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  1. thank you both for your valuable and extensive input. Its much appreciated. Some background. The RT got his title cause he brought down a powerful chaos aligned pirate in the koronus expanse. At the time he was a privateer. As it happen there was a REALLY powerful house that got a bit too powerful and through extensive political play and the influence of an inquisitor, that RT was brought down. His dynasty stripped and hit warrant of trade passed on to the current 'hero of the expanse', who hence became an RT. The AM was selected through solicitation on Port Wander. I can't remember how the HF got tight into service. The group thus started out as a really low power house (IRC PF 20) with a very strong flag ship (the only ship though at the time). Due to the BG of the RT they chose the path of 'heroism' (with a HF much more focussed on attaining wealth and an AM only focussed on weapons ). They've by now made their name accross the Koronus and especially the AM is already seen as a legendary figure due to the battles she has overcome. They've made some enemies, nice political ties and are currently doing quite well (PF is now 47 IRC) have a couple of ships, trade routes and one assassin house after them due to a contract, Pissed off Nurgle personally so that he has taken a direct interest in screwing them over and made a strong pact with the Eldar. This due to the fact that the AM (who is half Eldar half Human, in vitro created by a scientist who likes to experiment, however very few now this for a fact) picked up a shard of Isha and gave birth to an aspect of Isha, with all merit and **** that comes down with it . (Hence Nurgles personal scorn). And thus they've drawn the (negative) interest of the Ecclesiarchy (who have suspicions, but not actual prove) and both positive and negative interest of a couple of inquisitors. There's a lot more going on though. E.g. the HF figured out that her sister (who has a warrant of trade) might NOT actually have the rightfully claim and the Pilot also appears to have ties to an old RT family... then they have received a small intricate box from eldar and some necrons who have shown a particular interest in that box (although they don't know of the existence of the necrons, just that some alien, metal skeletons are looking for them). And thats about half the plots going on currently . Big fun!! They've just finished a campaign so they can pick up after one of these plot lines and focus once again on their personal goals...like becoming noble. Again much thanks for the thoughts. It helps. If you have anything to add...don't hesitate.
  2. One of my player (Arch Militant, with a strong military background) has become so much annoyed by the High Factotum (Noble background) who called her (both characters are female) 'lesser' on several occasions as she has no noble blood, that the AM now wants to pursue a noble title. An entertaining though and not something I would hold impossible in my campaign. Begs the question though: How? From what I know from real life: 1 you inherit it; 2 you mary it; 3 you buy it; 4 you're granted it. I would imagine similar applies to the W40K world. A couple of questions on this matter: - what are your thoughts on this matter, how would you go with this? - 'buying it' how much would that go for? And where do you buy a title? The administratum?? - Same with granting, under what circumstances does this happen, and by whom? thanks!
  3. thanks for the reply. That reminded me also that I still have a couple of xls sheets lying around, one of them with the full career tree of all systems. I've updated the google sheet with them. I guess now I'm only looking for the fluff careers
  4. Im currently considering revamping this tool (Inn Generator, does NOT work properly on a mac due to vbasic use!) which I build years ago for WFRP. Looking at it again I realised that I can change it relatively easy to use for W40K. The thing however that I liked the most is the 'common room' generator that filled up the bar with groups with descriptions AND with the individual description of each member. It was rather intelligent as in: no peasants in an upper class bar and very low chance of finding upper class in a low rural bar. Groups also had member consistency. Now I employed the full career list of WFRP (which is HUGE) and coded it accordingly for type (Artisan, boatman, clergy, entertainer, etc) race (elf, dwarf, halfling, etc) group(always alone, usually alone, usually in group, always in group) chance and class (low, medium, high and upper). If you dowload the tool and rightclick on one of the tabs and then unhide: 'careers coded' you can see the entire list with coding. below for reference only the careers. Now what I can do is remove all none W40K and add new ones. I could use some help though. So here the question: could you provide me of a list of W40K careers (in a broad spectrum, so not just character trees) and give suggestions which of the below to remove. In return I'll update the generator and release it here. My thanks for any help!! Couple of more thing: 1. I had 3 Places for Inns: Urban, Rural, Docks. These don't really apply to W40K, any suggestion for change? (e.g. Hive, Rural, ??) 2. I had 5 types: Hoste, Coaching, Tavern, Club, Brothel. These too need something different. Again suggestions? Edit: I just noticed that an excel list is turned into a long string, so I swapped it for a csv instead. Bit hard to read but have to do with what we have. Alternatively you can download the tool. Maybe this is easier: online excel list this list should be editable, so feel free to dig in. Abtrittanbieter, Agitator, Alchemist, Alchemist’s Apprentice, Anointed Priest, Apothecary, Apprentice Mage, Apprentice Runesmith, Apprentice Witch, Apprentice Wizard, Arch Druid, Archmage, Artillerist, Artisan, Assassin, Astrologer, Bailiff, Barber-Surgeon, Battle Wizard, Bawd, Bear Tamer, Beggar, Blackmailer, Bladelord of Hoeth, Boatman, Bodyguard, Bondsman, Bone Picker, Bounty Hunter, Brickburner, Burgher, Burry Man, Butcher, Camp Follower, Canal Dipper, Captain, Cat Burglar, Cenobite, Champion, Charcoal-Burner, Charlatan, Chimney Sweep, Coachman, Counterfeiter, Court Astrologer, Court Wizard, Courtier, Crime Lord, Daemon Slayer, Demagogue, Dragon Slayer, Dredger, Drover, Druid, Druidic Priest, Duellist, Dung Collector, Embalmer, Engineer, Entertainer, Entertainer–Acrobat, Entertainer–Actor, Entertainer–Knife Thrower, Envoy, Estalian Caballaro, Estalian Conquistador, Estalian Diestro, Estalian Inquisitor, Estalian Myrmidion, Estalian Swordmaster, Estalian Torero, Exciseman, Executioner, Explorer, Fence, Ferryman, Fieldwarden, Fisherman, Flagellant, Footpad, Forest Jager, Forger, Freelance, Friar, Gambler, Gamekeeper, Ghost Strider, Giant Slayer, Grand Cross of the Raven, the, Grand Druid, Grave Robber, Grave Warden, Guild Master, Gunner, Hedge Wizard, Herald, Herbalist, Herdsman, High Mage, High Priest, High Priest, Highwayman, Hochland Huntsmaster, Hunter, Hypnotist, Initiate, Initiate, Inspector, Interpreter, Interrogator, Inventor, Investigator, Jailer, Journeyman Wizard, Judicial Champion, Kislev Ranger, Kislevite Kossar, Kithband Warrior, Knight, Knight, Knight Commander of the Raven, Knight Elder, Knight Errant, Knight Errant of the Raven, Knight Grandmaster, Knight of the Fiery Heart, Knight of the Grail, Knight Of The Inner Circle, Knight of the Quest, Knight of the Raven, Knight of the Realm, Knight of the White Wolf, Labourer, Lady, Lamplighter, Lawyer, Le Squire, Litigant, Lord, Loremaster, Loremaster Of Hoeth, Mage, Magistrate, Marine, Master Engineer, Master Thief, Master Wizard, Mate, Mediator, Mercenary, Merchant, Merchant Prince, Messenger, Militiaman, Miner, Minstrel, Money Lender, Muleskinner, Navigator, Newssheet Vendor, Noble, Noble, Noble Lord, Outlaw, Outlaw Chief, Outrider, Pardoner, Peasant, Peat–Cutter, Pedlar, Pharmacist, Physician, Physician’s Student, Pilgrim, Pilot, Pirate, Pistolier, Pit Fighter, Pit King, Playwright, Poacher, Politician, Priest, Priest, Privateer, Prospector, Protagonist, Purser, Racketeer, Raconteur, Ranger, Rat Catcher, Riverwarden, Roadwarden, Rogue, Runebearer, Rustler, Sapper, Scholar, Scout, Scribe, Sea Captain, Seaman, Seer, Sergeant, Servant, Shieldbreaker, Skald, Smuggler, Snotballer, Soldier, Soldier of the Raven, Sorcerer, Spokesperson, Spy, Squire, Stevedore, Steward, Student, Summoner, Swamp Skimmer, Swampaire, Sword Master of Hoeth, Sword Warden of Hoeth, Targeteer, Temple Guardian, Thane, Theatre Performer, Thief, Thug, Tilean Bravo, Toll Keeper, Tomb Robber, Trader, Tradesman, Trapper, Troll Slayer, Tuberdour, Vagabond, Valet, Vampire Hunter, Veteran, Wardancer, Watchman, Weaponsmaster, Whaler, Witch Hunter, Wizard Lord, Woodsman, Wreck Salvager, Wrecker, Zealot and here extra non-WFRP careers for fluff: Guard, Shoemaker, Servant, Noble, Tailor, Maidservant, Furrier, Unlicenced Doctor, Barber, Old-Clothes seller, Clerk, Jeweler, Mason, Pastrycook, Carpenter, Weaver, Lawyer, Chandler, Cooper, Mercer, Baker, Watercarrier, Scabbardmaker, Wine-Seller, Hatmaker, Chicken Butcher, Saddler, Pursemaker, Butcher, Fishmonger, Bookbinder, Beer-Seller, Buckle Maker, Plasterer, Spice Merchant, Painter, Blacksmith, Licensed Doctor, Roofer, Bather, Locksmith, Ropemaker, Copyist, Sculptor, Tanner, Harness-Maker, Rugmaker, Bleacher, Cutler, Hay Merchant, Glovemaker, Woodcarver, Woodseller, Bowyer/Flethcer, Illuminator, Herbalist, Weapon Smith, Bookseller, Gun Smith, Priest, Alchemist, Magic-Shop keeper
  5. petty that these great things all of a sudden die a silent death. Anyhoo. There were a couple of things going haywire in xls 2010 so I've corrected these: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2fwc5mavxnlot5/Dark%20Heresy%20Second%20Edition%20Character%20Sheet%200.R.5.ReTalents%20W42.xlsx?dl=0 and tip for the the author, should (s)he join us in this thread: put some links/email/ways to contact/credit etc. in the xls sheet itself!!
  6. Hi, After having a look I decided to structure all efforts into one xls sheet and share it in a new link here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/108018-w40k-rpg-helpful-index-structured/ and here a direct link to the result: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KVQsLEWdsEjhyC-3BKx1TsV7EqVsHvCZTddv4yzoCSk/edit?usp=sharing
  7. have a look at the second sheet. It contains a glossary although I have to admit that I haven't figured out yet what W and TLW are. The original authors also don't mention them in their overview.
  8. Hi, 'Part Time Supervillain', 'Jargal' and 'Green Knight' created this awesome thread and index: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/68791-encyclopaedia-calixia/ It did however got a bit messy and not really user friendly so I poured the lot into an excel sheet, restructured it, edited it (with some info from the wiki) and finally uploaded it as a google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KVQsLEWdsEjhyC-3BKx1TsV7EqVsHvCZTddv4yzoCSk/edit?usp=sharing This doc is accessible and editable by anyone with the link so feel free to update it when required. You might note that with multiple planetary references, each reference got its own line. This so you can easily filter when required. Check it out. edit: and yes I FU on the title, I mixed up two threads. The topic should have said: Encyclopedia Galaxia - Structured... ah well, this too is a helpful index.
  9. Very Useful! Thank you for sharing!
  10. I noticed nobody reacted to this piece of ignorance. TRUE: the chance to roll 4 5's are the same as rolling 4 1's NOT TRUE: the chance to roll 4 is the same as rolling 20 its simble math, the outcome is evenly distributed for ONE die, but not multiple. 4 is only possible to achieve with 4 1's. 20 however can be achieved with (a few examples) - 5,5,5,5 - 5,4,6,5 - 4,4,6,6, etc. The above list actually counts 633 permutations which means that the chances to roll a total result of 20 is 633 !!! times higher than rolling 4. Chance to roll 22 even 670 times higher (which is what has the most chance of rolling). Actually the chance that you roll below 17 is only 17% or in other words there is an 83% chance that you roll 17 or higher on the damage roll. Just thought to point this out. o and I didn't take righteous fury into account, which makes the *average* damage even higher.
  11. You know that I've been looking for an overview of a rogue trader ship bridge for a long time and found out that there simply is none. There is one to be found in into the storm IRC, but that one is very small and does in no way do right to any of the fluff. fortunately I've been working together with an cartographer artist (Recklessenthusiasm) who usually does paid commission, but also has a couple of map on drivethrough and as a return favour he is currently working on a ship bridge for me and my group. Its build based on my instructions but I have to say it starts looking awesome. This is an 'on the side' job for him so I think a year has passed since we started this and I'm expecting at least another 6 months before its ready for use. But ill ask him what he wants to do with it, sell, share? and when thats clear ill make sure to promote it here as well. Its a petty though that there is so little imagary to be found on this topic.
  12. I awarded the ap after the endeavour and made a judgment call on the added ap from the ship component. Which is a yes given the fact that nearly every aspect came into play during the endeavour
  13. So Necrons with a dash of C'tan is The most likely candidate. (Interesting post count you have! And the this remark will only have a short lived meaning... As with your next post it's lost in obscurity) Any suggestions on my other questions, in my 2nd post?
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