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  1. Anyone know where to find the Ship Character Sheet? Pg 31 in the grey box says its in the back of the book, but there is only the Player Character Sheet. I checked the online download section and there isn't one there either.
  2. As stated, EotE takes place during the Rebellion-era. Some EU silliness not withstanding, some gaming groups will just have to accept there are no more Jedi unless you names are: Yoda Obi-Wan Kenobi Luke Skywalker is not proclaimed a Jedi until the very very end. Want to be technical about arguing Force-users are not Jedi? That's cool. You should remember that Sith are not Jedi either. Of them, you can't be a Sith unless your name is: Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine Being a Jedi is more than just owning a lightsaber. Its a religion. A way of thinking. Because of the Jedi Purge at the hands of Lord Vader, there are 2 Jedi left. That's it. Who is going to be training more? So it makes sense there aren't any others. "…and now the Jedi are all but extinct" - Obi-Wan Kenobi "When I am gone, last of the Jedi will you be" - Yoda Now, what about the EU? Ok, what about it? There's a handful of former Jedi and padawans hiding in deep holes and if they start whipping out glowy blades of death and throwing rocks around with their minds, its a sure way to get heavy Imperial notice (the Dark Lord of the Sith kind). They didn't survive 18+ years easily. Most of them even hid or threw away their lightsabers altogether. These people aren't stupid…most PCs are and can't wait to play with their toys. So here's the deal. Let your players write up all the Jedi they want. The only person stopping them is the GM, since there are more than enough rules in the game to make one. Let them know that once its discovered they are Force-users with laser-swords, all hell is going to break loose, and then proceed to chase them around the galaxy with Darth Vader until he kills each one horribly. Won't that be fun?
  3. First off, if you haven't previewed the book, isn't it kind of hypocritical to nay-say just for the hell of it? I've been gaming 30 years and I can say this is far from a "beta" and in fact is better written than many 'complete' RPGs on the market. Its full color, 224 pages of solid rules with some decent artwork and a little background. When they announced it during the In-flight seminar, the whole room went crazy. Going to once again criticize the game having no fluff or art? This game really isn't for you then. If you don't know what Star Wars is, then go play Halo or Madden or something. My friends and I laughed that the beginning of the book could have had the words: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… you know the rest." and that would have been just fine. We know the background. To start: 8 playable races 6 classes with 3 specialties each Force specialization tree with 3 trees of powers Customizable equipment Customizable vehicles Comprehensive rules that are FAR from being a 'beta' version. Enemies and Adversaries Even a 3-part adventure. Honestly, if people want to cry about paying for a 'beta', then I'll say the same thing when the Only War beta came out. Simply don't do it. Pretend that it doesn't exist, because really, who cares? FFG isn't forcing anyone to pay them money. If your so concerned with it being a 'beta' then don't buy it. Its not hurting you one bit not to have it and FFG doesn't owe anyone a free game. And oh man, just wait till you find out you have to buy special dice to play! The tears shed will sustain me for at least another year or two. In the meantime, my group and I will be busy delving back into the galaxy we all have loved our whole lives with the brand new books we picked up GenCon.
  4. Yea I'll be getting one to add to my other 2 collector's editions.
  5. Finally got it this morning. USPS is an awful way to ship packages, as their tracking sucks. CE#0328, Brother Sabrael of the Storm Angels ready for duty.
  6. Not a word yet...... Check my email every day. Also, was probably the first one to order one when they went up. This is kind of making me irritated that everyone else is getting them and mine still hasn't shipped apparently.
  7. Good list to start! Let's see who else we have.
  8. Space marines typically name their squad after their sergeant.
  9. Artaxerxes said: Shenanigans on sold out to quickly, the RT CE was up for sale for absolutely ages. Yea, I suppose 4-6 days could be considered ages considering DH sold out in 6 minutes. Though until DH came around, there wasn't ANY 40K rpg and it was highly, highly anticipated. By the time FFG got their hands on the IP, Dark Heresy was around for awhile and people had their fix.
  10. Artaxerxes said: I thought RT had a similar number of CE? 500 custom copies sold on the FFG website and 500 generic that flgs got.
  11. Kaiohx

    Canon Question

    The time (820.M41?) doesn't mean a thing to be honest. Their setting has nothing to do with what marine you choose to be seconded to the Deathwatch. I know the marine I have listed from my chapter wasn't there during that time. I more than likely won't even use any of their adventures they have written as I prefer to write my own up. The book is called Deathwatch, not "The Jericho Reach". My setting will more than likely take place in the Segmentum Tempestus, more than likely where my RT campaign does.FFG's canon timeline means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. It mere gives a GM a really good backin which to start up a campaign-in-a-box.
  12. Yea, I was a bit disappointed to learn how many of them they are making. A maximum of 1000 would have been a bit more of an appropriate number. 2000 "limited" editions at $200 a pop just seems a bit excessive. I'll bet they still aren't anywhere near sold to their limit and its been 5 days so far. DH sold out in 6 minutes (I missed getting it by like 4 minutes), and RT (if I remember correctly) sold out in like 3 days...and that only had 500 personalized copies. This is 4x that number. If you don't have one yet, I don't think I would worry too much.
  13. It appears we started this in the release thread, but maybe we should consolidate it here in a seperate thread. Brother Sabrael of the Storm Angels Chapter ready to do my duty!
  14. Send an email to their customer service department.
  15. Brother Sabrael of the Storm Angels ready to fight the xenos threat!
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