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  1. In my experience giving each player 10 plus units will result in a game well over 4 hours. A practical limit for experienced players would be maybe 5- 7 units per player for a 4-6 player game. The scenario would need to be run on a time limit with the defender winning if time runs out. Would put pressure on the players to hurry. If you like that plan I can make a scenario for you. To pull it off in 4 hours you'll need a judge to who knows the game well to answer questions and keep the rule book off the table. Scott
  2. Your idea sounds interesting but also confusing for a one off game. I suggest 3 groups, 2 infantry and one armor. Each player plays one group. In the field the higher level commanders would give an order to take that hill then the lower level would execute the way they see fit. Considering the small scope of a TOI game having a higher level officer micro manage the battle would get tedious I think. Scott
  3. This is a nice idea but good luck getting anyone to do it. I released quite a few scenarios and got little or no feedback on any of them so I have no idea if they are any good or not.
  4. If you guys read this, would it be possible to release the map and token graphics for all the TOI product releases in low res versions so we can use them to make scenarios people can download and print? I don't have time to scan everything and doubt you want me to anyway. I don't need an editor, just the graphics files, jpeg would work.
  5. SS troops wheren't that much more powerful than other German troops of the same type. Yes they had newer equipment in many cases but this was mostly tanksheavy weapons. Heer troops had the same MG'sman-packed anti-tank weapons they had. SS where more devoted to winning so where less likely to retreat. Heer panzer grenadiers where just as mean to deal with as their SS counterparts. So if I read this thread right this card would best represent Panzer Grenadiers. These troops where equiped with anti-tank weapons2 MG 42's per squad. Add to this that they where mounted in half-tracks armed with more MG 42's. That's alot of firepower.
  6. Dang Bill, they didn't even give you a copy?
  7. Many pillboxes, bunkers where built so well you could shoot at them all day with a sherman tank and never penetrate the concrete. There where some bunker buster guns but none of these are in TOI. The only other way was to assault the bunker and that's what they did most of the time. Scenario designers need to give the opposing force flamethrowers if they are using bunkers in a game.
  8. So what's the verdict? I see a lot of grumbling but not much else. Should I buy this?
  9. I'll put it up on BGG since their system is more user friendly.
  10. I wonder what they want for the rights to it. They don't seem to have much intrest in finishing it.
  11. I'm doing a live scenario design on the Villers-Bocage battle and I'm inviting the community to join in over at BGG. If you want to participate feel free. www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/604390/the-battle-for-villers-bocage-project
  12. I like the idea. A better use for these upgrade markers is to define unit quality in scenarios. You could make veteran units that can fight against green units etc.
  13. That's a really good idea. I don't have firestorm but I may get it just for this. I've seen a video review of it. As I understand it, firestorm can be played as a stand alone board game or a campain for minitures battles.
  14. TOI is a really good game. It could be a great game if it was fleshed out a bit. But with the limited units and boards available there's only so much you can do before it gets boring. We played it for nearly 2 years straight as is so that's saying something. I'm sure it will still get pulled out once in a while and I still enjoy making scenarios for it.
  15. We're switiching to Flames of War. No one around here wants to play TOI anymore with no new stuff for so long. Maybe if they release some new stuff this will change.
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