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  1. What interested me was the hint of the Mars Civil war, where many of the colonies are on lock down. There does seem to be options left open to explore. Either as another Board game or with Miniatures
  2. Hi Not sure if Im alone on this. Anyway Netrunner is my first Card game and thats down mostly to the Theme so far I am not tempted to do anything else Card Game, and anyway I need to master the rules for this game first. I have always been a table top gamer and enjoy collecting miniatures. I was wondering if anyone felt the way I do, and would like to see a range of miniatures for the Android Universe. Or better still FFG come up with a Miniatures game for the Android range. Best interested to know your thoughts Steve
  3. Hi guys Played a first game of Netrunner last night neither of us had played before so I was trying to create a good impression. But I guess it was a bit of a learning curve. So the game ran slow and confused. Myself started to enjoy the game because I just love the theme. And I know by reading reviews and posts on this forum that this has to be a pretty amazing game. And I have invested a lot into it including the other two Android games and will continue to buy further games and expansions. What would be handy is finding an experienced player in my area. So if anyone reading this is from Kent in the UK please get in touch. Also anyone wanting to give advice please let me know.
  4. Many thank guy's. That was all sound advice I will watch the FFG tutorials and read over the rules again. I guess the real learning comes after a few games. I am really excited about getting to this system and have already collected the other card sets though I don't intend of opening them until I have mastered the very basics. I really hope FFG expands on the Android theme further as I think it's very interesting background.
  5. Hi guys My first game of Netrunner is this Thursday night with a friend who has also never played. Any recommendations on how to get the most from the game. I am very interested in the whole Android setting and cyberpunk theme. I am hoping they will release an RPG at some point. So it's very important that I can run an interesting Netrunner game night. Steve.
  6. Yes it would be nice to have more information on the 3rd volume
  7. I have books volumes 1 and 2. I also would be interested in what the development of volume 3 is.
  8. The best current RPG I can think of would be Interface Zero by Gun Metal Games. It's pure Cyberbunk. It's currently going through a new edition printing after doing very well on Kickstarter but should be available by Christmas it had very good reviews and would be perfect for Android. Though I would still love to see FFG do a dedicated RPG. I will be getting IZ.
  9. Hi Just got my last expansion for my favorite game Arkham Horror "Innsmouth" and cannot wait to play it. But what now? Will there be more expansions for this game. I would like to see more for sure. Or maybe a range of figures to replace the card investigators. Surely this cannot be the last expansion for this game. I love it. Steve
  10. Hi All Having been a fan of Lovecraft and the RPG Call of Cthulhu for the last 30 years. I was very excited to see the Return of the old Chasioum game Arkham Horror. But must admit it took awhile for me to purchase the game. I was a tad sceptical on if a board game could capture the feel of the Mythos and Works of HPL. But last year I bought it and invited a couple of friends over to have a go. And was surprised and pleased by the Results. And followed it up by buying Dunwich, Kingsport, Dark Pharaoh, King in Yellow and Black Goat. I have not played any of these expansions yet but intend to ASAP. And now I see Innsmouth is in the works to. This is my Favorite HPL Location and my favorit mythos story so I cannot wait to purchase a copy. I have a few questions When will we see Innsmouth on the shelves (I live in the UK) Does anyone play A.H game Solo (I think it could work well) What next for the game (Will there be anymore expansions for the game) Will F.F.G produce Figures for this product like they have done for Descent?? (I would love that I do own all the RAFM CoC Minis) Cheers All Steve
  11. Hi All I have been a collector of FFG games for a number of years, and just getting around to Descent: Journeys in the Dark. But it no longer seems to be in print. All the Expansions seem to be avalible and the excellent new figures. But there seems to be no signs of the main game. And I cannot get it at all in the UK. Can anyone tell me when its going to be re released of if its being upgraded to another edition??? And when will we see it on the shelves again Cheers Steve
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