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  1. 1derboy

    New group of fresh 3 ed. WFRP players

    Wow. Thank you very much!!! I love all the tips you gave me :-) I will try ADLASS - seems to suit my needs just fine. I won't try with Eye for Eye cause I plan with that group to run all published adventures in supplements. And since some of them are somehow connected I don't want to spoil the fun of going with the same characters through all of them as a developing history. Well - now I feel jealous of this glorious gaming table you have Coedryn
  2. Hi! I am trying to get into the 3 ed. of WFRP. Some time ago I bought all the supplements and all the books that were printed, even all POD add-ons. But had a chance to play it only once - my players back then were really against all the changes and very narrow minded ;-) so we stopped after one session... and it waited. Now I want to run introduction for some players and here comes my question: - What rules I should consider to alter in our games? I noticed that most home rules resolve around talents, party sheets and cooldowns on action cards. - What about combat difficulty? 1 challenge die even for a starting player is like almost every time hit. Isn't combat too easy that way? Every one hitting every one? One black die for parry doesn't seem to do anything... And last issue - I would like to run some introductory adventure that would cover some basic stuff - like a one shot. But I think that those adventures from the supplements (Black Fire Pass demo for example) have too much fighting and not so much intrigue. I was thinking of writing my own - but pressed hard with time. So maybe you know some adventure for basic careers with exemplary characters included - that could be played over one 4 hours long session that would have a little bit of everything in it? My gaming group will be 4 men and one woman - men as usual like fights and brawls - but woman likes intrigues and stuff. On a side note - almost all people are above 30 y.o. - my myself 38. All are experienced gamers. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi ;-)
  3. Already have it :-) There are halflings and ogres rules, new background for human and dwarf players, new advanced careers and rules. One epic adventure included - "The art of waaaaagh!" Will read it tomorrow - now it's time to sleep - it's past midnight so in fact will start reading this add-on today
  4. 1derboy

    Laws of the Old World

    Just remember that in Old World you are guilty until you can prove you are innocent :-) I like the look on the faces of any new player when he hears that line from any official after being charged with murder ;-)