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  1. Yes the Necrons have the Celestial Orrery http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Celestial_Orrery#.U4IhtSiaW8A or page 15 of the necron codex
  2. well im a bit happy now, but lets see what they come out with. one of the problems with DH is that all of us have different opinions about what DH should be and how the rules should be like i for one want it to be like call of cthulhu i space and other want eisenhorn an others more like a fantasy sci/fi and about the rules some want fast easy rules and some want balanced complex rules
  3. 2nd that I wanted a 1,5 edition where all the great things from the others settings where in the new edition and not to have a lot of book that now sound useless
  4. have any off you put Hybrids in too FS?? if yes how many??
  5. I was thinking about running Curse Of the yellow Sign (call of cthulhu) but with IG instead of Nazi soldiers
  6. What im gonna send my players against: 1. Genstealers (cult or in a space hulk)(I hope for full rules for Hybrid, Magus and Patriarch) 2. Eldar ( with something like doom of a lot of humas or kill the eldars so they can't trick someone else ) 3. My Fluff Dark Eldar Incubi 4. maybe a Vampire (from the old rogue trader 40k book) 5. A new FFG Alien!!
  7. Not for me and my players I run DH like a Call of Cthulhu game (w/ bigger guns) And I love CoC (and I am the GM) I will run some DW games (like i do with RT) but I count on returning to DH and then maybe mixing them all together
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