on a halftrack can capture the German Entry Point. What happens in this situation? A very boring game. So I suggest not doing this.
  7. If I was FFG I'd put the new rules in the Dedalus package. I'n fact I'd add a few new figures and make a full size expansion out of it.
  8. This is just a guess but they may have decided the changes they made where not good enough and went back to the drawing board. I'm sure they made a large investment in aquiring the rights and want to be sure they have a winner before they release anything.
  9. I'm starting to think they re-wrote everything to do with the game. Yes I'm still waiting.
  10. Still no news? Maybe next week. Back to A touch of evil.
  11. You guys are askin' the wrong questions. When does the furry of the bear go on sale eh? Put me down for a copy.
  12. If you go out and buy all remaining copies of TOI and the expansions they may listen to you. Maybe.
  13. ...to the new rules that where do out before the end of the year? Sorry. I needed to give FFG a hard time. Happy New Year!
  14. It's pretty easy to add special rules in a scenario you make. The problem we run into is that if there are more than a couple of changes we tend to forget something during the game. We get used to playing a certain way then get thrown for a loop when something changes. The basic rules work pretty well as is.
  15. I'd be happy if they just gave us a decent senario editor and some new maps from time to time. I don't really want to go thru the hassle of scanning all the boards and overlays so I can make scenarios. But I would buy anything they put out for TOI.
  16. At first I thought this was a solo scenario but I guess you need a player for the demons. Looks interesting.
  17. I was thinking this past Sunday after our biweekly game and came to some conclusions about ideal scenario parameters. Keep in mind this applies to me in that I can't leave maps setup overnight and only have about 1 day a week to play. Map size- 6 to 9 tiles Unit count- 9 to 12 per player at any one point in time Rounds- 7-10 makes for a nice 3-4 hour game if the other factors above are used. Just rambling. Carry on.
  18. Yup. I kill Shermans all the time with mortars. Sure makes them a high priority target too.
  19. Microarmor would make a nice though costly game set. And here I was thinking of making paper infantry tokens.
  20. Nice battle. You and I must think alike. I started a scenario of this battle a while back but never finished it. To drift of topic a little the reason I never finnished it was that the more I play TOI I'm starting to find some sweet spots in terms of map size, troop numbers and scale. I'm getting away from the larger battles and working on more true tactical scale stuff on a more man for man level like ASL. My gaming partner wants to incoperate some ASL features into the game as house rules. One thing we're trying to work out is how to create hero units. Sorry to hijack. Again nice write up.
  21. Cymrusaint I thought about doing something like that. You beat me to it. Well done. I was thinking a 1 hex wide by 3 hex long bridge. I want to do a Remagen bridge scenario. Americans lose 1 turn to take a leak in the Rhine.
  22. Thanks man. Hope you can give it a try sometime. I tweaked it a bit, cleaned it up and uploaded a .pdf to BGG.
  23. I decided to compact it all onto one map, the Catacombs. Here's the first draft. See what you think. Operation: Tannhäuser Type: Fan Made Scenario Union against Reich Briefing: Eva rushes to the radio to call for help as the Union storms into the Catacombs. Von Hezinger and his servants work feverishly to begin the ritual. The race is on. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. (From the fiction in the rule book. See pages 4 and 23 for more background info.) Difficulty Level: Hard Game Mode: Special Setup: Place Von Heizinger on the center circle of the map marked with an (X). Place OZO and a Stosstruppen on any circle within line of sight of sight of Von Hezinger. Place Eva on the entry circle in the lower left corner of the map. Place a Schocktruppen on any circle in the lower half of the map outside the Cornerstone chamber walls. The Union chooses a standard team of 5 and may also select one additional hero (Union or Mecenary) or 2 troopers as reinforcments prior to the start of the game. The Union enters via the entry circle in the upper right corner of the map. See page 21 of the rule book for Objective info and map placments under the section titled “Map B (Catacombs)”. Shuffle the crates and draw 2 at random. Place one on each of the 2 action circles. When a crate/item is removed replace it with a new crate to simulate a stack of crates. Special Rules: Only Eva may use the radio. When she completes the Engineering objective roll 3 dice. If she rolls atleast one “6” she has recived orders from the Kaiser to kill Von Heizinger. If this happens the Union player assumes control of Eva for the remainder of the game. The Reich may not recive any reinforcments until the Engineering objective is completed. To start the ritual, Von Hezinger must first decipher the demonic glyphs by completing the Archaeology objective. After the glyphs are deciphered he may attempt the ancient chant. Roll 3 dice at the start of each of Von Hezingers following turns (He must be on the cornerstone. Does not count as an action.). When he rolls the first “6” a crack apears in the cornerstone and negative energy envelopes him making him immune to attacks using ranged wepons so long as he stands on the cornerstone. When a second “6” is rolled (on the same or future rolls) the crack widens and negative energy surges through his body shooting out in all directions. All non-corrupted characters on the same path as Heizinger are hit by the negative energy pulse doing 2 automatic damage. Ghostly phantoms scream all around them. Each affected character must do a fear check by rolling 1 die. If the result is higher than that characters current mental value that character flees in terror. Move that character their maximum movment value away from the cornerstone. Reich player moves Union characters and Union player moves Reich characters. Note: Von Heizinger, OZO and Stosstruppen are considered corrupted characters. When a third “6” is rolled the portal opens, unleashing Hell. To destroy the cornerstone the Union must complete the weponry objective. The Union gets starting iniative. Reich Advantage: Reinforcments (see special rule above). Only Schocktruppen may return as reinforcments (unlimited). They return at the entry circle in the lower left corner of the map. If a Stosstruppen is killed a Schocktruppen moving onto one of the 3 circles on the cornerstone is instantly transformed into a Stosstruppen. The new Stosstruppen may not move or preform an action till the next round. The transformed Schocktruppen may then be replaced as if he was killed. Victory Conditions: The Union wins by killing Heizinger and destroying the Cardinal Cornerstone. The Reich wins by opening the Portal or eliminating all enemy agents. I'm still open to suggestions. Scott
  24. Could be interesting. The Reich needs a tank character.
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