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  1. It's alive and well on my table too. In fact I just purchaced some additional expansions yesterday so I could do larger battles.
  2. That's one of the things I like about TOI. No need for 3D terrain. Packs up much quicker. But if you've got the time, go for it!
  3. Ok I'll just buy another copy of DotF then.
  4. You can move all your units 3 at a time each action phase.
  5. How do the FoW minis scale to the TOI maps? Aren't they a little bit large?
  6. KlausFritsch said: How can we tell three or more platoons apart? Borrow bases from other nations? That's what I had in mind.
  7. What's become of this? It was announced then nothing since. It's not even listed on the upcomming page.
  8. Miah999 said: If you really want to go crazy, legend says the King Auther isn't really dead but only sleeping, and he will awake to the words "Auther King of all Britons, your country needs you." spoken in his ear. His tomb is supposedly beneath Glastenbury Tour. I hope I spelled that right. So, based on that you could create an 1950's modern Knights of the Round Table. Just a thought... That would be really cool. Sweet idea.
  9. I don't think the game sold as well as they hoped it would. That said, there is some fan base, though not alot. Further expansions may grow the base in the future if they ever get released. An editor would be nice but I don't see it happening unless someone does it for free. So for the moment we are stuck with pictures and photoshop for making scenarios.
  10. BJaffe01 said: i like the idea of elites effectivley being treated like nco's,if i read you right, allowing for the platoons to spread out some. the one thing to consider is there are a number of elite formations that would need different rules like Paratroops, Commandos, SS,NKVD, and Russian Guard. but the basic idea is quite sound. also how do plan on setting up company command squads? BJaffe01 Yeah, would need a different rule for each type of elite or a special ability. I'm not sure I'm ready for TOI to be that complex yet. Maybe someday. Company command would be a single squad at this scale which would provide basicly a backup officer to the platoon level. It's already been abstracted down to 2 platoon per company so there's not much point going beyond this. I'm thinking to give this squad a command point value though to make things interesting. Another option would be that some command cards can only be used if this officer is available.
  11. KlausFritsch said: I think, this approach underestimates the importance and initiative of NCOs (who are not represented in ToI, but are inherent in all squads). Could you explain why you think this? I thought I had accounted for this by allowing several actions for squads even out of command and even more if the squad has elite infantry which I feel represent better trained more experienced troops.
  12. By the lack of replies, I guess this is an epic fail. Back to the drawing board.
  13. This is a rough draft of some rules I'm planning to include in a campaign I'm working on. Please give some input on these and let me know if they are easy to understand or if more examples are needed etc. Also let me know your opinion on this. More detailed info will be comming in the campaign. Organization: Units used in this campaign are organized into Platoons. Units of each platoon use a different squad base color. This is important since each platoon has it's own commander. Groups of platoons are organized into a company. A company will have it's own commander as well. Command and Control: Each platoon has a commander. This will be a squad containing an officer. Squads in a platoon must stay within range of their commander to receive orders. Squads that are out of range are considered out of command. Out of command squads are limited in what they can do. An officers range of control extends 1 or 2 hexes in every direction depending on the troops being commanded. Squads having at least 1 elite infantry may be commanded up to 2 hexes away if they are within line of sight. Squads containing only regular infantry or heavy weapons have a range of 1 hex. Command can link from squad to squad forming a chain of command allowing squads to spread out across the map. For example, a squad containing an elite infantry is 2 hexes from it's commander. A second squad containing an elite infantry is 2 hexes from that squad, 4 hexes from the commander. Both squads are in command since the first squad passes command to the second. All squads forming the chain must belong to the same platoon. A squad may not move out of command but, a squad may be left behind by it's commander. A squad that is out of command may not advance toward the enemy. They may: Attack an enemy within line of sight Advance toward their commander (even if this means advancing toward the enemy) Be placed in OP fire Use equipment Make an assault if the enemy is within range and line of sight and the squad contains at least 1 elite infantry A squad that is out of command is pinned if they suffer any losses. They do not rally during the status phase, the owning player must roll a 5-6 or they remain pinned or disrupted. In the event a platoon commander is killed, a squad in that platoon containing an elite infantry may assume command of the platoon or another officer in command range may take command of that platoon. A company commander may assume command of any platoon at any time if he is within command range of that platoon. A platoon may only have 1 commander at a time. The command structure applies even to squads that are mounted. Light vehicles are considered to have their own crews, usually a driver and sometimes a gunner. These vehicles are also part of a platoon and must remain in command like a squad. A light vehicle receives command the same as a squad of regular infantry. If it is carrying a squad containing an elite infantry treat it as elite. Tanks are considered independent and may operate normally without being in direct command. A recon squad is also considered independent. Thanks for any input, Scott
  14. As the rules stand now it's bloody hard to destroy a building. You need 6 hits at the same time which is pretty close to pure luck in most attacks and impossible for artillery and bombings which are usually 4 or 5 dice, stupid. As for the OP question you can attack with anything but you use the vehicle firepower rating.
  15. Like most war games that involve more than 2 players alot depends on the players. If you have 2 people that can't decide what they want to do and spend all day arguing in a secret confrence in another room then yep it's going to get boring. If on the other hand you have some savy players that can work as teams then it will likely go faster since the work is split up between more hands and minds.
  16. I'd like to see an urban map set too. Maybe fuzzy of the bear will have some city maps?
  17. I'm guessing smoke was left out for reasons of simplicity and speeding up game play. I use a smoke rule where mortars can fire smoke shells and it works great but it does slow down the game since you have a harder time finding targets during your limited actions. If a TOI game is allowed to run longer like many more complex game systems then things like smoke greatly improve your options. I'd also like to see some command and control rules.
  18. Nice work. I'll have to give them a go as soon as I get some free time.
  19. How much you want to bet there are German tanks in Fuzy of the Bear?
  20. I've been playing this game for about 2 years and I'm finaly seeing it's true potential. I had no one to teach me so I had to learn by trial and error. FFG you've got a great game here but it's not finished! There is tons of stuff missing for fully historical scenarios to be made. I'm not saying you need every last weapon type but at least give us the main tanks for the US and England. Maybe a troop pack? Also we need more maps and overlays. It's amazing what I can make with what I have but it gets old seeing the same stuff over and over. Instead of fleshing out what's already there you plan on releasing a pack for Russia. Thats fine and dandy but you need to back up and finish the western front first. For some reason the two games I like best from FFG get the worst support.
  21. I agree there needs to be a gun crew. The scenario I've been working on lately has this issue. I have guns being towed by Bren carriers that I have to provide a squad for each. A Bren could only carry maybe 4 men? And you don't need 12 men to man a gun so there needs to an in between. I guess I could offer a reduced squad with 2 figures but that seems wrong too. While I'm griping I need more types of British tanks FFG! Why where they not in the Normandy set? How come Germany has so many but the Brits and Americans only get 2 types each?
  22. I would suggest shooting as the best option if you find yourself in this situation.
  23. www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/58982/operation-mercury-german-airborne-invasion-of-cre
  24. KlausFritsch said: Cyscott1 said: Another is no cover in the woods vs. artillery or bombs. That may be a bit too harsh. Trees give no cover against fire from above (tree-bursts were especially unpleasant), but it is harder to spot targets in woods. I would go with reducing the cover by half. Well, the way I look at is, if the fire was called then they where already spotted. The hexes in the game are not that big so as to need to pinpoint the location of the troops within them. The rule only applies to area attacks. What I would like is a way for squads in cover to become consealed and therefore not subject to such attacks. That would make more sence to me. Say a squad that currently cannot be seen by the enemy could become consealed if it is in cover providing terrain.
  25. I've not heard of any advanced rules. The game really doesn't need any, but there a couple of things that bugged me so I house ruled them. One is allowing trucks and half-tracks to tow anti-tank guns. Another is no cover in the woods vs. artillery or bombs. Add to these being able to retry to estabish contact every turn rather than once per round. There's a couple more I forget atm.
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