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  1. I'd like to see more hero figures and some demons and monsters along with another map.
  2. Will these all go on sale at the same time or will they come out a few at a time? Anyone know? Also will they only be available from FFG?
  3. We houserule that you can use 3-2 or 2-3, Hero-Trooper like the old rules said. Players choice. I'm not sure why they didn't include this since it was implied in the advertising copy.
  4. Third or Fourth this. I need +1 tokens to use when adding to stats using command points or wolf's ability.
  5. That would work. Pretty simple solution if you're looking for an easy fix. I can't help but think they intended for there be something else in the rules about melee but somehow left it out. Why else would they have seperate descriptions of both type of combat. The way it is now all combat is basicly the same. Seems like a sentence or two got left out of the rule book.
  6. More like someone screwed the pooch where melee rules are concerned. No advantage to melee at all. Needs to have something going for it, like canceling certain weapons or something. I find it hard to belive this issue didn't show up in playtesting. I noticed it before I finished reading the rules.
  7. I've never played it with more than 3 people but I can tell you it's not a beer and pretzels game. It's closer to a PVP role playing game. In fact I think it missed it's calling in that regard because it wouldn't take much to make a RP game out of it. That said I see no reason you couldn't play with more players but there would be a bit of down time if you had alot of people.
  8. Mine rulebook did the same thing though the .pdf version is holding up just fine so far.
  9. Simply make it where a melee attack can only be counter attacked with a melee attack. Problem solved. I also feel a successful melee attack should disarm your opponent. Make him drop his primary weapon on the board. We're going to do some heavy play testing in the next few weeks. I've got several house rules we're going to try out.
  10. I have one have everything and 2 map packs. I agree 9 boards is the sweet spot.
  11. I'm glad you like it. I'm looking forward to using trooper packs in this scenario. Should be interesting having the extra manpower. When they get enough maps and figures released, I may do a campain.
  12. Yep. Mine came apart too. Kinda looks bad on FFG.
  13. A succesful melee attack should disarm (on the floor) the defender forcing them to counterattack with a backup weapon or melee. My 2 cents. Don't mess with ranges they are fine and easy to remember.
  14. I would say no since the only option is to use a weapon.
  15. Did you see these? http://www.litkoaero.com/page/LAI/PROD/LT/TS049-ABR
  16. Opfire tokens from Tide of Iron work too. I like those fancy ones though.
  17. I like it. Plays faster. More streamlined. Less to remember and lookup. Your characters usualy live long enough to actualy do something besides hide. It could catch on if FFG gets a steady stram of good releases out over the next year or so. If they keep dragging it out it may die before it takes hold. We need more maps!
  18. Revised and expanded for the new rules. Let me know what you think. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/739647/tannhauser?size=original
  19. Interesting idea. Keep going with it. I'm working on an epic scenario with 4 factions in 1 battle on 2 maps.
  20. Looks like you covered pretty much everything I saw. Also, some of the flavor text is lifted, word for word, from the bible but not sourced.
  21. The new rules are out less than a week and we already need a FAQ. Oh yeah it's an FFG game. What did you expect?
  22. Cool stuff inc. has it listed as a fall 2010 release. I'm guessing mid to late August.
  23. This is really cool and the price is about what I expected.
  24. I bet before it's all over the rules will be a free download. They have downloads of rules for every FFG game out. What you won't get is the scenarios that will published in the print version of the new rules. You'll have to pay if you want to download those.
  25. I'd like to see map/scenario packs. A pack of 9 maps with a scenario book selling for under $30.
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