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  1. Raghendo, I would return it and explain the situation...they want your future business, so it's in their interest to make it right. Cheers, Joe
  2. It's nice, during this Yuletide, to sit back with a lovely glass of egg nog and read the exploits of Julia's Investigators.
  3. alexbob: Something I've done to make them more playable is to expend the Sanity Cost, only if they, in fact, work. Either way, you're still dedicating a hand or two to the effort.
  4. Welcome to the Carnival!!! You are in for an exciting adventure. Guard your sanity, keep yourself healthy, and protect your wallet, as there are many great expansions! Cheers, Joe
  5. Julia, I'm sorry...of course. I'll try to find these items. Ciao, Joe
  6. Nate, My girlfriend and I attended back in 2011 so I have an extra Daoloth for Elder Sign and the Hastur for AH. You're welcome to them if I can find them as I converted my extra bedroom to a Game Room earlier this year. Send me a note here or over at BGG to keep it fresh on my mind. Cheers, Joe
  7. John, It's great to see you out here! Welcome back, my friend. Cheers, Joe
  8. Letanir, Julia has provided some excellent suggestions, and I've used one element when hosting multiple players: Start the game with one encounter. Also, if you get your hands on Kingsport, one of the Guardians greatly encourage the Investigators to take encounters at stable locations. Cheers, Joe
  9. Good for you, my friend! All the best in Arkham. Ciao, Joe
  10. Now, that's a way to end the run... The Arkham Horror Event goes to Italy, with Julia capturing the Gold!
  11. Quitch, I'm unaware of any rules, though the FAQ may make a point of answering this one. Otherwise, draw and place...you should never draw, check it out and then place on a gate. Cheers, Joe
  12. I think the OP means "Evade" - and yes, the Investigator is Cursed, due to failing to defeat it. As in most cases, each word matters a great deal when determining how to interpret it correctly. Cheers, Joe
  13. velvetnsatin, Sorry, but I've not seen them. I'll keep my eyes open at Origins in a few weeks and let you know if I come across them Cheers, Joe
  14. FatherTurin, I'm with you ~ I've been a frequent member out here and over at the Arkham Horror forum for more than seven years, but the tenor of the conversations around the site, coupled with FFG's lackadaisical attitude toward some of its holdings has made it less exciting to be here, as opposed to BGG's site...which always proves to be more vibrant. Interesting. Cheers, Joe
  15. Julia, True...true. But I think we're more like Guardians, aren't we? Ciao, Joe
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